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12-11-2009, 09:54 AM
My thread was closed as well by a mod so I did not get to Edit my post and address the matter or make apologies so now I have to make a new thread. I went into rant mode and let my biased opinions get the best of me, probably offended a lot of people, I apologize.

I joined yesterday simply to state my opinion on the story line after playing the game in its entirety. I was left at times throughout the game just like you trying to understand the motive of whatever point the developers were trying to make which I still don't know what it was! Obviously I do care of the direction the assassins creed game went because I took the time to register just to state my opinion.
I don’t know what to think after playing the game other than I feel (and possibly others) that toes were being stepped on. There could have been a much more subtle equilibrium of ‘religion’ ‘culture’ and ‘science’ aspects throughout the game.
Kind of takes the fun out of playing video games, when you have to analyze or see the bigger picture and or message of the game. I guess I am just disappointed because I personally felt endeared to the character and story line but then at the end did not even want to be a part of this type of story line.
I don’t like stepping toes and I don’t like my toes being stepped on so I will end with my last impression of the game.
While the ending video was playing I was sitting there hoping it would be over. It was pretty corny and I even turned the volume down so my father would not hear the "message" coming out of the speakers, I was attempting to connect the dots to a picture that I did not want to be a part of. Whatever the context it was subpar.
And fictional work is still subject to criticism and the developers have a responsibility of addressing such criticism to the paying customer fan base rather than sweeping it under the rug.
In conclusion, to sum up my post, I think the 'merge' of fiction and nonfiction was the low side of the game, not the difficulty of the game, as many critics point out.

To the moderators: I agree religion is a sensitive if not the most sensitive areas of discussion. But the game creators must encourage these types of threads and if not should anticipate these types of threads for creating the game in such a blunt/non elegant way. And I could write an analogy about the stubborn pizza owner that does not discuss cooking time or how a pizza should be made by a complainant/customer (because it is solely a matter of opinion) and rather than discern an opinion (does not have to agree) throws customers out of his store or in this case closes a thread. Some customers are the type to argue with the owner, some will demand refund, some will throw the pizza at him, but some will just walk away and shop elsewhere from then on.

12-11-2009, 12:56 PM
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