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10-07-2010, 12:06 AM
What kind of creature you hated and don't ever want to see ever again in a heroes title ?

1- personally I would like to NOT see the Wight cause frankly the death knight looked way more cooler, of course I would also love to see some creative new undead high tier unit other than DK, but no more grim reapers cause they are too cliche.

2- The Imp was too cute, either make it eviler or remove it.

3- Devil looked like a red orc wearing a huge stove, NOT demonic enough, more bad assness less anime cuteness plz.

4- Horned demon was also silly, hope to see a more evil unit in its stead.

well in general I just want the units to look more "solid" you know more gothicy less wowy, although I love both styles I like to keep them separate, and maybe some gore this time around hehe but that's not likely and its fine really, no point in alienating thousands of players because we want some carnage, and I read that the game will be highly modable this time around so maybe the community can take care of the darker side of gaming design.

All in all I'm happy with what I read/saw of the game so far, it seems UB have learned alot since H5 and Dark messiah < which was awesome but too short and obvious story.

So what creatures do you loath ?

10-07-2010, 01:44 AM
I would like to not see.

1) The Blade Dancer, we already have the archer dude, we don't need another elf!

2) The Assassin, Blood Witch and Lizard-rider, the Shadow Witch was the coolest of the lot and the only Dark Elf we need.
(Also, more clothes make women look classier, the upgrade shouldn't look like a stripper.)

3) 5 out of 6 Dwarves in the HV Fortress line-up can go bugger off.

4) I'd like to see less Humans in Haven also, but that just won't happen sadly.

5) 2 out of 3 Orcs can go and get lost, again for the same reason.

In general I hope the units be creative and fantastical, use a lot of colour (just not phisherprice (cookie for the reference)) and unique silhouettes, I want to be able to just by the outline of a unit be able to identify it.
Something a lot of gaming companies have been forgetting, for a good idea of what I'm talking about, see Team Fortress 2, excellent graphical design.
This doesn't mean it should be cartoony or shouldn't be scary looking, it means the units should be designed in such a way to be instantly unique.

10-09-2010, 06:04 PM
Haven: Peasant (these guys are just too pathetic for words)
Sylvan: Blade Dancer (just find another beast to fill the gap could you, rather than just some second-rate elf), Dragon (too many of these guys around, and besides, the Treants can fill the gap, they're big as trees and tough as teak, and yes, both puns were intended)
Necropolis: Zombie (slow as hell, these dropouts from the B-Horrors either need to become faster and more potent, or just shuffle off into the void), Vampire (JOOF, no self-respecting Transylvanian Count would be seen dead with this lot of flesh-dropping-off-them fools)
Dungeon: Blood-Sister (This bunch of skimpily-clad girls is an unashamed throwback to the Harpies of H3, and just really needs to be dropped), Riders (come on, where in hell did they get the Lizards from, those things can't live underground, surely?)
Inferno: Everything (the whole faction is IMO as clichéd as hell and could do with replacing)
Academy: Gremlin (JOOF, IMO these guys never quite fitted and have long needed replacement) , Gargoyle (JOOF, seem more evil to me than good, at least in the previous iterations)
Fortress: Spearweilder (a dwarf with a spear? IMO a crossbow would be much better, especially a windlass one), Blawler (a guy with knuckle-dusters beating a bear, are we supposed to believe this?), Fire Dragon (we have enough dragons in the mythology to begin with, we hardly need this in as well)
Stronghold: Centaur (seriously, what is it with these guys, they'll get lower-back trouble by the time they're 20), Shaman (please, we don't need a caster in every faction, especially not in one that supposedly despises magic)

ps. JOOF means just-out-of-faction, meaning that I'd like to see it in, but just not where H5 put it.

10-09-2010, 08:36 PM
1) Monks should stay although they need a make over. Best version of them is HoM&M III with robes and hood.
2) Angels should also get a make over. Best version of them is also HoM&M III, with them wearing ancientgreek style armor.

1) Gargoyles need to look like anything but that of HOM&MV. Freaking square blocks of stone and miget wings. Not theatening at all
2) Rakshasa Rani, never heard of them and know nothing of that mythical creature. Pretty sure im not the only 1. And design isnt that cool. Do not like
3) Steel golem, use a make over. First its plain stone and then super decerated blue golem with cracks. Does not look like steel at all.

