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10-26-2005, 02:32 PM
The newest version of Improved U-boat is available. As I write this I am downloading it. Although the beta version revealed some issues, I'm really hoping for this one to succeed. It's a huge download, over 200 megs, so I don't think it's going to be easy for those on dialup to get it. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif

10-26-2005, 02:35 PM
From the readme, sorry it is a long post but I would like to share it:


What This Is:
Improved U-Boat is simply a comphrensive €œall in one€ mod that enhances Silent Hunter III visually, aurally and in gameplay terms. As such, it is a compendium of a large number of mods made by different people, thoroughly tested for consistency, reliability and quality. It incorporates all of the features of the €œReal U-Boat€ mod though makes some small changes for playability (which can be reversed; see below.)

Our aim is to bring you all the creativity and ingenuity of the Silent Hunter mod community without the hassle of having to find and configure lots of different mods.

Features at a Glance:
€ Upgrades most ingame graphics €" from fire and smoke to terrain, ships and the interior of your U-boat. Now, even the bananas look real!
€ Enhances usability and aesthetics of the interface.
€ New ships, planes, ports, historically correct convoys, and historical operations like the invasion of Norway and the sinking of the Bismarck.
€ Visibility now extends out to the horizon €" this means you can see 3 times further away than in the original version of the game.
€ No more empty harbours €" many ports are now bustling with historically accurate traffic! Radio traffic is also expanded and historically correct.
€ Milk-cows (resupply boats) are now present.
€ Many other tweaks and enhancements €" the uncompressed size of IUB is over 600mb!

A full list of included mods and changes is at the end of this document.

Installation Instructions
If you're using the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler:
Simply unzip the Improved U-Boat mod into the SilentHunterIII\MODS folder. Then, run JSGME.exe and you should see the mod listed as an available mod. Simply select it, then press the enable button and the mod will automatically install. If you have other mods installed you will be warned that Improved U-Boat overwrites some files; this is normal and you should choose €œEnable Anyway€. If you ever want to uninstall the mod, simply run JSGME.exe again and disable the mod. This will return the game to its previous state.

If you're not using the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler, first unzip the mod to the desktop. Then, open the folder that's been created. Inside you'll see a data folder and a readme file. Copy these to the SilentHunterIII folder (make sure you have the correct version of SH3 installed first) When you copy the files, Windows will ask you if you want to overwrite files: click on yes for all files.

Improved U-Boat should be fully compatible with SH3 Commander v2.

As this mod incorporates Real U-Boat 1.44 changes, it can be installed over it or after it in JSGME. You do not need RuB to be installed before using Improved U-Boat. Do not install RuB or any other comphrensive mod over Improved U-Boat unless you know what you're doing.
Please read the following section carefully!
This mod is to be used with Silent Hunter III version 1.4b. It will not work properly if you don't have the correct game version installed. Improved U-Boat should be installed over a clean copy of Silent Hunter III. The best way to do this is to uninstall SH3, delete the €œSH3€ folder in My Documents, restart your computer, re-install the game, and apply the official 1.4 patch. Then, install Improved U-Boat.

Saved Games: There are never any guarantees that saved careers will work after installing a new mod or a new official patch. You have a better chance of getting them to work if you save them in base than if you save them in mid-patrol, but they still may exhibit weirdness or cause the game to crash to the desktop. You should finish up any old careers before installing a new mod, and do a clean install.

Time Compression: This mod makes big changes to time compression, allowing you to go up to 1024x in the 3d views, and up to 128x near land. This change to time compression settings also fixes an SH3 bug that doesn't spawn aircraft at the correct rates on high time compression settings. However, if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Improved U-Boat, or don't install over a clean copy, these changes will not be applied until you copy the file €œmain.cfg€ from your /Ubisoft/SilentHunterIII/data/Cfg folder to your My Documents/SH3/data/Cfg folder. This folder contains your saved games and general game settings.

Milkcows: Improved U-Boat v1.01 includes Sansal's and Rubini's €œMilk Cow€ mod. This adds a missing feature to the game, that of refueling and rearming at specially equipped €œMilkcow€ U-Boats in 1943/1944. However this addition required a side effect €" the minimum number of days required to spend in base has been reduced to 1, so you can actually start a new patrol the day after you returned from your last one! In real life, u-boat crews got about a months shore leave after a patrol. The workaround is quite simple €" just upgrade your sub emblem until the correct time has passed €" installing a sub emblem costs no renown but has been changed to take 14 days to complete. Alternatively, you can use €œSH3 Commander v2.1€ to change the number of days spent in base manually, you can acquire this useful program from http://www.beerymod.com - full details on the €œMilkcow€ addition are below.

