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I'm Fiona Paris and I live on Jade Island. A place in Imagine Town! Jade island has always been a cheerful and colorful place! Thats why I belong here. In here we girls can be whatever we wanna be. If you want your to dreams come true, this is the right place!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Chapter 1


I jumped at that sound. I was walking by Pierre's Restaurant. I promised him that I would help with the cooking. I walked inside to find the Chef lying on the floor with boxes stacked on him. I gasped.

"Chef Pierre, are you ok? Do you need help?" I asked.

"Am I ok, no. Do I need help, yes." Chef Pierre said in an French accent.

I picked up some of the boxes and set them on the the cointer beside me. Then I helped him up.

"What happened?"

"Well, lets say there was a...little incident." He said.

"Well obviously, but how?"

"I had to carry some ingrediants to the food storage. But it was a lot of boxes."

"Why did you not ask for any help?"

"They were busy." Chef Pierre said weakly. "Anyways, you have made it in time. Um, lets see. You do make the best banana splits. Why don't you make some. Our customers sure love my banana splits...I mean your banana splits" He winked.

I shook my head then got started with the splits.

I made 37 banana splits. Thats what I was told to do.

"Done!" I called.

A wairtress arrived and was standing beside me.

"Hi, I'm Molly Jones. I'm new here. Let me take that fpr you." She introduced.

"My name is Fiona Paris. My friends call me Fi, or Fi Fi. Either works. Anyways nice to meet you." I smiled.

"Right back at ya Fi." Molly laughed.

"Oh, I was supposed to make 36 of them. The extra one is for me."

"Well, you sure deserve one after your hard work."

Molly left off to wait the tables. I looked at the time on my My-Link. Yikes! It was 10:26! Dance lessons were less than 5 minutes.

Chef Pierre's and the dance academy were on opposite ends so I was a little late. But according to Jordan Miller, my dance instructor, I was lots late.

"Ahem. Fiona let me remind you for the hundreth time to not be late. We don't want to hold up the class do we? I was almost about to start!" Jordan growled.

"Sheesh, I'm not sure that I'm even the one holding the class up." I mumbled to myself.

Jordan glared at me.

Jordan was really mean. Every time we do a little mistake, he practically screams at us. Infact, even if we do something alright, he would insult us to make us feel bad. Not that good a dance teacher eh?

"Today we will continue to learn Jazz moves." Jordan said. "This time we will learn routines."

Then he showed us a really complicated jazz routine. What!! On our last lesson we learned simple and basic moves! How were we ever going to learn that?

"OK, no all of you try doing the first step. And also try not to mess up." He hissed.

Everyone got up and tried to do the move. But practically EVERYONE also fell down. Well everyone except my friend Hermione Starshine.

Jordan clapped his hand. "Good job Hermione! Rest of you, FAIL!"

Wow, was that rude or what! Wasn't teachers and instructors supposed to be supportive? I guess not all.

"Now, you all try again. Even though it will be another colossal fail. And Hermione, come with me. We need to talk." Jordan said.

Hermione followed Jordan into the building with a confused face. I took a deep breath and tried again. No luck!

"Jordan should not skip steps. I mean does he seriously want us to fail." Someone said.

I turned around. It was Salacia!

"Well, he is a bad instructor. I can't belive he gets payed to be mean." I said angrily!

"I know right!"

We continued trying the move. But kept tripping! Then Jordan showed up again. But I did not see Hermione anywhere.

"Alright." He gave out a big sigh. "So there will be a dance show coming up on halloween. And I was told to get you guys to perform. I know that all of you stink,, but i got no choice. So rehearsals start next week. They will be every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Be there! Oh and I also need 3 lead dancers. Hermione Starshine, Salacia Bright Star and the other one I have not chosen."

I look at Sal and gave her a 'did you know this look.' She shook her head no.

"Now one more thing. On the performance you all got to do a good job. I don't wanna look like a bad instructor which I'm not. You are all just bad dancers." Jordan added flatly.

"Wow." I whispered to Sal, "If the mods caught him like this he would totally loose his job and be poor. But he's already startig that. After all, he never wears shoes. Talk about icky feet. Hopefully he washes it often.

Sal and I burst in a tiny fit of giggles. Then Jordan looked at me coldly.

"Miss Fiona, why don't you come up here and tell the whole class about your little conversation." Jordan snapped.

My face went pale for a while. And then...

"Sure, I would be honored."

I stood up and went in front of the class. Then I told my joke to everyone. And soon they all began laughing.

