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11-15-2010, 03:56 PM
I was looking for an old thread and ran into this one: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...881053868#7881053868 (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/49310655/m/7881053868?r=7881053868#7881053868)

I was wondering what happened here, did you use the replacement G940? How's it holding up. I'd like to hear others experiences with the G940 and how they are wearing over time. My G940 is just as great as when I pulled it out of the box as far as I can tell, so for me the G940 has broken the logicrap curse.

11-15-2010, 04:03 PM
i know hes just built his new simpit, and hes got a logi in that so...

i'll send him a message over at our forums about this thread for you.

11-15-2010, 05:12 PM
Originally posted by thefruitbat:

i'll send him a message over at our forums about this thread for you.

Or, Urufu could join us on Ubizoo coops and talk to the man himself. How about it Urufu? It's been a while and you can enjoy it all in luxurious Teamspeak 3! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

11-16-2010, 02:01 AM
I think my rudder pedals on my G940 might be going off a bit so I'll be keeping a close eye on them. The R2 wheel on the throttle has developed a squeak, no real biggy.
I am accutley aware of the fragility of G940, I find that every time I press a button I'm thinking about the day that the HAT or button will cease to function as every press takes me closer to lifecycle end. I'm just unable to view the G940 as sturdy or long lasting.

In truth the only game it works acceptably in is IL2, the DCS series doesn't work well at all (more EDs fault than Logi's though!)and I wouldn't advise it at all to someone who's really into DCS.

It really is all a great shame as the stick feels great in the hand and the throttle is split and has rotaries, which makes it perfect for a wide range of sims. But like I say I always feel guilty for using it.

11-16-2010, 02:56 AM
Hello Ufuru, I sent the 940 back to the supplier and got a new one by return of post http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I went back to my Saitek and gave it a rumble mod which worked very well. I was going to sell the 940 but they dont fetch much on fleabay. I have just finished re-doing my simpit and have put the 940 in it. So far its been working well except the coolie hats and d-pad controllers seem hit and miss http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif I still have 13 months left on the guarantee so I am going to give it a good testing over the next few weeks and we will see what happens.

11-17-2010, 12:06 AM
Hi Urufu , got to say love hate with my g940 , my first one the rudder pedals stopped registering input on right hand side , so i returned after six months or less . then the next set the rudder pedals have failed again within six months . so i purchased some ch ones instead but now i have both r1 and r2 sliders on the throttle with intermitent problems ( bouncing ) . got to say there was such a difference in joystick between first and second , much better ( stiffer feel ) from trim wheels etc from second joystick . got to feel they have a real problem with quality control at factory . if you get a good one there great but i just don't think there gonna last the course like the microsoft ones . me i'm gonna get a warthog now when there in stock over here

11-17-2010, 08:23 AM
I guess I got lucky then, mine are like they're out of the box and I've had them since last xmas.

11-20-2010, 05:12 AM
Some news from Logi http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif click me (http://forums.logitech.com/t5/PC-Gaming/G940-quot-reversal-bug-quot-is-it-a-hardware-or-software-problem/m-p/519841#M6695)

11-20-2010, 07:49 AM

11-25-2010, 06:59 AM
make this my third joystick in a year now urufu :-(
http://forums.logitech.com/t5/...Throttle/td-p/440622 (http://forums.logitech.com/t5/PC-Gaming/R1-and-R2-Wheels-Spiking-Again-SECOND-Throttle/td-p/440622)
same problems as this guy . my next one arrives tomorrow but it's staying in the box got me warthog coming next week . i love the g940 but the build quality is shocking really they must use really cheap switches ah well

11-25-2010, 01:35 PM
LMAO I have the very same R1/R2 flickering, in addition to T3, T4 buttons not working anymore. For now I'm just getting around it, not using those four functions and there's nothing new to report the last two months. If it gets any worse, I'll open it and maybe lenghten some wires cuz I've heard some reports that the cables is a bit short and stretches too much when you move the throttle.

11-25-2010, 05:03 PM
I'm also thinking of buying the Warthog after I see how the initial users find them. There seems to be a problem with the throttle going dead for some users.

11-25-2010, 06:57 PM
I hate to butt in, but really CH is the best bang for buck.

They hold up over years of use/abuse.

I've never had a Logi that went longer than a couple months.

The Warthog is very cool, but at the price it had better do the aiming for you.

11-26-2010, 05:01 AM
The only reason I went with logi was that saitek didnt do the FFB stick we thought we were going to get. I will be installing win7 in the next build and was under the impression that the Sidewinder FFB I was going to buy instead of the saitek wouldnt work properly with 64 bit OS. When the logi died I put the rumbler out of my sons gamepad on the X52 and it worked well (see stick modder thread for details)

11-26-2010, 05:09 AM
Its only the programming software that doesn't work with 64bit OS, ie you cant assign button 6 to be an 'alt' key or whatever.

stick works fine in 64bit, cause thats what i've got.