View Full Version : Which pickup(s) mode/setting are you using while playing RS

10-24-2011, 11:23 PM
Interested to know which pickup setting are you using when playing Rocksmith and if it matters or not?

Do you think the clean/single coils register better than the heavy//dual coil/humbuckers?

1) Front position (Clean/Rhythm) setting

2) Middle Position / Blend of Front Single Coil and Back Humbucker

3) Back position (Heavy/Lead) setting using humbucker

4) All pickup mode (all pickups are active)

5) Other / Coil Splitters, etc

For me Ive been mainly playing using the back humbucker with the coil splitter switched on for my Carvin DC135T

What about you guys?
I know some folks have had issues with the palm muting so not sure if pickup setting matters or not.

RS didnt mention it anywhere so maybe not....

I had no issues w/ the palm mutes detecting

11-02-2011, 04:41 PM
I use all pickup mode.
I find the humbuckers on my gretsch work very well and so do the3 single coil strat replica pickups.
I tried an acoustic with a pickup (no onboard pre-amp
which worked but missed the odd note.
I want to try my epiphone EJ-200CE acoustic which has a bit of a pre-amp. I have to wait until my wife wakes from her nap in front of the TV but I believe it will be better than the other pickup on the other acoustic.
Overall, the Gretsch with the humbuckers is best here but again my strat replica is just that. A cheap replica. Single coil or humbuckers both work great here. No problems with those anyway. The EJ-200CE works awesome as well..

11-02-2011, 04:49 PM
my Les Paul with EMG active picks up (85/81 neck/bridge) works just fine no matter what i have selected, though I almost exclusively use the bridge pickup for Rocksmith as i find the amp modelling affects the tone far more than the pickup selection. The benefit i've found with the EMG's is that they hiss far less than the single coils and even the humbuckers in my other guitar. a nice benefit.

my telecaster with single coil works fine in both bridge and middle position, haven't tried the neck pickup.

My other telecaster with a humbuckers and a coil tap seems to work fine in all positions as well.

i haven't noticed trouble with palm muting, but i think it's relatively forgiving if you mute LESS than specified.. as long as you're not muting too much, you should be okay. i'm going by my results on the end piece of Unnatural selection.. i have yet to play the palm mute challenge to really do exact experimentation.

11-02-2011, 04:55 PM
I haven't noticed much of a difference in the way that Rocksmith recognizes tones from different pick-ups (all seem to work well) but I typically use the neck humbucker on my SG and the bridge single coil on my tele.

11-02-2011, 05:03 PM
Neck position on my Strats, but I do not play much attention to what my Les Paul is set to.

No special pickups, splitters or hum-cancelling wiring.

11-02-2011, 05:03 PM
I've been favoring the bridge pickups on both my guitars. One of them has intonation issues, so I'm having it fixed up at a guitar shop. My other one has a humbucker as the bridge pickup and it works flawlessly as far as I can tell.