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08-05-2010, 11:15 AM
I hardly slept last night so forgive me if this seems badly typed out or disorganised, I'm tired lol

As we all know Tombs have been confirmed for AC:B and I for one expect so much more from them this time round. Don't get me wrong, they are fun but they could have contained so much more than just money and seals.

I have a few ideas and expectations, see what you think and of course feel free to add your own http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif


Each Tomb could have multiple puzzles or obstacles you need to master to gain entry to specific parts. Each time you move through to the next part you would be given a clue or cinematic sequence(like they have already) to guide you onwards. The clues would be a primer for the next puzzle which would be a mixture of both physical and mental agility and would become exceedingly difficult as the game went on.
There could be non-compulsary parts of each Tomb with higher difficulty levels, these would be the most mentally and physically challenging on the user and give the greatest reward but of course be optional and not manditory for completion.


Risk and Reward:

For the harder challenges within each Tomb there could be greater reward. The likes of money in ACII was completely useless for most users... I certainly found it useless and after my second play through completely ignored the chests not only in Tombs but in the game world. I would suggest that the rewards be items that would serve a purpose within the Brotherhood. Armour and weapons or secret documents that would lead one of your recruits on a mission. There's a multitude of things it could be but ultimately it would have use and add to the story in some way.

The Assassins seals were obviously the biggest incentive within Tombs but seeing as that idea has run its course through ACII the Devs will hopefully have been imaginative and come up with some fresh stuff. I feel there is an opportunity to progress the story through artifacts and relics within each Tomb. We've all seen the amount of ancient artifacts that seem to be littered around the sarcophagus rooms at the end...


... but they only serve an esthetic function which I always found pointless. These items could contain relics or parchments that have relevence to historical figures or even help progress the story and lead you to other secret locations. Of course the user would have to work out where those locations are. I know within the animus Rebecca can go through the memory data and mark the locations on the map for you but this data could be corrupt or encoded which would force the user to search for themself.

Relics & Artifacts:

Each of the artifacts & relics would have a value or purpose within the game. To enlighten you on a missing part of the story, inform you of an historical figure who has a connection to someone in the story. Or they could be used for trade to obtain armour and weapons for the Brotherhood.


The Templar Lairs that were added to ACII were fun but boring and served no purpose apart from filling in some minor storylines.

For anyone that plays WoW the word Raid will instantly put ideas in your head that might discourage you from reading on but I suggest it's applied differently in AC. Once you've built up some recruits and they have the relevant experience you could take them on looting missions to obtain equipment or supplies that could be used in the upgrading of Roma or the Brotherhood itself.
While roaming around the game world you would evesdrop on conversation like AC and hear of a shipment being brought in, it may be a Templar shipment of weapons or food supplies. You would learn of the time and location of said supplies and from there you could decide on whether to accept the mission.
The number of recruits you take on each mission would be entirely up to you but as an example lets say you take three so that would be a four man team. The idea would be to work together to silently clear the location in order for you to loot the supplies. You would have to remain undetected as not to raise suspicion and fail the mission. Of course you would have to work as a team to overcome obstacles and silently take down groups of guards. The amount of recruits you take would have effect the amount of suppplies you could remove from each location but also effect how you have to work within the Lair as you play through it.
Obviously there would be a risk of losing one or more of your recruits so you would have to think very carefully about what class and how much experience each of them has before you accept the mission.

I have other ideas but I'm bored of typing and have said plenty already, I'd like to hear some other peoples expectations and ideas on what Tombs should or may be like in AC:B.

... and I'm done....

08-05-2010, 02:07 PM
At first I didn't even knew there were assassin tombs in Brotherhood until I've read your post.

I read everything apart from the raid section, it got me a little bit dazed

I agree with you, the difficulty of the assassin tombs were moderate to a bit hard and after some time you would have succeeded the free-run puzzle.

They should add some more mind numbing puzzles and riddles and more elobrate free-run challanges.

I thought about it just now, but maybe they could put in each tomb a part of an armor or a weapon or a gadget which would require you to find a schematic of it in order to assemble it correctly.

Maybe the relics and artifects could fill a minor side-story or point to a reference of an assassin/templar like you said but trading valuable artifects does not seem right to me.

Hope this thread lives on and inspires minds...who am I kidding, let out the text messege worshippers and grammar nazis, the trolls and moderators.

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08-05-2010, 02:20 PM
Genius. Yeah I agree with it all. I felt kind of robbed when I got to the tomb after countless tries to get there, and all I got was money and a seal. They should definitely make them harder, but not to the point where it's not even fun anymore. And more rewards, please! Like, maybe you get a new weapon, or some new device or a new armor set. Make it good!

08-06-2010, 12:39 AM
These ideas are great! I really hope they are put in http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif! And maybe you could take a couple of your bro-hood members to get past certain areas, as they might be needed to hold a level down or something like that!

08-06-2010, 02:17 AM
Originally posted by EzioAssassin51:
These ideas are great! I really hope they are put in http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif! And maybe you could take a couple of your bro-hood members to get past certain areas, as they might be needed to hold a level down or something like that!

You said BRO!!! But yeah I can see some of the recruits sacrificing themselves for Ezio.