View Full Version : what happened to the pf multi play server?

03-18-2005, 01:52 PM
I have tried to log on and play on ubi as pf stand alone and now can not find any lobbies for pf stand alone????

03-18-2005, 02:51 PM
hey in case u didnt know, the 'Hyperlobby' software that all of us use (nobody uses ubi.com im afraid) actually now has an entire PF-standalone section with its own server lists. check it out.

run a search for Hyperlobby and it will be the first link u get.

03-18-2005, 05:25 PM
There is life outside Hyperlobby. Ive flown in both places lots. I find better games at UBI, faster combat. The main thing though is my ver. of PF wont merge with the rest of FB, so I have AEP 2.04, and PF standalone.Soon Im gonna redo my XP install, and I'll sort it then!!! Finding a 2.04 game on HL is not happening(tried,and tried), and PF alone is dead, so one is left with UBI servers! But, I have been having lots of good games at UBI, as to what happened to the PF standalone rooms, its a big mystery??? Nobody seems to know anything. Wouldnt hurt if they would support the servers a bit more, I wonder if they even know??? Anyways just my two cents, Wish more people would host 2.04 on HL but it probably aint gonna happen.. Take care. Graiskye

03-18-2005, 07:34 PM
A couple of things that I found:

- Troll2K runs a V2.04 dedicated server on HL currently. Granted, it's not too busy, but you can catch people there sometimes.

- I believe you can run a PF-standalone server on UBI in the IL2 FB room now, but that just may be rumor, as I haven't tried it yet. I know I used to be able to join either a V2.04 or a 3.04m by just launching the game I wanted to join from desktop first, then entering server. UBI software remembers the last game's filepath that was launched.

- The HL stand-alone room is a good place to play PF, but again not too busy most days. Get HL here: http://hyperfighter.sk/ as the address has recently changed due to upgrade by Jiri.

- I fly both UBI and HL and find each to have it's benefits. UBI's GUI is more polished, but HL is where the "In" crowd hangs out and most of the great squadrons. UBI tends to have more open pit/externals games, where HL is usually pit-on/externals or Full, with pit-off being the minority these days.

03-18-2005, 10:55 PM
I think the pf rooms have gotten absorbed into the fb ace room at Ubi.

03-19-2005, 01:42 AM
That is what I heard too, Troll2K.

I meant to post IL2 FB ACE lobby in my first post.

03-19-2005, 02:14 PM
Yes i know about HL but there is only one or to severs and they are to relistic for me i hate no icons and they are detail battles that take forever to find any contacts and then if i do i just die. so my play goes like this 30min to find anthere plane 2 seconds to die not much fun for me. ther used to be some quick dog fight severs with easy settings for a newbiee like me in the FB lobby on ubisoft room and now none.