Performance: As Improved U-Boat includes multiple higher-resolution textures, as well as a greatly expanded view distance, performance (framerate) will be degraded on less powerful computers, and loading time will be increased. If you have to turn on the low-res texture option or put up with low (5-15) fps in default SH3, then you should probably not install Improved U-Boat.

Multiplayer: when playing multiplayer games, each player involved in the session must be using the exact same campaign files (Campaign_LND.mis, Campaign_RND.mis and Campaign_SCR.mis). This means that all players using this mod in an online game must play with people who are using the same mod, and no others.

Minefields/Subnets: Historical minefields and subnets have been added to where they actually were, for both enemy areas and friendly ports. They are not marked on the default campaign map; this is accurate for enemy minefields (obviously) but maps of minefields in friendly ports are in the folder /documentation/FriendlyMineFieldMaps/ - print them out, study them, and be careful in enemy coastal areas! If your uboat suddenly explodes for no particular reason out of a harbour, then its probably a mine! You will notice that you've run into a subnet when you hear a grinding noise and your Bow torpedo room starts taking damage.

Friendly Traffic €" The new harbour traffic in friendly and enemy harbours will cause your framerate to drop in these areas compared to the original game. Secondly, if you save and reload near these areas, ships may lose their waypoints and run aground. This is an SH3 bug and nothing to do with Improved U-Boat. To workaround this bug, make sure you're well out of your base before saving and reloading your game.

Enhanced Visual Range €" The new visual distance allows spotting out to about 16km on a clear day, or about 9km on a clear night. In real life watch crews could spot smoke plumes out to over 20km on a clear day. This compares favourably to the standard SH3 visual range of only 8km (!). However users should bear in mind that the enhanced view distance may cause framerate drops near land. You may also find the odd crew spotting glitch in some weather/light conditions; this is possible because of SH3's complicated spotting system. Report any bugs to the Subsim.com mod workshop forum or email me (details at end of documentation.)

Fatigue Model €" Your crew no longer become fatigued. This should greatly reduce the micromanagement of your crew. When attacking a convoy in the North Atlantic in 1943, the last thing on a commanders mind was on putting crew members to bed. If you wish to use the standard or RuB 1.44 fatigue model instead, then download SH3 Commander v2 from http://www.beerymod.com €" this allows you to select several different fatigue models.

Map Contacts €" With map contacts on, the contact/ship icons and tails no longer give you the colour (enemy/ally/neutral) or distinguish between merchant or warship. This is deliberate (Real commanders did not have the benefit of a satellite view of proceedings) and an attempt to find a good compromise between the Real U-Boat model of minimal map contact information and the games default 'no map contacts' option. With the IuB model, you'll have to visually identify ships first to tell if they're warship or merchant, enemy or neutral €" just like a real U-Boat commander €" but you'll keep a good degree of situational awareness.

Sonar Lines €" As a side effect of the new map contacts, the sonar lines on the Navigation map view will no longer be red for warships but black, same as the merchants. Though unwanted (it will be changed in a future version of IuB if we find a way), it does mean you'll have to pay a little more attention to what your sonarman is saying rather than relying automatically on the lines.

Friendly Fire €" A bug introduced by Ubisoft with the 1.4 patch means that your crew will open fire on any ship, friendly and neutral vessels included, if given permission to open fire. Your flak gun crew will also open fire on friendly and neutral aircraft. You should probably tell your crew to hold fire when around friendly or neutral vessels.

Dolphins €" If you're lucky, you may see dolphins swimming around. Don't worry, no real marine mammals were harmed during the making of this game.

€œMilchkuh€ Resupply Boats:
Thanks to the work of modders Sansal and Rubini, €œMilchkuh€ Resupply U-Boats are now present and functional in the game. The €œMilkcow€ u-boats were large Type XIV submarines specially equipped to carry large amounts of fuel and torpedoes, and resupply other U-Boats, thereby extending their patrols. They were used heavily between 1942 and 1943, but due to their vulnerability (large, slow to dive, and compromised by heavy use of radio messages) were all sunk or retired from service by 1944.

You can now resupply at these boats in their historical locations at the correct dates, and you can also resupply at interned German merchant ships in the neutral Spanish ports of Vigo, Cadiz, El Ferrol and the Canary Islands, as in Das Boot, from 1940 up till 1943/44.

How does it work?
The resupply units will be marked on your navigation map as static blue text markers when they become available, just like a normal base location marker. You will also recieve radio messages telling you as and when milk cows or resupply ships become available. And a full list of their dates of availability has been added to the help (F1) screen.

The resupply blue markers in the Nav map are static and only show the expected area where you will rendezvous. The AI uboat milk units are in constant slow movement around the indicated area. (The interned merchant ships in Spanish ports, however, are stationary.) So sometimes you will need to "find" the milk cow uboat using your visual, hydrophones or radar near that mark, making the "milk" manouver a bit more challenging.

