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03-25-2006, 12:54 AM
Include map making tools SDK like RVS had and CS:S has.This is what keeps game fresh and players supporting game.Theres some many people playn CS:S cuz it has great dec server adim tools ,easy to mod and make maps.I really dont like the game play but i love the maps people make never gets boring to play new maps.

Down load maps from server like in RVS and CS:S this is great feature.

Anti hacking software is a must.

Arm patches need to come back

Rainbow vs Rainbow need to come back.

Choose camo you want to where like old rainbowsix game and armor.

VOIP would nice it is 2006 should be a must.

No respawns at all.Thats a step back in my book keep that **** for BF2 games.

Bring being gimped back i love that crazy gimp walk.NO health bar.How a pic showing aromr where you where hit.Hit in left arm when you aim it shakes a little.Get hit in leg you limp.Need good hit dection.

RVS was going in right dircetion lockdown turned 90' went back before 1st RS game.

Bring Prone back take out noob rings for nade.

Have like 15 maps for MP like RVS.

Have more then 2 choke points.

Easy to use server browser with buddy list.

Stats on kills and deaths ect...But not to unlock or get ranked saved to **** for BF2 too.

8 man coop.Random terr spawns.

One game that was real fun was game called Global Ops game was laggy but had great guns and fun game play and maps modes.G5 ruled

Being able to climb NOT jump like in COD2 that way you wont be so prodictable where your going.

Have x-fi sound support Wide screen and SlI and dual core support.These are things that makes PC a far better gaming system then 360 or PS3.

Slow game down like in RVS, lockdown was just ******ed fast.

Show blood where you where hit im not talking big blood stains like in rvs but bullet holes.

Snipe rifle and heavy machines need prone.

No google view it doesnt look real its ugly.

Will we ever get to see are feet in a game.

Stealth kill im not talking kife fights.I mean you sneak up on a camper you pull knife out and all the camper see is your hand go over his eyes and lights out hes dead.Now that would scare me into not camping lol.

Maps with snow rain fog night daytime.

Sounds alot of background sounds so it feels like your part of the world not in a empty box.

Dont ask for our input then add nothing we said.We play the games we know what we like and dont like and lockdown was everything we didnt like and more.

04-01-2006, 08:31 AM
I 100% agree with you.Also I would like to see weapons having stats going from 1-100.Not low, medium, high as in Lockdown.More deversity in the weapons.In lockdown all weapons of the same type were almost identical...And one more thing;Please dont put big advertising posters in the game.How do you think that affects the "feel"of the game?

Yen Lo
04-01-2006, 11:37 AM
I dont know about the bullet holes I remember running around in R spear with half a head or no face and playing like normal, otherwise alot of great points. Maybe make head shots almost always fatal or something close. I think getting shot in the head would really affect your preformance lmao.
Again alot of great points.

04-01-2006, 04:39 PM
Originally posted by Yen Lo:
I think getting shot in the head would really affect your performance

LOL I don't know why, but I think the same thing.