View Full Version : For those that like random 3D models of Me-262s. 56k die.

10-04-2006, 03:13 AM
Here's the one I'm doing at school. Any ideas on improvements before I go to texture? Thx!





10-04-2006, 03:28 AM
Congrats looks very nice

but just 2 pointers, totally not based in any charts or official info http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

1. I think the tail looks kind of big in picture 1, maybe it's the lense FOV
2. Perhaps the cokpit's canopy should be larger

Other than that, looks AWESOME

10-04-2006, 03:37 AM
Looks sweet as a nut.

10-04-2006, 03:37 AM
2 questions

What software did you use and how long did it take.

Very nice by the way!

10-04-2006, 04:19 AM
hmmm..........I would add the dorsal loop antenna behind the cockpit.

10-04-2006, 06:57 AM
I'd scrap it and do a Whirlwind (j/k!)

Seriously, nice work - keep us updated. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

10-04-2006, 06:57 AM
Originally posted by KIMURA:
hmmm..........I would add the dorsal loop antenna behind the cockpit.
Alongside that is the cockpit a bit too far back?

10-04-2006, 07:05 AM
im no artist but i do know my planes, and this looks tip top to me!

10-04-2006, 07:08 AM
it's lookin' fine to me. That radio antenna loop would be a nice feature to add though.

10-04-2006, 08:36 AM
Looking great!

One minor comment, in the tail you have the fin as a separate object, but on the plane it transitions out of the fuselage smoothly, like here


Post when you have it textured, should look very nice!

10-04-2006, 12:54 PM
Thx, I didn't even realize I forgot the antennae. I'll see if I can make the tail fillet.

I made in Softimage over about 12 hours. Don't worry, I'll finish the Whirlwind, when I have time. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.gif

10-04-2006, 12:58 PM
Ya. Blend the tail and the body like you did with the wings and engine. Thats #1. After that, details details details. The skin is way too smooth and you need to brake that shape up with small details like petot, radio loops, or any small bumps like the tab control arms and lights. The more detail you put on the skin, the less it will look like a plastic model kit.