To complete the resupply procedure just press ESC when you are near the milk cow/resupply unit and after that just click 'Exit Patrol', then click in 'Dock at U-459' (for example). You will find yourself back in the €œOffice€ screen, but you won't be able to access anything other than your crew files. After that restart the patrol and continue your mission.

Now when you finish the resupply duties and resume your patrol you will be side by side with the resupply unit!

After you dock at a milk cow base and restart your patrol you receive a 'NULL' as a destination patrol grid. This is an SH3 fault. So just take note of your grid destination before docking at a milk cow unit or resupply ship. (this is true for any other Axis base; and happens even if you don't use the milk cow mod)

Note that your crew may be awarded medals, promotions or qualifications when you dock with a milkcow or resupply ship. This means that you must use your crew awards (medals/promotions/qualifications) in the milk cow base if you want them (or you will lose them). And don't worry about your renown/credits/tonnage and log. They will be with you when you dock at your home base.


As some changes in IuB will not be to everyone's taste, there are options available for some features. These are located in the /Mods/ folder. To enable an option with JSGME, simply enable. If you don't have JSGME, copy the €œOption€ /data folder and subfolders into your main SH3 folder, overwriting the original files.

The options are as follows:

ClearWater €" A clearer underwater view, closer to the original game settings. Not very realistic, but definately good for spotting mines/subnets!

RealUBoatDefaults €" This restores the RuB 1.44 settings for the deck gun reload time, fatigue, crew AA range, u-marker, and map contacts.

Heavy Harbour Traffic €" This increases the amount of harbour traffic in certain friendly ports for those with more powerful computers.
(Mods/Heavy Harbour Traffic/)

No Minefields or Subnets €" This removes friendly minefields and subnets from the game.

Heavy Radio Messages €" This overwrites the standard (English) IuB improved radio messages with a fuller version that includes reports of ship sinkings, BdU communications with other u-boats, etc.
(Mods/Heavy Radio Messages)

Pascal's Dials and Gauges €" An alternative version of the dials/guages. Photorealistic in style.

If you think that there should be any other 'options' in future releases, let me know.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Why isn't my mod / my favourite mod included?
One of about 4 reasons €" I don't know about it, I do know about it but didn't think it was good enough to warrant inclusion, another mod did a better job, or maybe it caused some incompatiblity with another mod. If you think I missed something or have been unfair, get in contact!

Q2: I'm the author of an included mod and I wasn't contacted/given credit!
I make every endeavour to contact all mod authors whose work is included in Improved U-Boat for permission to include their work and to credit them, as well as include their original readme files in the /documentation folder. However it's possible I may have overlooked someone or couldn't get in contact with them due to lack of information. If this is the case, sorry €" email me and we'll sort it out!

Q3: I'm pissed off at something!!! How do I change back to the default?!
All changes are logged below €" to restore the original settings, simply copy the original SH3 files from a backup folder (you did make a backup of your SH3/data/ folder, right?) or delete the relevant files if they're in /Textures/TNormal/tex. If that doesn't satisfy you, you can vent at the subsim.com SH3 mods forum and someone should be able to help you. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Q5: I'm getting strange crashes to desktop/weirdness that wasn't there before.
First, make sure you're running Improved U-Boat on a clean install of SH3. Second, make sure all your video, motherboard, and sound card drivers are all up to date. If you're still getting problems, report the issue to the Subsim.com SH3 Mod Workshop forum €" it may be a bug that can be fixed in the next release. Also note that some bugs may be the fault of SH3, rather than any mod.


Graphics €" Interface
Ailantd's Transparent Dials €" Removes the ugly background of the dials when you call for report to the Chief Engineer. Also fixes the color of the compresed air dial (red to green). Overwrites RuB version.

Ailantd's Interface Mod €" Changes many loading and front-end screens. (data/menu/*.tga)

Transparent Torpedo Loading Screen by Sale999 - A small transparency modification for the TorpedoesLoading Screen, which increases visiblity.

Wolfies and Ripbuds Merged Guages - This mod changes the HUD dials to be better looking, and somewhat clearer to use. Overwrites RuB dials.

Captain America's Officer Icon Mod (No Label version) - I changed the officer icons to images that portray the station of each officer rather than their portraits. I think its more practical this way and it blends in nice with the existing layout. The icons are modified screenshots from the uboat's interior.

Camera Mod v2 by CCIP €" changes to free camera to improve scale and control, removed rotation limits on position cameras.

FABC Chief Engineer's Dials Rollout by Timetraveller €" now moving your cursor to the left of the screen slides out a handy dial telling you the remaining fuel, oxygen, compressed air and co2 levels.

Menu Button mod by crull €" Moves all command icons to the bottom left of the screen for usability.

Chomu's Integrated Orders €" Extra command icons for controlling your uboat.

