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05-04-2005, 01:41 PM
Today its 60 years ago my country was liberatet, not by monty driving into copenhagen, but by radio, and this evening i have a candle in the window, to apriciate the effort done by the allieds. Alot of young men died on the European continent, to make sure that future generations like me would live in a free democracy. But im also sad on the things happening to German friendly persons in Denmark few days after the liberation. Womans where cut bold, had the swastika paintet all over them, in many cases there were raped, and in atleast 4 cases the children from German soldiers were killed.

In Denmark we celebrate the liberation, and i realy understand why. But in the meentime we forget the suffering we pould on German civilians that came for our help. Denmark recived a great number of German childs that had no parents because of war. We placed them in cellers under schools, where they did get no medical atention, and werry litle food. Even the priest didnt want to have anything to do with them, and alot of them died.

I celebrate the liberation, my feelings are with the jews, but also the German civil population, the 250.000 German soldiers killed in Gulag camps after the war, The Danish womans that made a mistake falling in love with a German, the children we should protect but failed to, all the allied soldiers who died so i can be free, the children of dead soldiers from all countrys, civilians in other countrys

But mostly my thoughts are on the current German generations who have to pay for something they didnt was apart of, we always say its not the Germans we blame, its Hitler, but we still make the German pay even today, we all say that we should not forget, i doent think we ever do, but we do our best to make sure that every single German born in the last 60 years doent forget, and proberbly in the next 100 years.

Light a candle for the fallen, light a candle for the liberation, light a candle for the Jews but even as it is hard, light a candle for the current German generations that pay so mutch for something they didnt do

From blood freedom arise, but from freedom new blood arise

S! all in the free world

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05-04-2005, 02:07 PM
Have to disagree as my thoughts are mostly with those who died and lost loved ones in the war. They are the ones who suffered and it is they who should be remembered and hounoured.

I have German friends and none of them is bothered by the past. In fact all things considered they are very well adjusted about the whole thing and rather more so than their British peers.

05-04-2005, 02:21 PM
No need to fell so sad and solemn Volvo! Europe learned the lesson in the last war and though we must remember our history in order not to repeat our mistakes this is also the time to celebrate. Celebrate that all the hardship and sacrifices of individuals and nations lead to everlasting peace on our continent. No shadow to fall on the German people who fought brave and patriotic under a banner hijacked by thugs. In those days it was easy to lead people astray. Nations whom today in this illuminated world let warmongers do their bloody trade take a far heavier burden of guilt on their shoulders. Today we read, travel and share each other culture to the extent that they almost becomes one. The thought that it would be possible to travel all over Europe without a passport twenty years ago!? Also, I think it is correct in a historical context to include the cold war as a aftermath of the WW2 and since that to is over, at least on this side of the ocean, we have taken a gigantic step in the direction of ,if not Universal so at least, European everlasting peace.

Rejoice! And remember!

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100 years?A little short for me.I hope WWII will be a stain on humanity`s history forever.

A period bigger than Napoleon`s triumph march though Europe,bigger than defeat of Spanish Fleet or maybe equal to Alexander`s victories.

Holocaust deserves a separate history page for all next generations to be born.

05-04-2005, 04:07 PM
We should all keep remembering....allways

Today (rather: Yesterday) May 4th for us Dutchies is a day to remember them who died of conflict, from WWII and on...

Tomorrow (rather: Today) May 5th is Liberation day for us.

We should allways keep in mind that conflicts rarely lead to any good ...

We should allways keep in mind: Life is Fun, keep living it ... as much and as long as you can ...



Have Fun!