View Full Version : SC:C - Multiplayer - Dreadstunlock

05-15-2010, 02:02 PM
Hey guys! Me again, anyway I wanna ask couple of questions regarding Multiplayer.

First: Ever experience lag? In coop? Or when esspecialy in light? When enemies heavily attacking lag occurs too? I am playing on heavy settings and when I play Deniable Ops alone everything is 100% smooth with 30-40 Ping(Checked via Xfire,Add Dreadstunlock if you wanna play )

Second: How come with some people I can host and play with some I cannot? Like for example my friend can join my game when I host and he can host and I can join it. Does it mean I can normally host? and that it's the players whos joining faul that he can't go to my games?

Third: DLC/ULC will always be on Thursday right? Any idea where I can check posibilities of what next week will come? or even get a list or something? )

Fourth: In Face-Off mode I choose Desert Eagle and Scar-H esspecialy without AI and I choose 3 Armor Upgrades. Do you think that the best choice? If it is don't you agree they should make it more balanced?