Gods Eye View changes by oRGy/RuB €" With map updates ON, the following changes are made: the hydrophone lines do not distigunish between warship or merchant, and on the surface, the ship icons no longer give you the nationality (neutral/allied/enemy) or type (warship/merchant).

Graphics €" World
Ailantd's Particles Mod Part1 €" Improves the fire, smoke and wave graphics. (Textures/TNormal/tex/cloub_blob_add.tga, Fire_add.tga, pierreE2.tga, pierreE.tga, pierreE_test.tga,Smoke_volum02.tga,Smoke_volum02_o pt.tga,smoke_volum.tga,splash_vert01.tga, splash_vert.tga)

Ailantd's Wake Mod v2 €" Improves the wake of the Uboats and ships to a more correct shape.

Pascal's Binocular Texture (Black) €" Improves the appearance of the binoculars the watch crew use. Contrast and saturation adjusted by oRGy.

Pascal's Crew Faces - Improves resolution and appearance of the crew faces. (data/Crew/Head/POS,data/Crew/Head/OFF/ - too many to list)

Pascal's Crew Uniforms/Misc €" Photorealistic crew uniforms, helmet, and rain gear, as well as the people in harbour and other details.
(data/Crew/Body/,data/Crew/Casket,data/Crew/Helmet/,data/Textures/TNormal/Tex/ - too many to list)

Insignia Cap Mod by Anren - This SHIII mod replaces the watch officer's distorted cap eagle device with a sharper, cleaner version.

Beery's Sea Hurricane Skin - This file gives players a new Sea Hurricane skin for use in the game. This is a typical Royal Navy Sea Hurricane paint scheme for aircraft that were used to guard the Atlantic convoys.

Juju's Military Mod 2-6 €" Upgrades the textures of guns/depth charges, the Fletcher, V&W, and Clemson class destroyers, the Elco PT-Boat, and the Flower Corvette for greater historical accuracy.
(data/Textures/TNormal/Tex/NCO_Flower512.tga,NCO_FlowerC.tga,NDD_Clemson2.tga ,NDD_ClemsonC.tga,NDD_Fletcher3.tga,NDD_V&W_Alpha512,NDD_V&WC.tga,NPTboat_Br.tga,PTboat_BrComplete.tga,Reflec tor.tga,Reflector_A.tga,v3CompleteMap.tga)

Juju's Flagmod - All new Hi-res flag textures for Silent Hunter III to replace the cartoony looking default ones.
(data/Textures/TNormal/tex/ - too many to list)

Improved Meat/Vegetables by Anonymous €" Improves the look of the hanging fruit and meat inside the sub. Modified by oRGy.

Sean's Highres IIA Skin (No camo, Rusty) €" A high-res skin for the IIA.

Sean's Highres IID Skin (No camo, Rusty) €" A high resolution skin for the IID.

Fubar's VII Skin €" A new skin for the Typ VII based on historical kriegsmarine colours. Modified by oRGy for performance reasons.
(data/Textures/TNormal/Tex/NSS_Uboat7c_coning.tga,NSS_Uboat7c_deck.tga,NSS_Ub oat7c_hull.tga)

Fubar's Typ IX Skins €" New skins for the Typ IXB,IXC, and IXD2 based on historical kriegsmarine colours. Typ IXC and IXD2 modified by oRGy.

Ship Hunter's Sub Interior Textures €" Higher resolution or improved textures for the interior of the subs. Some minor modifications by oRGy and certain textures (mainly dials) not included to maintain compatability or coherence with RuB/Bordinstrumente.
(data/Textures/TNormal/tex/7cIC_druck.tga,21IC_Druck.tga,cadrane2_2.tga,CR9C_ 2.tga,CR9C_3.tga,druck_2.tga,druck_7.tga,druck_21. tga,druck_radio_7.tga,druck_radio_9.tga,uzat_7radi o.tga,uzat_9 radio.tga,uzat_9command.tga,uzat_21radio.tga)

Bordinstrumente 0.9 €" much improved interior textures for dials, guages and the like. Edited by oRGy regarding co2 dials and other small changes.

Sergbuto's Multiple Warship Skins v2 €" This mod includes modified model (DAT) files, which allow for multiple skin usage, for C&D- and V&W-type destroyers, Clemson, Tribal, Hunt I, Type 34, Evarts and River escorts, Flower, and armed trawler along with multiple skin textures. These vessels are the most often used in the SCR layer of the stock campaign in the game. C&D-class DD now also carries DC racks starting year 1939. In addition, as a bonus I have included a multi-skinned C3 cargo.
(data/Sea/NCO_Flower/,NDD_C&D,NDD_Clemson,NDD_HuntI,NDD_Tribal,NDD_Type34,NDD_ V&W,NDE_Evarts,NDE_River,NKC3,NTRW_ - too many to list)

Kriller2's Landscape mod €" Better textures for terrain.