1) Blood fury, need to be placed by another mythical creature like harpie or other. Do not need 4 different elf unit in one town

1) Imps about 2 feet tall with its tongue sticking out holding a freaking bottle. Really need a new concept, much like gargoyle

1) Get rid of the green, its not warcraft.
2) Vampires with polytail and a sword. Just dont have the vampiric look

1) Hunter should be replaced by woodland archers. Concept of camoflouge just doesnt work for me. The one from HoM&MIII is the best archer for nature theme.
2) Blade Dancer should have some profesional infrantry look. The shirtless dual sword thing doesnt work. Armor would look cooler

1) I want wolf calvary, mauler or warrior gotta be out. Dont need two of the same thing
2) I just dont see centuars as archers. Would like to see them as another type of calvary type unit like that of HoM&MIII

1) I dont really care which one gets pulled out but the dwarfs really need to be replaced by 2 or 3 mystical creatures. Then again, previous Heroes fortress theme isn't too bad.

I am using a lot of inferences to HoM&MIII because it is the best of the series and this almost everyone's opinion. Heroes VI would be better if it base a bit more on that game (especially graphics and design)

10-10-2010, 02:11 PM
I did not like the tier 6 creature from Dungeon, the shadow mistress.

I also think that the concept art of the gargoyle should be changed.

10-11-2010, 12:44 AM
I feel that this faction is off track in HOMM5 and some adjustment to units and faction design is necessary.
- Dungeon is about mytical units with many unique special abilities and evil alignment heroes skilled in destructive spells. Units like assassin, blood fury and shadow mistress should be out and mytical units like beholders, manticore, medusa etc should be back.
- The majority of myth units like minotaur, hydra and dragon are very masculine. I do not like the idea of "female dominance" in this faction, causing them to be more Sylvan aligned.
- Minotaur is supposed to be big bad mighty unit that command rmuch espect, as in the Greek mythologies. It should be standing in higher tier and not a slave with muzzle.
- Dragons of all kinds, regardless of faction and upgraded, should have some immunity to spells, which is the key characteristics of a dragons.
- Black Dragon is naturally immue to all spells, but the skill irresistable magic can cause them to take damage. However, the same skill does not allow Black Dragons to recieve blesses or reserection. Furthermore, most units in the game do not have much spell immunity. Why would a faction focus on skills that mainly affect's its own units.

- I like the dwarven design of Fortress in HOMM5, a significant difference from the beast master design of HOMM3. However, the whole faction lacks mythical and interesting units. The units are not representative of dwarves and can refer to any faction.
- I am quite fine with the idea of Bear Riders, Rune Priests and Thanes.
- Defenders are fine, and looks really like a dwarf warrior ready to fight. I just feel that the name is quite crappy as defender / shield guard / mountain guard can mean anybody in defence / guarding with shield / guarding a mountain.
- Spear Wielders and Brawlers are rubbish. It seems like they are there because the producers cannot think of any other units. I think most players prefer myth units.
- Fire Dragons are just undead dragons without flying. I think units like Mountain Behemoths or Thunder Birds are more suitable.

This is another faction that I feel is lacking in myth units and many units are hardly any representative of babarians or orcs.
- I am fine Goblins, Wyverns and Cyclops. Cyclops can be given a better design though, as a tree trunk weilding cyclops looks quite stupid.
- The design of centaur is very bad. I rather centaur be a charging calvary than an archer. The hit points are exceptionally low, for a large creature.
- Warriors and Slayers are absolute rubbish. Any faction's unit can be called a warrior, a slayer, an executioner, a chieftien etc. Furthermore, these 2 units have similiar abilities. I feel that having the axe throwing orcs and club weilding ogres are better.
- Shamans, Sky Daughters, Earth Daughters are rather odd units that may not be necessary. The spell casting can be done by units like ogre mage.

Other creatures that I do not like:
- Peasants should belowng to neutrals and not Haven. Peasants are basically people living in houses, operating the mines on the map. Haven should have troops like pikemen as replacement.
- Blade dancers are like purposely created to fit the Sylvan. I think Pegasus are more representative, though the tier of characters will change.
- Rakshasa is a good addition, a mythical humanoid being from Hindu mythology. However, there is no such thing as a Rakshasa Rani. The female version is called a Rakshasi.
- Lich are always a well liked unit in the Necropolis faction. I think the design is awkard when the lich wears a large skirt to become a large unit.
- Imps are cute, which is fine but please don't bring a circular flask from a chemistry lab into to battle field.
- Fire elemental is nicely drawn but I think the unit's ability is not proportional to animation. The shooting of fire looks more capable of causing lineal / area damage instead of just single damage.

Overall, I think HOMM5 has been a great game to play. As for the units, they are great but there are some which I feel needs improvements, especially for Dungeon, Fortress and stronghold factions. I hope the producers can take the comments into considerations. Thank you.

10-11-2010, 07:29 AM
Flying starfish
Ninja Whales (I really hate those)
Invisible godzilla
The band from the starwars cantina
Any star trek creatures

Thats my list... I really hope they wont be in the game. it would pretty much ruin it.

10-11-2010, 10:00 AM
Since this doesn't specifically say Heroes 5 creatures, then I'm going to go with a couple of units from another in the series.

I never want to see the Leprechaun or the Satyr again from the Heroes 4 Nature faction. They just seemed like a major waste of time to me.

10-11-2010, 12:34 PM
Originally posted by Kalah_0:
I definitely don't want scarcely dressed female ****ty creatures with whips. That's for teenagers, and ***** Russian game designers who can't get laid.

I actually liked them best out of the Dark Elves, but yes, the un-upgraded one looked the most decent as it was wearing the most clothing.
I'm fine with them coming back as long as they wear a proper dress(fine if it's sexy, but sexy does not have to equal "almost nude" or "might as well not be wearing anything".)
And preferably are wielding a staff, maybe an orb or tome as implement, just not the whip, they could bring a sword or spear into melee.

That said:
Anything from the Forge Town from Heroes III Armageddon's Blade's pre-release phases is a no-go.
That pretty much is in line with suggestions so far:
No guns, no lasers, no robots, no missles (other then Magic Missle), no tanks, no planes, no helicopters.
Basically nothing more technologically advanced then a Trebuchet. (chronologically speaking, Trebuchets are pretty high tech despite their age.)

10-12-2010, 07:59 AM
As long as the creatures look more awesome, I'm fine.
I don't like peasants however.

Examples of creatures that looked a lot worse in H5 vs. H3:
Hydras, Devils, Angels, Gargoyles, Titans, Demons, Minotaurs, Wyvern, Phoenixes and Centaurs.
To be honest, I liked the creature models in H3 better than those in H5 because of their darker feel and being less shiny and cartoony.
That said, I never was a fan of Conflux in H3 so I don't want that town to make a comeback.

10-13-2010, 04:46 AM
fairies, tigers, dwarves as a race, peasants, H5 dark elves( sm just isn't my thing), leprchaun, satyr, balistas as creatures(they should be siege weaponry), orcs, the inferno should really have a more h3 look instead of the pitbull look from h5

11-23-2010, 08:09 AM
Undead without that eerie feeling, kinda like they are now.
All that green is cool and all, but they don't seem like the risen dead.

11-25-2010, 08:25 AM
I surely want to see nearly all the Dungeon faction. Brisk Riders and Blood Sisters are my favourites. But I dont care about any Dragons whatsoever.
Inferno's Devil, demons and imps were real bad. Devil was not a devil. A Devil must have a charisma, must look cool, kinda like "he wants to f.ck me" look.
Orcs' sky daughter was a downgrade not an upgrade, I didnt hasitate even once to choose Earth daughter over her. Goblins were ablosutely useless. Wyerns were my favourite.
Haven was boring for me. Nearly never played that faction. Peasants were a joke, but crossbowmen were overpowered for a 2nd tier.
Wights were my favourite in Necro if we are talking about the looks. But he lacked special abilities. Harm touch or Death vail are useless mostly. And they have to fly! Zombies were a waste of time. There was no point in choosing Lich Master over ArchLich who has "Death Cload" what makes the Lich, Lich.
Elves' Treants and again Dragons I dont like.
Fortress' 6th tiers were the best 6th tiers in the game for me; Thunder Thanes. But I simply hate brawlers cause they are like tier2 not 4.
Academy Gargoyles are useless pieces of stone in the battle area. Djinns' hitpoints were a joke.

11-25-2010, 08:58 AM
I already got my wish. I didn't want to see 3 friggin tier 7 Dragons...which is to say, I also wanted more unique units. Fate Spinner/Weaver FTW

11-25-2010, 09:25 AM
Firstly I am really happy to hear that the dragons will not be used as tier7(aka champion).Atleast that is what I heard.I wasn't and still am not a dragon fan,and I allways found them boring and lame,.....I mean green dragon,red dragon,bone dragon,...stupid dragon.There were many of them.I prefer more unique champion units like the Fate weaver,which is really cool.

We already have the full lineup of the Haven,Necropolis and Inferno faction,so I can't say what not to be used for them as they already showed us what they will use.

And now:
Academy:I really hope this will be the 4th faction,as it was one of my favourite.The gargoyles in H5 were quite lame,..I have no problem if there will be gargoyles if there will be nicely done.I alwasy liked the golems and would like to see them,..but not how they looked like in H5.I would prefer them as a massive elite unit and preferably with "boxing" animation(not with swords),which I liked very mutch.And about the rakshashas:I can't say that I don't like this creature,but I would prefer a more awesome one.