Jordan's face was really red. Like red with embarassment. All the other times it was red with anger. This was the first time I have seen him blush. But then he switched back to his usual self.

"Hmm, well Fiona, I have something for you." He said with a evil grin.

I was confused. I had no idea what was coming up, but it was sure to be nasty!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chapter 2

"Why don't you be a lead dancer?" Jordan suggested, well more like commanded.

"You mean the halloween performance?!" I asked almost too excitedly.


"What? Then for what?"

"There are these little girls who are taking ballet and are also performing for halloween. They just need someone older to lead them in the dance, so you could go for it."

"But you know ballet is so not my thing."


"Wait, what, but..."

"Just in case you would not know, which from the slowness in your brain, this is not an option. But an order."

"But come on! I cannot dance ballet with a bunch of 6-year olds. Thats not my thing."

"Then you should have thought twice about that joke."

"Ok, first of all, you told me to tell everyone that, and second I couldn't make one little joke but you can insult everyone? That makes absolutely no sense and is soo unfair."

"Hmm, I see your logic, but guess what, I'm the grown-up and I make the choices."

"Even 6-year olds are much grown up than you. But I'll still get to participate in the halloween performance, right?"



"I said no, and it will stay like that."

After that Jordan dismissed the class leaving me heart broke! He knew I hated ballet. I even tried skipping classes when we were learning ballet. How could he seriously be that heartless. I sighed, there was nothing I could do now.

I was walking along the Spark's Modeling Agency when I saw my friend Jewel Sweetie Showstopper.

"Hi Jewel!" I called.

"Hey Fi Fi." She called back, "How did dance go?"

"Not too good. Jordan was meaner than usual. Which I guess is usual since he gets meaner day by day." I joked (is that even a word??)

Jewel laughed. And I joined along(duh!)

"But seriously, he m=is making me do a ballet performance wih a bunch of kiddy balllerinas. I am not put for ballet."

"I know, but why did he do that?"

"Just cause I made one tiny joke about him."

"That's all? But isn't he like always insulting you?"

I nodded. Jewel was a model. She used to be a dancer but she quit. Probably because of Jordan! If he was gonna keep this up, he was soo gonna loose all his students!

"So what are you doing here with Amanda. I thought you you usually went to Flora?"

"Flora told me to see Amanda, but i got to wait, Amanda is still teaching her class."

"How long have you been waiting?"

"Um, about 10 minutes or so."

Suddenly we heard a door open and a bunch of girls came out chattering. Amanda looked really exhausted.

"Oh there she is!"

Jewel went up to her.

"Hi, I am Jewel, Flora Reyes sent me."

"Oh, thats right darling. Come in, I got something to show you." Amanda said.

Jewel waved bye and I waved back. All the other role models were so nice, except Jordan! He wasn't even a role model that way!

My ML(credit to Verity for coming up with a abv.) started ringing. It was a text from Trinity abou her orders! I had not made up my mind yet so I wanted to see what I could get. I teleported to Trinity's room.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chapter 3

It was Saturday. Now normally I would have enjoyed that, but I found out from Jordan that I had to go to the first performance rehearsal today, so woo-hoo Jordan, great job on runing my favourite day(it actually is)

The building was just a few blocks behind the Dance Academy, it was called The Dancing Arts School. It wasn't only used for ballet but all kinds of dancing. The different types, ameteurs, professionals, everyone. I have to say that I have not been there before. I finally reached the place and saw a bunch of little girls in bright pink tutus and tiaras, and some even wore wings! Then I saw an adult. I went up to her.

"Hi, I'm Fiona Paris and I was wondering..." I never got to finish.

"Ah yes Fiona, our little dance helper. I am Ms.Donnahue, the little girl's ballet teacher. We are so glad to have you. Usually people your age would not volunteer for this." Ms.Donnahue said.

I was about to tell her that I had not volunteered, but got forced by my will. Then I decided that keeping that would make her at least a bit please. After all, she had not seen me do ballet yet.

"Please go over there to get your next instructions, you will be dancing with those pleasant girls." Ms.Donnahue pointed.

I walked over to them. They all looked elegant except for one little girl. Her hair was in a mess, her tutu was put on wrong(i think, I don't know anything about them) and her tiara was at the edge of falling. She had bright orange hair that was MEGA curly. She looked misreable.

"Hi, I'm Fiona Paris." I introduced myself.

"My name is Millie." she mummbled.

"Why are you so sad?" I asked.