WaveMod 1.25x by timetraveller €" Makes the waves nearly 1.25x higher than in default game.

Blue tint to sky at night (Beery) €" Now instead of being black, the background to the stars is a dark tint of blue. This is more realistic as it you can see the silhouttes of ships, land etc, against the night sky as real U-boat commanders did.

Markhimovs Torpedo Textures - 2. All torpedos hulls are now colored in a "flat metallic silver." Electric torpedoes are no longer yellow. Silver metallic torps look way sleeker, not to mention they are much more realistic.
(data/Textures/TNormal/tex/TI_G7a.tga,TIFaTI_G7a.tga,TII_G7e.tga,TIIIFaTII_G7 e.tga,TIV_G7es.tga,/data/Menu/Gui/Layout/TMSTor00.tga,TMSTor001.tga)

New Torpedo Textures by Markhimov - All torpedos hulls are now colored in a "flat metallic silver." Electric torpedoes are no longer yellow. Silver metallic torps look way sleeker, not to mention they are much more realistic. You can tell the difference between each torp by the color of the warhead.
(data\Menu\Gui\Layout\TMSTor001.tga,TMSTor00.tga,/data/menu/textures/TNormal/tex/TI_G7a.tga,TIFatI_G7a.tga,TII_G7e.tga,TIII_FaTII_G 7e.tga,TIV_G7es.tga)

New Seafloor Textures by tankervi (64mb version) €" Nice new texture for the seafloor.

Deck Gun Sound by sale999 €" Improved version of deck gun firing sound which includes reloading sounds.

Emaschinen Sound by rulle34 - This is a sound mod that makes the sound from the electrical motors sounds more realistic to my mind. I have used the engine sound from Das Boot (this caracteristic swisch-swosch sound) and made it more quiet and then used the enginesound from SH 2. This combination makes the boat quite silent from the front and more noisy at rear.
(data/Sound/Submarine propellers 2.wav,Submarine_electric_exterior.wav)

Internal Life Mod 1.2 by KptnLt Eric Karle - a 10.5minute seemlessly looping track containing sounds of human habitation. Over 27 tracks featuring footsteps, pages being flipped, muted conversation (taken from Das Boot), sounds of writing, creaks and groans from the sub (again taken from Das Boot), have been mixed together for this mod.

Sailor Steve's Sound Mod (partial) €" new, better sounds for breaking up/sinking ships (eerie), depth charge explosion, ambient ocean skyline, ship fire and shell explosion. Some speech annoyances (like 'Yes Sir') removed for some voices.
(data/Sound/P01_%Big_Shell_water_explosion.wav,P05_Depthcharge _explosion.wav,Scufundare vapor.wav,Ship Fire 1.wav,amb_OceanSkyline.wav)

Modded Sound €" Bolts breaking.
(data/Sound/Boltz Break1.wav,)

Incognito Sound Mod €" Creaks, machinery, sinking ship on hydrophones, blowing and flooding tanks, water bursts which don't sound like white noise.
(data/Sound/Submarine_tanks blowing.wav,Submarine_tanks flooding.wav,Creaks_Level1-4.wav,scufundarevapor_hyd.wav,Water_burst1.wav,Wat er_burst2.wav)

Sonar Room Sound by ? - Replacement hydrophone ambient sound. Also submarine engine sounds from hydrophone sound.

J'attendrai by Rina Ketty and It's a Long Way to Tipperary (20's version) €" The classic tracks for your Gramophone so if you don't already have music for your gramaphone you have something more than a 'crackly' version of the SH3 title track €" to include them all here would take too much bandwidth, but the €œGermanHits€ sound packs available at http://u-boat.realsimulation.com from which these two tracks are extracted come highly reccomended.

Silent Gramaphone sound €" For when you need to shut off all music, simply play this file in the gramaphone and it will give you 10 minutes of pure silence. It should be the first file played €" to get to the rest of the music just skip ahead one track. Bear in mind any gramaphone randomisers may affect this order.
(data/Sound/Gramaphone/000 1Silence.ogg)

DDSound by sale999 €" Improved, more 'aggressive' and distinct destroyer propellor sound.

Sound compatability by oRGy €" Most sounds are now 44khz, 16bit, and monoaural. This should help prevent crashes on computers with AC97 onboard audio.

Real U-Boat 1.44 by Beery et al €" A comphrensive mod that makes many changes to all aspects of SH3 for a more historically accurate and expanded game.
(data/ - too much to list, see RuB readme in /documentation)

Deck Gun 15 Second Reload Time by CCIP €" Changes the deck gun reload time to a more realistic setting. Overwrites RUB setting, which is 60 seconds. SH3 default is 4 seconds. (data/Library/GUNS_SUB.sim)

Harbour Traffic for RuB 1.46 €œLight€ Version by Rubini €" Harbour traffic, minefields, docked ships, friendly air patrols, air raids, and subs start from inside sub pens. (data/Campaigns/Campaign/Campaign_LND.mis,CampaignSCR.mis,data/Menu/en_help.txt,data/Roster/German/Sea/PPL.cfg)

Conning Tower Tweak by hopkins32 €" Pressing F4 while underwater now takes you to the conning tower position. Pressing F4 while surfaced brings you to bridge as normal.

