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12-20-2009, 09:39 PM
hello i had been told this game was first person game
it is not so after installing the game and downloading your updates and registering the game
i started the game checked all the configurations
there is no first person so i have uninstalled the game and i am returning it for refund
as soon as i have finished this email i am not impressed for the waste of my time
there is not data on your web site to let people know if the game first or third person
the only way to find out is by the game and then return it when it turns out to be 3rd person
this game i have been looking forward to
it had some good potential but not in thirds person!!!!
try again wayne

12-21-2009, 10:42 AM
Sorry for any inconvenience, but it has been announced that this game is a third person action adventure for quite some time... in fact, some of the earliest posts in this forum go over that point in detail.

12-22-2009, 07:22 AM
Between every screenshot of the game being 3rd person, the Demo being 3rd person, it being listed as a 3rd person shooter on the first 3 websites I just googled about it and probably even on the games Wikipedia page.

I have absolutely no idea where you got the idea that it was 1st person gameplay.

12-22-2009, 08:53 AM
Someone else said this on the nVidia 3D Vision forum and I have no idea how they got that impression. Never once did I for even a second think it was a FPS. Would be cool tho...

12-23-2009, 01:12 AM
It's a wee bit depressing that some people seem unable to play anything other than FPS's. Sure, I like them just as much as the next guy, but you gotta have some variety in your life. Uncharted 2 could very well be the best game of 2009, and guess what... it's not First Person.

12-23-2009, 11:01 AM
There are plenty of links that mistakenly refer to Avatar as being 1st person.
This page here (http://online-share.org/download/rapidshare+wii+first+person+shooter+game.html) for example.
Since that page explicitly states Dead To Rights is 3rd person, AI Wars is 1st person, and Avatar is both 1st and 3rd person, one can see that there is still more than enough misinformation to cause confusion.
Thankfully I only wasted 50 minutes downloading the demo instead of 50 bucks buying the game before finding out.

Everyone is different, and has their own taste in games, so don't begrudge me my dislike for 3rd person games and I won't begrudge you your enjoyment of 3rd person games.

It's just bewildering that, with so many games which do both 1st and 3rd person now days, that there are still games coming out which do only one or the other for no apparent reason. Particularly in this case where it seems so close (yet so far) - shift the camera position slightly and stop rendering the player character.

12-28-2009, 07:26 PM
Haha, this post made me laugh. I love when people get mad at a game company for stuff like this. It's SO easy to do some quick research and learn about a game. I'd hate to be a game developer these days. Everybody loves to whine all the time. Back in the day I use to play Commodore 64 games, look through a catalog and pick games just based on the game art. But we'd have fun with the game no matter what. There so many games out there, and I'm convinced you can have fun with any game (unless it's called Madden and/or made by EA Sports) if you just take the time to give it a shot.

12-29-2009, 07:44 AM
Originally posted by Grendolai:
Haha, this post made me laugh. I love when people get mad at a game company for stuff like this. It's SO easy to do some quick research and learn about a game. I'd hate to be a game developer these days. Everybody loves to whine all the time.

Hallelujah, Brother! I agree with you 100%. I work for a software company (commercial niche market stuff, not 'off-the-shelf' or games) and we still get some idiotic complaints, and usually due to user error; you know, such as not doing research or making assumptions <g>. I blame the interwebthingy: now that there is a medium for complaining, it's much more prevalent and, unfortunately, if becoming the norm. Which is why I did my 'Really enjoying the game' thread. I try to make a point of telling developers when I appreciate their work, if I do.. and with this game, I do!

that said.... I must confess, when I first launched the game I didn't know if it was 1st person, 3rd person or RTS or hexed turn by turn, and the 3rd person view took me by purprise and a little getting used to, but I'm glad I stuck with it (after all, it's not Ubisoft's fault I didn't try a demo first or view screenshots).. almost at the end of my first campaign (Na'vi) and really enjoying it.

12-30-2009, 06:38 PM
they could of had a feature from third to first like they do in fallout 3 you can change it by just scrolling in on the charater and it automaticaly becomes a first person shooter thats how they should of implemented it. and that would of allowed for other features such as sniper scopes which is realy annoying the weopens great but would be better if you could zoom

07-24-2010, 03:55 AM
You can change it to a first person view, but it requires modifying the data in the "saved game" file, but it is not rocket science. First download a free Hex Editing program from the internet onto your computer. Any free program will do.

Then locate the saved game folder on your computer using windows explorer. The Avatar game will have saved it in the "My Documents" folder in the file "My Games" and then "Avatar". (It will not have been saved into the same folder as where the game has installed itself in program files)

Open the Avatar saved game file with the hex editing program you downloaded. Locate the line where it says : firstPerson Mode="0"

and change the "0" to a "1", then save. Start the game again and it will be in first person mode.

However before you do this remember to make a copy and save the original save game file in another folder on your computer, in case you dont like the changes.

If you have an XBOX, and want to change that to first person mode, the same procedure applies but you will need a cable from your XBOX attached to the PC, in order to access the XBOX hard drive.