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05-13-2005, 08:42 AM
I was complaining recently about how NVidia cards are a problem. So I took a look at my system (runs an Athlon XP2400)...

Upgraded to 1 GB PC2700 RAM
Upgraded my video card to a Radeon powerhouse 256MB uber card...

Total cost: $320.

First, it's like having a brand new computer. Second: SHIII is awesome now! Completed 3 full patrols, 2 in a Type II, 1 in a Type VII. Have 53000 tons to my credit.

The graphics and gameplay are awesome.

One good thing to kill the C2's:

We learned this at the Naval Academy in Annapolis after reading some old WWII sub commander's manuals (there is an excellent collection in Nimitz Library). If you have variable speed torpedoes, you can arrange for 2 torpedoes to arrive at the same time. You simply need to know the distance to travel for the torp and the speeds available. I managed to do this, hit a C2 with 2 at the same time with impact pistols, one midships and one about 1/5 the way aft at the same time. The ship simply came apart. We could begin a discussion of hogging forces, sagging forces, torsion forces and flooding and counter flooding, but suffice to say, the ship just came apart.

If anyone is interested in the math, I don't have the speeds here at work, but I could work them out if it was posted (otherwise, I'll wait 'til I get home).

05-13-2005, 09:47 AM
I would never waste two Torps on a C2. They sink or break in half with just one set at magantic at .2-.7 meter below keel.

Even if you get that rear odd "Torpedo missed Sir", even though the ship is on fire and has slowed down to 1 knot. Surface and pop it with 10 deck gun rounds and watch it go down.

I've also discovered that it only takes 20 deck gun runds to sink a C2. It appears that 10 rounds equates to 1C2 "Torpedo missed Sir (ship hit)"

I also don€t waste torpedoes on Costal Merchants. They go down with 6 or 7 deck gun rounds.

05-13-2005, 10:39 AM
I use the gun whenever the weather lets me. I never torps on small ships unless:

a: I'm out of gun ammo.
b: The weather is crappy and sun-up is coming soon.

IRL, the two torp shot was a standard for large ships in the Pacific. I had the privelege and honor to have Admiral Eugene Fluckey at my table on Mess Night at the Academy. He's got more medals commanding submarines in WWII than anyone else (including a Medal of Honor). He gave me a signed copy of his book and told magnificent stories about his attacks; how he set them up, how he executed the attack and what tactical considerations he had for each type of encounter. I would recommend the book.