Changed AI Flak gunner engage distance by oRGy €" Now AI gunners can engage out to 1000m (long range), 500m (medium range), and 300m (close range). This changes the RUB setting of 300m (all ranges). SH3 default is 1500m (long range), 1000m (medium range), 500m (close range). Remember long range fire is liable to be less accurate.

Irishred's Radiolog (Lite) €" Adds historical radio messages from BdU. Expanded version that includes historical radio traffic from uboats till May 1942 also included, simply overwrite the installed messages_en.txt with heavy_messages_en.txt if you want the expanded version instead. (data/Campaigns/Campaign/messages_en.txt)

Slower Waterspeed by oRGy €" This slows down the speed at which waves travel, meaning the submarine 'rides' the waves in a more realistic fashion. (is this just a placebo effect though?)

New Lighthouses by Sergbuto €" Places various lighthouses in correct locations.

Enabled German Crew Cheers by EAF274 Johan €" Someone in the command room or bridge will cheer when you destroy a ship or aircraft, if you have selected German dialogue. Already present in English dialogue.

Changed time acceleration settings by oRGy €" You can now enable time compression up to 1024x (in navmap), up to 128x near land (from 4), and up to 1024x (in 3d views). Any contact reports now drop you down to 1x.

AI Uboats v3 by Sergbuto €" AI U-boats now have crew on the conning tower, and can engage enemy ships and aircraft with the guns.

AA-armament-upgrade Mod 1st part by Commander1980 €" Some ships now upgrade their AA armament as the war progresses.

AI_Sensors.dat changes by Jungman/oRGy €" You can now (theoretically) be spotted out to 12km by the enemy in good visual conditions, but not all sonar will now penetrate to 300m but only late war ones. Includes all previous work by Jungman on AI_Sensors.dat and sensors.dat.

Changed sonar maximum effective speed by oRGy €" Enemy sonar has taken a small hit to its effectiveness and only works below 18knots (instead of 20).

Funkmod (final) von U4 und JG400_Pips €" Deutsche Funk-mitteilungen.

Float Planes by sergbuto €" Arado (German) and Walrus search plane (British) added. The Walrus may be launched from a Battleship or Fiji Light Cruiser, and the Arado is launched from the Hipper, as well as air bases.

'Emily' H8K Japanese Floatplane by Iambecomelife - A new stand-alone aircraft for SH3. This long-range patrol plane equipped Japanese squadrons from late 1941 up until the end of the war. It combined heavy offensive and defensive armament with phenomenal range. Many historians consider it the most advanced flying boat built between the 1940's and the early postwar period. Will not appear in default game.

Hospital Ship by Iambecomelife - The hospital ship is based on Sergbuto's Armed Merchant Cruiser transport. It is unarmed but has searchlights. These units may appear under the flag of axis, allied, and neutral combatants. They are protected by international law, so sinking one will have a dire impact on your career (-10000 renown)
(data/Roster/*.*, data/Sea/NHOS/*.*)

Flottenbegleiter by commander1980 €" The "Flottenbegleiter" is based on the german Flottenbegleiter "F3 to F10", built 1935/36. They were about 80 metres long, 1150 tons great and were armed with 2 x 10,5 cm guns, 4 x 37 mm guns, Depth Charges and several smaller AA-guns.
(included in Rubini's HT mod)

AI Skill Tweaks by oRGy €" Most €œElite€ AI units in the campaign have been downgraded to €œVeteran€, while all €œPoor€ crews have been upgraded to €œNovice€. This should result in more realistic gameplay.


v 1.01 (release) €" 04/10/05 -
€ Added €œFunkmod€ for German users.
€ Added new torpedo textures by Markhimov.
€ Added new hospital ship by iambecomelife.
€ Added €œFlottenbegleiter€ by commander1980.
€ Added seafloor textures by tankeriv.
€ Added €œoptions€ for clearer water, easy sub control, RuB 1.44 settings, etc.
€ Added Uboat Reflections fix by sergbuto.
€ Added Fubar's excellent skins for VIIB/C, IXB, IXC, and IXD2.
€ Integrated Harbour Traffic v 1.46 by Rubini. Includes €œMilkcows€!
€ Integrated RuB 1.44 changes.
€ Updated improved convoys by jasonb.
€ Updated textures from Pascal.
€ Updated radio messages from Irishred.
€ Removed fatigue from your crew.
€ Restored original harbour textures to improve framerate.
€ Resized or restored uboat textures for performance/visual consistency.
€ Restored U-Boat marker.
€ Restored ship contact 'tails', and ship outlines in TDC/zoomed view.
€ Fixed missing key shortcuts.
€ Fixed Bergen/Toulon spawn bugs.
€ Fixed €œvampire vision at night€ bug.
€ Many minor fixes.

v 1.00 (beta) €" 25/09/05 €" First release.

