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I made this up while studying the French Revolution and thought that many events and characters could fit well in AC lore.

You're a humble middle class bourgeoisie (sp) in the Third Estate in 1788 Paris. Unlike Ezio, you're not a wealthy nobleman and you have always known of your assassin heritage. Your father is a senior member of the Western European sect of the Assassins as are much of your extended family. As well as your family, other assassins from Italy and England also often visit your family in France.

The Italian assassins, centered in central Italy have succeeded in eradicating the Templars in Italy, and are direct descendants of the Auditore family. The English assassins centered in Caen, are in France after being successfully exiled from England after the infamous Gunpowder Plot more than 150 years earlier, which lead to the deaths of many master assassins including Guy Fawkes.

All 3 parties meet in secret in Italy, but until now you've never been able to peer in depth in the plans of your family. With your 21st birthday in early 1788, you are now of age, and your final test will be taking part in the grand design. You also are now given the full story of what's going on.

Louis XVI of France, his dynasty, and nearly all of the French nobility are high ranking members of the Knight's Templar, putting France in a vice grip just to keep dominant power in Western Europe. The Templars also know that the European assassins are among the commoners, which is why conditions for the Third Estate are so abysmal.

The assassins plan to indirectly take Louis and the nobles out of power and bring supporters of the Assassins in power while at the same time changing France for the better, killing 2 birds with one stone. Although the present dauphin is only a toddler, simply killing Louis would bring another Templar into power and would also make everything worse for everyone.

Knowing that revolution is inevitable, the assassins plan on starting a riot in Paris directed towards the royal armory and prison, the Bastille. However, with it being the royal armory, the rioters would surely be slaughtered. The assassins would infiltrate the Bastille and "soften" resistance for the revolutionaries. The 3 assassin masters meet one final time after nearly a year of planning at the Tennis Court Assembly, less than 2 months before the start of the Revolution

If the seizing of the Bastille is successful, the revolutionaries would force the King to return from Versaille and the people would come to power. Afterwards, the assassins plan to hunt down the escaping senior nobility, assuring the collapse of Templar France. This period would span from 1788 to 1815, with the main assassin beginning his insurrection at 21 and ending it at 48.

The Girondins and the Montagne would be the Napoleonic versions of the Assassins and Templars, with the Girondins wanting to preserve the life of the king and the Montagne being more radical and wanting an end to the monarchy.

La Montagne translates to "The Mountain", a heavy reference to "The Old Man of the Mountain"

The Reign of Terror would be headed by assassin supporter Maximilien Robespierre in an attempt to violently extinguish the Templars and the long hated Royalists. Targets would include Girondin members and the actions of the assassins would lead to the defeat of the Girondins.

In 1794, with Robespierre killed, the assassins seek other goals including finding one of the Pieces of Eden, the Rock. Also known as the Philosopher's Stone, French alchemist Nicholas Flemel discovered the Rock and made himself immortal. Finding him would be a huge priority. The Rock could turn any substance to gold and would give the user immortality if only a small fragment was put into an elixir, making it one of the biggest targets for the Templars. The Assassins want it confiscated and eventually destroyed.

With Louis executed in 1792, the rest of Europe seeks to restore France, with many European powers also headed by Templars.

Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799 also suddenly rises to power in France despite all odds. It is later revealed he was given the Apple (stolen from the assassins years earlier) by the Templars to restore France and vastly increase Templar power.


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