"Because I hate ballet. But my mom made me take it since she and my sisters took it too."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"So, I guess you like ballet, huh?"

"Are you kidding, no way. I absolute hate it! The only reason why I'm here is because my dance teacher made me."

"I guess we're on the same side then?" Millie smiled.

I smiled back. I knew how she felt. And for someone who was only 6, she sounded pretty mature.

After our little conversation Ms.Donnahue stepped up to give an announcement.

"Good Afternoon Ms.Donnahue!" all the girls chirped in except Millie.

"Ok, today we are welcoming a new ballerina, please welcome Fiona Paris"

I waved my hand a little so they could see me

"She will give us a very special extra help. She will also be performing with us."

After that Ms.Donnahue demonstrated the routine we would be doing. It seemed pretty simple and something I could do. And turned out I did. It wasn't perfect but it was good enough. Class was dismissed and everyone headed home with their parents. But Millie was just standing there looking sad.

"Well, aren't you going home?" I asked.

"No I mean yes. My parents is going to be two hours late. Again! Just like last class an the one before and the one before. And winter is coming, so it's gonna be cold but she still does not care." Millie started crying.

"Sweetie, they probably have work. And they do care, and you don't worry, you won't have to do waiting in the winter." I tried to comfort her.

"Well not anymore. Back when I was with my real dad, both my parents were nice and caring. But ever since they got divorced and my mom maried his big ugly meanie, well he ruined my life! He even changed my mom."

Millie was crying even more now."I wanna see dad again! AND I NEVER EVER WANT TO SE MY STEP-DAD! EVER!"

I looked at her suprised. Her expression toward her step-dad was the exact same to me and my friend;s expression to...Jordan.

"Listen sweetie, I am going to stay right here with you untill your parents come, then maybe I coud talk with them a little." I told her.

"Really? You would do that for me?" Millie's eyes began to lighten up.

"Of course."

We talked and talked and got to know a lot about each other. Like I learned her true passion was art and that was what she was best at. She learned that my favourite type of dance was hip hop. Millie was the most interesting person I have ever met. 2 hours past and I saw a car coming toward us.

"Thats mom and...step-dad. I was hoping he would not come." Millie spoke up.

First a woman got out of the car who looked similiar to Millie. And then a man out. I could not ee his face since he was turned the other way. Then I finally got a glance of him. It was...Jordan Miller!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chapter 4

"Jordan!?" I shouted

The man gave me a funny look. "Oh, I'm not Jordan, I'm Gary Miller, Jordan's twin brother." he said.

"Oh, sorry." I blushed.

"Its ok," he added kindly. "Lots of people get mixed up. With the looks, not personality. So how do you know Jordan?"

"He's my dance teacher." I told him.

Gary shook his head. "I don't know why he is one, he does not encourage anybody. Ugh, my own brother disgusts me."

"Ya, I know. But it must be worse for you, since you had to live with him."

"Yup, so what's your name and what are ypu doing here?"

"Well, I'm Fiona Paris. And poor little Millie would have been alone. Are you his father?"

"No, Jordan is. Step-father actually. But he treats Millie teribly. I just can't stand that."

I gasped. "Well....how does Millie handle it?"

"Pretty well. From what she told me, she steers clear from him."

Millie nodded. She was silent for the moment. And so was the woman who was most likely her mother.

I looked at Millie. "Be brave, your handling a creepy dancing monster, they are the worst." I told Millie. It was supposed to be a joke.

Millie laughed. "Ok."

"Bye. And thank you so much for keeping Millie company." Gary thanked.

"No prob, she was sweet to hang with anyway!"

We waved our good-byes. I was feeling really sorry for Millie. This situation ha to be handled. I was gonna have a little talk with Jordan.

When I arrived at the Dance Academy, I saw Jordan. And he looked tired. But as soon as he saw me, he put on hos usual bored and 'ugh, what do you want' look.

"So, I went to that ballet thing like you asked, and you will never belive who I met. She is the sweetest girl, but gets treated like dirt by her own father." I said.

"Well, that exciting." Jordan said sarcastically.

"And you know who that girl was? Her name is Millie. And her terrible father is...you!"

Jordan raised his eyebrows as if to question what this was all about.

"You got to stop treating people like this. Everyone is going to hate you sooner than you know. I mean I already know a lot of people who already do. Change your attitude, please." I insisted.

Ok, so I know Jordan would never listen, but I had to try, right?

"I can choose my own attitude, now shoo. I got to teach a private lesson to someone. Someone who has enough money." Jordan barked.

"I soo have enough. But I don't want to get stuck with just you." I spat back. Then I left. I knew Jordan would never change his mind.

I went to al those rehearsals, and of course Millie always had to wait for her parents. She told she has not been exploring Jade Island much. So she hardly knew the place. So on one day while she was waiting, I took her to Chef Pierre's Restaraunt. She Loved the food so much! Another day I took her to the gardens. Another day to the runway. And so on untill she knew all of Jade Island. Then one day when we were waiting I asked...

"How did your parents divorce?"

"I don't know. Fights I guess, which does not make sense since my real father is really nice and, i prefere calling him Mr.Meanie, is really rude. I don't know why mommy even chose to talk to that guy. Much less marry him." Millie responded.

I nodded silently. "Can't you live with your father?"

"No. He has work and I just can't stay."


A car pulled up. And Millie's mom got out of it. She looked tired and frustrated. Then she looked at me and smiled.

"Thank you again for taking care of Millie. But don't worry, that will not be happenig anymore." Millie's mom said.

I smiled. But I was confused.

"Me and your step-father had an arguement and now are...moving on. And with that we just can't stay here. So we're moving...to Crystal Island."

We were all silent for a moment. And then...

"Ok." Millie spoke up. "I am going to miss Fiona and this place, but i understand."

I looked at her in surprise. Usually a 6-year old would whine and throw a tantrum. But Millie just agreed. She really was mature.

"I'm going to really miss you. Hopefully you will enjoy Crystal Island. So um, when are you leaving?"

"Tonight actually, I already packed up." Millie's mom said.


"Well bye."


I watched as Millie and her mom got in the car. Then I sighed. People were always leaving. It just reminded me how many friends I made here, and how many had to go. Now, how will ballet rehearsals ever be fun?

The first thing I did on saturday was head down to the Dancing Arts School. I spotted Ms.Donnahue.

"Um,hi. I need to tell you somethin important." I told her.

"Yes, what is ti honey?" she asked.

"I took a deep breath. "I quit. I know its all of a sudden and I'm really sorry. But I just can't do this right now. It...it just won't work."

Ms.Donnahue nodded. "I understand. Well it was nice of you in the first place anyway."

I appologized again and then walked away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chapter 5

It was a rainy day. The sky was gray, the clouds were blocking the sun, and it was raining cats and dogs. A day to fit my mood. It had been a month since Millie had left, and of course I missed her. But something else was nagging me. Not too long ago was halloween and that big performance. I somehow convinced Jordan to let me in. And so he did. But while the performance was going on I had seen something that made me loose all my focus and soon enough, I was not following the routine. I acidentally had bumped into someone, who bumped someone else, and on. Soon all the performers were collapsed on the ground. And you could not beleive the look Jordan gave me! I was kind of scared of the consequences. Then the next day when I headed for my dance lessons, I got yelled quite a lot from Jordan. And now I am kicked out of dance lessons. I can't even go to the Dance Academy. And that was when I decided that I should quit dancing. And that so I did. It was sad though, to let go of something you have been doing for years. A true tragedy. But I'm not sure anyone can dance on this island, not with Jordan around. I wonder when he would just quit. But I guess quitting is not easy, after all I am just doinf it and its putting too much pressure. Sometimes I wish I could just travel back in time. And at that time let the bosses know how Jordan was really like, it would not have been for just me, but a good thing for everyone. I could be such a coward sometimes. No, make that all the times. I was afraid of everything, and that is really putting me down. I couldn't let that happen, and yet, I am. I needed to find courage, I do not want to get washed over. As great as Jade Island was, it was not the right place for courage finding, well at least not for me. Suddenly a buzzing interrupted my thoughts. I checked to find my Ml ringing. I picked it up. I really do hate ring tones.
"Let's see." I said to myself.
It was a text from Charlotte. I read that she just joined the Miss Jade Island Beauty Pagaent. Charlotte was a professional model, like everyoen knew her. And she knew all about modeling. Me...not so much. I had tried modeling once and just kept falling. Anyways she had said for me to get here asap. I wonder why...

I had reached CHarlotte's home. It was bigger than mine obviously, she makes more money. I am having a slight glitch with the money-making ever since I quit my shop.
"Spill it." I said.
"Well, you know how I entered that pagaent." Charlotte started.
"Um, who doesn't."
"Well, this is really stressing me out. I mean I have been in lots of other pagaents before, but thats the problem. I'm just way too tired."
I flopped on her bed. "Why don't you just drop out?"
"No way, the money is going for chrity. And to enter you have to pay, you knwo to donate. If I drop out, well then they will give back the money. And thats 200 gems less going for charity."
I looked at her shocked. "You donated 200 gems!!! Wait...I should have known, you are way too kind."
Charlotte still looked depressed. I was going to tell her to let it go but I knew Char's kindness would make her very determined and focused at her task. She was very nice and always thinking about others.
"So, what am I here for." I asked.
"Does this dress look ok?" Charlotte asked.
"It looks...a maybe."
"Really?? well then..."
"Just joking, why are you taking this to high in the level, you are not usually like this?"
"I know its just that..."

But before Charlotte got to finish, someone knocked her door. When it was opened I saw a girl with curly blond hair. It was Kylie!

"Sorry I got here late, traffic." Kylie said.

I laughed then moaned. I had not yet gotten a driver's license, practically all my friends already had theirs.

"Don't worry, you will get it someday." Kylie said with an approving nod.
I smiled. "Well I guess I will leave you with Char. After all you are better at this than me."
Kylie gave me a pleading look and mouthed "Please don't." I giggled then left the room with an appology. I had some things to get going on with.

"Hi dad." I spoke into the phone.
"Fiona? Well what an un-expected call." My dad said.
"Well, um...I need to come home. You know, for a visit."
"Well as much as I would love to see you again, I got to wonder. Are you ok in Imagine Town?"
"Ya, it's awesome, but I have some matter. And I miss everyone in UbiWorld."
My dad made a sort of weird sound."Ok." he finally agreed. "I will pay for your trip."

So my dad did pay. And I went to Ubiworld. At first I was really sad, I was going to miss all my friends in Imagine Town. Especially because I did not even tell them I was going. But I was only going to be away for a week, they won't notice right? When I got to Ubiworld I was sooo happy to see my parents again! I missed them so much. Then i saw some other people standing not too far away. They were my first and forever friends I made in Ubiworld. I ran over to them and we all hugged!
"Michelle! Daisy! Kristy! Nancy! Elailah! I missed you guys so much!" I screamed.
"We missed you too." Kristy laughed.
"Yeah, totally!" Michelle agreed.

So this is how my first day in Ubiworld went. I first went to my house. Untill I reached there I did not realize how much I missed it. And not only because its big, but its home too! Then me and my friends talked and talked and talked. I told them everything about Jade Island. About all my new friends. About my very own talent. Everything! Oh, how I wished they were also with me on Jade Island. They were my very first BFFLs! Then Elailah said soemthing that I was stumped by answering.
"So all of us are going to Sapphire Island next week. Its our first time to go to Imagine Town! We would have gone to Jade Island to see you, but it costs a lot and plus Daisy won the trip in a contest. And we still have room for one more. So, would you want to come?"
I opened my mouth. But no words came out. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to go, I wanted to spend time with all my friends as much as possible. But I had to go back to Jade Island. My plan was to stay here for a week, then go back. But now...
"I'll go." I said. I decided that I was in search of courage. And plus I have never been to Sapphire Island. I heard it was the luxurious type. You know, where all the stars are!

The next days of the week I spent time by going everywhere in Ubiworld. It was so good to see it again. Then it was the day we were going to Sapphire Island. I was in a really happy mood. I couldn't wait to go. Then I heard my ML beep. I picked it up to see a text from Nicole. Hmm, I wonder what that was about?

From: Nicole

where r u? i have not seen you for days! u r always on almost all the time, is everything alright? reply asap.

I gulped. I wonder how my other friends would react if I told them I went away without informing them?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

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HEs not evil in mine XD he just likes getting on Luna's nerves XD

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Chapter 5

It was a rainy day. The sky was gray, the clouds were blocking the sun, and it was raining cats and dogs. A day to fit my mood. It had been a month since Millie had left, and of course I missed her. But something else was nagging me. Not too long ago was halloween and that big performance. I somehow convinced Jordan to let me in. And so he did. But while the performance was going on I had seen something that made me loose all my focus and soon enough, I was not following the routine. I acidentally had bumped into someone, who bumped someone else, and on. Soon all the performers were collapsed on the ground. And you could not beleive the look Jordan gave me! I was kind of scared of the consequences. Then the next day when I headed for my dance lessons, I got yelled quite a lot from Jordan. And now I am kicked out of dance lessons. I can't even go to the Dance Academy...

10-21-2011, 09:38 PM
i just realized something, chapter 5 will not be completed all at once, usually sice i write at the last minute, thank you fro waiting

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