I've only put together mods by different people and made minor changes. All credit should go to Ailantd, sale999, wolfie, ripbud, Pascal, CCIP, Anren, juju, sergbuto, Sean, irishred, rulle34, kriller2, hopkins32, KptnLt Eric Karle, Sailor Steve, incognito, Manuel Ortega, Rubini, Beery and the Real U-Boat team, and anyone else whom I've forgotten.

Sign up at http://www.subsim.com and go to the SH3 Mod Workshop forum for advice and suggestions.

The mods, fixes and alterations contained in this compilation (the various files and folders contained in the compressed Improved U-boat 7z file) are owned by their individual authors. This compilation is freeware and may not be distributed in whole or in part on CD-ROM, disk, or other physical media for a fee without the permission of the individual authors.

The Improved U-boat mod is Copyright 2005, various authors. You must treat the Software like any other copyrighted material.

10-26-2005, 02:50 PM
Can you chose which aspects you would like to enable? I tried the Milk Cow mod and didn't like how it messed with my days in port. I also don't like the look of the smoke mod. The black smoke is a good idea, but it just doesn't look right. The edges aren't "fluid" enough. They seem "blotchy."

Would I have to uninstall my other mods first?

10-26-2005, 03:07 PM
The readme says to install over a fresh game installation. I suppose you could cherry-pick through the folders if you know what you are doing. Another suggestion is to install your favourite smoke mod and such after it.

I am in the lucky position of refurbishing and upgrading an older P4. I think it would be a good experiment to use that rig as a test machine for this mod.

10-26-2005, 03:08 PM
You can also use SH3 Commander's feature that allows you to choose or randomize time spent in base.

10-26-2005, 03:27 PM
Wow, this thing is huge! The download is 205 megs, then that is decompressed to another file which is then itself unzipped to a final size of 682 megs.

10-26-2005, 05:11 PM
Using the new improved 1.01. One question, what is the reason for the black sky. I am leaving port at 1300hrs and the sky is black. Is this an issue that will be addressed.

10-26-2005, 07:14 PM
Oh oh. That doesn't sound good. I had a problem like that a while ago when trying one of the UnChange RUb mods. Sounds like something wrong with one of the environemntal files. What video card are you using? I'm using an Nvidia 6600 GT.

10-26-2005, 10:23 PM
Originally posted by Kaleun1961:
Oh oh. That doesn't sound good. I had a problem like that a while ago when trying one of the UnChange RUb mods. Sounds like something wrong with one of the environemntal files. What video card are you using? I'm using an Nvidia 6600 GT.

I have a Radeon x300 series with up to date drivers.

10-27-2005, 12:51 AM
This may seem like a really stupid question.

Where is this mod located for download?

I've looked in beerymod.com's download section and didn't see the file called "Improved U-Boat Mod".

10-27-2005, 03:37 AM
Originally posted by AO1_AW_SW_USN:
Where is this mod located for download?

The best place to find SH3 mods is this site were you will find this mod.http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/10.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

10-27-2005, 04:47 AM
Originally posted by RosenbauU73:
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by AO1_AW_SW_USN:
Where is this mod located for download?

The best place to find SH3 mods is this site were you will find this mod.http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/10.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif
http://u-boot.realsimulation.com/ </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thank you

10-27-2005, 06:44 AM
Black sky at 13:00 hours? That's odd, I tested it multiple times and never encountered such an error. Perhaps its a video card issue?

Any other bugs, please report!

The Avon Lady
10-27-2005, 07:26 AM
Recent Nvidia drivers rendered SH3 crew heads under F4 as plain gray. I believe a spanking newer driver was just released that resolves this. Maybe this is the same error that's causing your black sky.

So either find the latest Nvidia drivers that resolve this or roll back to an earlier version known to be stable.

UPDATE: See this SubSim thread (http://www.subsim.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=44656) about the recent Nvidia drivers.

10-27-2005, 10:05 AM
From more testing it appears the black sky only appears for people who enable other mods which mess with the sky after IuB.

So I'll say it again - only install IuB over a CLEAN INSTALL, with NO OTHER MODS installed. Install other mods ONLY if you know EXACTLY what they do.

(SH3 Commander v2 is fine)

10-27-2005, 12:29 PM
Could you please specify which files render the sky in the game? This would be handy to know, so that if we are interested in installing anything else we will know what to look for. I had a similar experience with another mod and suspected the same thing.

