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06-27-2005, 01:37 AM
EDIT: Disclaimer; firstly, although I understand that once the reader concludes a particular sentence (although in this case you could use the word sentance [meaning penance {not that such a word exists, merely that it could <should>}]) the reader should still be capable of remembering what the original intent of the sentence was. In this case, for the sake of humour, I'm suspending my understanding of this basic rule. Secondly, by observing the preceding sentence (as above) you should note the correct order of symbols used to indicate interjected speech. As I understand it, this is the correct form. There may be additional symbols I do not know of, and/or are not producable on my keyboard. For the sake of convenience (and the assumption that such rules either no longer exist, have been long forgotten, or never existed [I'm sure some fluent grammaticist {grammarist?} will correct me if I'm wrong] although I'm interested to know what they are [if they do indeed exist]) I will simply repeat the convention used above if it becomes necessary (and it will become neccessary). All other disclaimers claimed below are in effect. By continuing to read this post you have a greed to the terms above (and below)(assuming such terms exist).

I'm not normally one to be a fan-boy, and I'm attempting to resist the urge right now, but -- and there's always a but -- I have to admit that (and that) in this case I certainly feel as if I'm being visited by Satan in the desert after fasting for forty days. Why isn't is it spelled Fourty? You know, like colour. English is eccentric, about as far as languages can go towards being eccentric, actually.

Reason Number One:

The devs (this is an abbreviation used to mean "developers" and not an acronym at all) are geniuses. Think about how difficult it must be to create a game of this calibre. A 3D (This is an acronym-like hieroglyph that is taken to indicate that the author is, in addition to not being very creative, is also too lazy to type "three dimensional," or even "three dee." And an acronym [skip forward to the section about punctuation, now {see}]; is a series of letters that are customarily delimited with periods [.]. These periods, or "dots," [note that ellipsises {...}, or what we call "dot-dot-dot," is an entirely different animal and is beyond the scope of this discussion] as we grammaticists [but definetly not lingusts] like to say, provide clues that these letters are really just words of their own masquerading as mere alphabetical symbols. Also, please be aware that, as far as grammaticists [as I presumed to call myself {the nerve}] are concerned, punctuation plays a far lesser role than grammar, unless you happen to believe that grammar is the great umbrella, encompassing [as opposed to "umbrella-encompassing"] the realm of puntuation as well. Is it just me or is this about to become recursive humours [Do you have to pluralise humour when the humour is recursive?]? I'm particularly prodded about the funny bone by recursive humour. I imagine this is why the acronym G.N.U. stikes me as excedingly humourous [though they spell it GNU]) simulation, any simulation, is the attempt to represent an incredibly complex system that at least theoretically, could actually exist in reality somewhere and sometime in time and space (which pre-suposes such things exist). Since I'm a reality worshipper (which is odd because there seems to be so little of it actually occuring in my vicinity) this scored big points in my book (not that my book is really capable of affecting an effect on SH3 [read: "Silent Hunter Three" {and the punctuation comments above or below -- I can't remember <is it a memory if it hasn't happened yet (although in this case is has)or pollution for that matter, which is of course another matter. And another story; [use this example to illustrate the things I said about punctuation earlier] that I won't recount here)>}]).

As an aside (am I still within previous peranthesis [perenthisi {ie <eye (aye)>}]): I really seem to have gotten my mileage (kilometerage? [sometimes not being American helps in specific situations {this is not one of them}{this is not to say I have anything against Americans, or capitalism for that matter <although communism and I have never really been able to see eye-to-eye (or is that aye-to-aye? [no, that would be democratic {democraticism? <of which I {eye? aye?} also have never been to able to reconcile with>}])>. I did spell American with a capital "m" after all.}]) of those perenthesis above.

I seem to have developed a neurosis about them now.

And the Second Reason is:
The ongoing support of this magnificent title they have been providing us with. Take "Rome: Total War" for example. Another amzingly (we were considering spelling this amasingly, but then realised this would confuse people into thinking it was amassingly [which means to amass mass] which thankfully, is also an imaginary word {amassingly, not amass or mass}] just to be consistent in our efforts -- in the rest of the english-speaking-world -- to consistently and doggedly avoid spelling anything the way Americans do [see the above paragraph to read my American disclaimer {which wasn't claimed as a disclaimer above <but is claimed as such now>}]) beautiful simulation; but, (also see the top of this article about my warning on the exceptional nature of "but," (the exceptional kind [other than the other exceptional kind][see puntuation while your at it {oh heck, read the bit about perenthesis too. Hell <I didn't want to use "heck" twice (again see punctuation) re-read it all <is this becomeing recursive again?>}]) they didn't support it very well. They released micro-patch a few days after relese to deal with some MP (acronyms again) issuses. Several months later, they suddenly declared after an exceptional silence, that they were aware of some small bugs in the code. Seemingly, at the same time, prehaps even in the same post they issued the proclamation (is the root word of proclamation supposed to be "clam" [as in to clam-up], or claim [no definition for this word]?) that there would be only one (1) patch, and if it failed to fix the universe we would just have to find a way to go on with our lives (not without the universe [hopfully not *with* {the asterisks are used to imply italics} it either {ether}{many couldn't <wouldn't?>}]).

I suppose at the end of this, what I am trying to say is that I seem to recall saying somthing about not being normal.

06-27-2005, 05:46 AM
Can't be arsed to read all that, but as a programmer myself I appreciate the amount of effort that must have gone into a game like this.
Thumbs up from this direction!