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This is the 20th post in a series of topics on the Revised Aircraft & Cockpit Reference Guide that i am working on. It will contain all planes this time blah blah blah ...
The point is that i need your tips, suggestions and corrections for the easy-to-print aircraft guide that i am working on. To get an idea of what that is you can download the old version (check my sig).
J8 (Swedish version of the Gloster Gladiator MkI) (`37)
The Gloster Gladiator was RAF's last biplane fighter. The prototype first flew in 1934 and deliveries started in 1937. Although outclassed by most opponents, the Gladiators fought very well during the opening stages of World War II. It was used in Norway, France, North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. 38 Gladiators were sold to Sweden, where they were designated J8.
Maximum speed: 340km/h at sea level and 400km/h at 4400m. Turn time 12-13s at 1000m.
¦ The Gladiator has awful cockpit visibility, very low top speed and mediocre armament. It is however better than almost all other planes in terms of manoeuvrability.
¦ The Gladiator is susceptible to engine starvings. Refer to the I-16 for relevant tips.
¦ It has fixed propeller pitch and manual fuel mixture.
J8: fuselage - 2x7.7mm Browning (600rpg/36sec), wings - 2x7.7mm Browning (400rpg/24sec).

Hawker Hurricane (`38-`42)
The Hurricane was derived by the earlier Hawker Fury biplane, RAF's main fighter in the early 1930s. It saw action in the Battle of France and in Norway, but it was in the Battle of Britain that it earned its everlasting fame.
During those 5 months of 1940 nearly 57% of all German losses were claimed by Hurricanes, including 272 Bf109s.
Maximum speed (I/IIb/IIc/II_field): 415/410/410/420km/h at sea level and
520/540/540/550km/h at 5600m (6100 for MkI). Turn time 21s at 1000m.
¦ The Hurricane is a relatively sturdy plane; it usually takes more hits to down than a Spitfire.
¦ The Hurricane, like the Spitfire, has only two flaps positions (raised/landing).
¦ Consider switching the Supercharger to stage 2 at about 2800m.
¦ The Hurricanes start falling apart at about 750km/h.
MkI: wings - 8x7.7mm Browning (333rpg/20sec on average).
MkIIb: wings - 12x7.7mm Browning (336rpg/20sec on average).
MkIIc: wings - 4x20mm Hispano MkI (91rpg/8sec).
MkII_field mod. wings - 2x12.7mm UBK (100rpg/6sec), wings - 2x20mm ShVAK (120rpg/9sec).

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One minor error there: J8A is the Mk.II - BUT our J8A is actually a J8 - which is the Mk.I.

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http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif cheers. Hadn't noticed that error in the game.

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It might be helpful to give altitudes in imperial units as well for Western planes, especially, as their instruments are in imperials . . .