11-25-2010, 09:50 AM
Originally posted by Kalah_0:
I definitely don't want scarcely dressed female ****ty creatures with whips. That's for teenagers, and ***** Russian game designers who can't get laid.

I'm 25, I live with my GF but nothing wrong with some digital T&A. The Shadow Witch in HOMM5 was a great ranged unit.

11-25-2010, 11:26 AM
hello .

HEROES http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifgre ,troll, nomad
HEROESII: nomad ,halfling,goblin troll ,cyclops
HEROESIIIhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_redface.gifgre , angel ( not archangel), titan ,gargoyle,gnoll ,centaur , evil eye
HEROES IV:evil eye
HEROES V:centaur , gargoyle , zealot ,foul hydra, eliminate either warrior or slayer
(i donot speak about the allready made factions)
Just so that it will be heard i agree that there is a problem with the gargoyle. in fact the only ''acceptable'' gargoyle is that of heroes of might and magic IV. PERHAPS PUT IN ITS PLACE HARPIES?

thank god as we saw there is not any walking dead or any zombie.

although i know this is not the topic of this conversation the titan of heroes V was fine.

there should not be any nude creatures as happened with the shadow witches and matriarches ( it is desirable that they look attractive however).

gremlins should be redisigned.

goblins should not be edible.

the 2nd tier of sylvan must be reconsidered ( for example the lying in their magic druids look much more powerfull than an infantry unit.
also the hunter must be made more masculine and the pixie more feminine this means that the game you are making is to be played by teenagers and adults the units should look real and perhgaps rough as all the necropolis and inferno troops you showed.

and this is completely out of subject butwyverns lokk like dragons and as such they should be at the top of the stronhold creatures and the the cyclopse should follow.

thank you.

11-26-2010, 09:28 AM
Originally posted by nqox:
If there are nude femal units, and there are as we know, then there has to be nude male units too.

wtf...every single inferno unit is naked.

The titans in H5 had almost nothing on. You say that as if there is literally bare breasts. The new Haven unit doesn't even have definitive breasts or anything, it is, for all intensive purposes, genderless.

11-29-2010, 08:38 PM

.No peasants. They're not warriors
.Monks need to look more like the ones in Heroes III, but not shooting out balls of energy

.Imps should be a bit bigger, or just taken out

. Gargoyles need a change, but I still want them
. Raja, Rani, they can go easily

. No bone dragons, that's just lame
. Zombies, should be more versatile or just taken out

. Too many elves, have 2 at most. Put in Medusa, Beholders and Manticores.

. I'm perfectly fine with everything with Sylvan, although the Treants shouldn't look like Ants with leaves and bark

11-29-2010, 09:35 PM
Originally posted by Jester64:

.No peasants. They're not warriors
.Monks need to look more like the ones in Heroes III, but not shooting out balls of energy

Done and done. Keep up will ya?

No peasants, like in Heroes III the base unit (or one of the base unit assuming all core are actually of equal power) is a Spearman unit and the Monk is now the Priestess which seem to be more focused on support.

.Imps should be a bit bigger, or just taken out

Imps are now spawned by another unit for some unknown purpose.

. No bone dragons, that's just lame
. Zombies, should be more versatile or just taken out

Done and done again. Bone Dragons were replaced by Fate-Spinners (though not what I'd call optimal it is a huge upgrade) and Zombies are now Ghouls, which seem to be more agile and have different roles.

11-30-2010, 01:39 AM
I didnt like:

-whole dwarf faction

12-02-2010, 10:28 PM
I'd like to see the androgynous Angels of HV not return; while they weren't bad, the anime-ish Final Fantasy looks just don't appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities. HVI's angels are looking good, and HIII's were quite good as well.

I also preferred the Classical Greek-styled titans of H3, but they would fit in poorly with Academy's new theme.

Also, the Genie and Gargoyle need a MASSIVE revamp; they look completely absurd. Why is it that the two genie heroes have heads and look human while the rank and file genies have absurdly large hands and no heads?

12-03-2010, 09:12 AM
a) Serpent Flies and Dragon Flies need not apply for Heroes VI, plox.
b) Nagas, I'd like to see them but not as part of the Academy/Tower again. They deserve their own faction and I don't say this because of their succesfull inclusion in Warcraft III but based on the Ledroit's killer Naga design, I saw in AoH.

A) Dragon Golem.... I like to pretend it has never existed.
b) Balista as units. Just no.
c) White Tiger... Umm, not even as a neutral!
d) Lepprechaun as unit... Cause even a joke can get too far!

A) Gargoyles. I'd like to see them return, but with a better appearance this time. Though considering the oriental theme for Academy, this one was quite fitting....