10-27-2005, 02:57 PM
Originally posted by oRGyBCG:
From more testing it appears the black sky only appears for people who enable other mods which mess with the sky after IuB.

So I'll say it again - only install IuB over a CLEAN INSTALL, with NO OTHER MODS installed. Install other mods ONLY if you know EXACTLY what they do.

(SH3 Commander v2 is fine)

I, did install it over a clean install and no other mods.

10-27-2005, 03:15 PM
I'm seeing the same thing, black sky, with or without other mods installed. I just checked the Nvidia site for the latest drivers for my card. I need different drivers than most since my OS is XP Media Center; downloading as I write this.

10-27-2005, 03:38 PM
Got the latest drivers installed, still the same problem. I'm going to try using a sky mod to see if that makes a difference.

10-27-2005, 08:18 PM
Problem solved. I installed the sky mod by Marhkimov and the sky turned normal again. I've been play testing this mod and am on my first patrol, September 1939, no glitches so far I am happy to report. The only thing I would quibble with is that the renown values are not listed in the recognition manual. When I get back to port I will install the full vulnerability mod and that will take fix it.

10-28-2005, 05:54 AM
Is Anybody else having trouble downloading this mod. It seems to only download 15-20mb and then stops. When i try to unzip it it says invalid file. Is it hosted anywhere else other than U-Boat Realsimulation site.

10-28-2005, 07:57 AM

It appears that black sky artifacts are appearing with the latest NVidia drivers for some people. I reccommend rolling back to the 77.77 series, which work ok for me.

The files which deal with the visibility include:

/data/scene.dat (this is the main one)
/Library/sensors.dat (your crew spotting)
/Library/AI_Sensors.dat (AI crew)

I'd note that this seems to be an intermittent bug caused by either the latest nvidia drivers or mod conflicts. Most people report no glitches.Make sure when reinstalling SH3 that you completely delete your old SH3 folder.

Also, if you used markhimov's new files, check that you can see clouds. As it may not be compatible with the IuB scene.dat.

10-28-2005, 08:49 AM
I am using the 77.79 drivers for my card, as I am using XP Media Center. The 77.77 drivers are not for my version of XP, unfortunately. I just did one patrol and the only thing I noticed is that I could not get my time compression to run very well at 1024. The frame rate was down to 4 FPS, whereas before I could run at 2048 with 15-20 FPS on the map, F5 key.

This next patrol I will check to see if I have clouds. It may seem funny, but I can't remember if I saw any clouds. I'll get back.

10-29-2005, 10:43 AM
Does this mod help the game to become harder ?
I sure hope so...

Does anyone know ?
I have read the list of improvements...
It said something about AI...
But in reality, does it acctually get harder ?


10-29-2005, 01:42 PM
Hi guys,I'am useing the improved u-boat mod its good just need the crew to have fatigue,keep the realism.

10-29-2005, 01:56 PM
This mod is built upon the Real U-boat mod, but with some changes. It is more challenging than the unmodded game. I can now recommend this mod as a good, comprehensive all-in-one mod. The beta version caused some problems so I was unable to recommend it. This latest version is a big improvement over the beta version and is reliable enough that I can vouch for it.

I would suggest that it be run on a higher spec system. If your system is marginally able to cope with the game, I suggest you do not try running this mod. Also, those with Nvidia cards, like me, may have some trouble, depending on your driver version. See Orgy's post in this thread.

10-31-2005, 01:48 PM
Bumped, for Iver.

11-01-2005, 11:12 AM
Just like to say Its my first use of a mod in SHIII and its like a new game but could you tell me why some of the options in the click boxes don€t work like the added commands. The command boxes that work are the ones that the game came with originally.

Any help?

But its great seeing ships in port and the crew shouting etc.
Its appreciated guys that you did this mod, please continue with the good work.

11-01-2005, 12:53 PM

New commands not working are a known bug. There is a hotfix available at u-boot.realsimulation.com (10kb)


11-01-2005, 03:01 PM
thanks for that, can they patch mods?

11-01-2005, 10:11 PM
Quick question: Which smoke and sky mods are included in the mod and what are my other possible options?

11-02-2005, 06:55 AM
The best place to find SH3 mods is this site were you will find this mod.

Nope not here. Is it still on there?

11-02-2005, 08:39 AM
The particle mods are by Ailantd and Pascal. No sky mods are used.

As for downloading IuB, u-boot.realsimulation.com features a very prominent link. I can't actually imagine how anyone could miss it.

11-02-2005, 08:55 AM
As for downloading IuB, u-boot.realsimulation.com features a very prominent link. I can't actually imagine how anyone could miss it.

LOL I see it. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/1072.gif

11-02-2005, 11:11 AM
i'll wait for 1.0.2 and remove the old 1.0.1.

as i installed it with JSGME http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif