View Full Version : 1-1 Corsair vs. Zero advice wanted

10-27-2004, 04:18 AM
i have serious problems bringing down the 43 zero in a 43 corsair in a 1-1 with the ai veteran or ace. ususally after the first pass, even if i fly an immelmann and gain serious height advantage i have this thing on my six and cannot use my energy advantage or higher power at all.
please tell me how to use the corsairs superior performance against the zero. should i extend after the first pass? and if so - how long? i tried vertical fighting but it did not really work.
p.s. as expected when going 2-2 or higher my flight has generally no problem with me scoring at least half of the kills.

10-27-2004, 05:44 AM
There have been several threads here on using energy tactics, but the short answer from me is fire head-on at the Zero as he approaches on the 1st pass. Aim your bullet stream so that he "flies into the bullet stream. Watch which way he turns, climbs, or descends to avoid colliding with you...people and AI pilots are creatures of habit, so he will probably use similiar avoiding tactics on future passes.

Extend (slight climb is always good, so that you do not end up to low and you maintain potential energy, so keep the airspeed up) as far as you need to after each pass to ensure that when you turn around you have enough time to reverse course, regain your Situational Awareness (visually relocate the enemy flight) and set-up for another head-on pass...repeat as necessary until you score crippling hits. Energy tactics take patience...never forget that.

If you get hit bad instead, head for the deck and run for home (he will never catch you if you have enough altitude to dive away at high speed...bottom line, you can take one hell of alot more damage than the Zero...use that fact to it's full advantage.

10-27-2004, 07:51 AM
I told you, a zero in goods hands never loose.


10-27-2004, 08:28 AM
Climb from start on. So you should be much higher then the Zero if you encounter him. Wait until he tried to turn to you, then gain >300 km/h and do a immelmann.

From this position you can do a pass and finish him.

Works great against 4 aces and more.

10-27-2004, 08:53 AM
If the flight models are like FB run like hell you can't outdive anything regardless what plane you fly and oppose. Once you have enough distace between the both of you turn and take a head on shot as you pass. One last thing to remember, the AI on vetern and ace cheats.

10-27-2004, 08:59 AM
Zeros are very very easy in the corsair. For example: if you are closing head on put the corsair in a gradual dive (try to get to around 600kph). Pull up when the zero is within half a kilometer or so - about the time you can target him - don't go for a headon because the ai are crack shots - and be ready to GENTLY evade his guns. The ai in PF is more agressive so you cannot count on him evading - but you want to pass close to him - so be careful about collision and his guns. The zero will pass you at high speed and come around on your six - costing him alot of speed but possibly getting a solution briefly while you are still in range - be ready to roll and evade SLIGHTLY - so as not to lose speed. Continue your climb and gently evade if he manages to get a solution. If you do it right you'll soon be out of range.

Zeros are able to hang at very low speeds in the vertical - so get plenty of extention - let the corsair get almost to a stall then bring it over in a loop and dive on the zero. Fire and continue past at high speed - rolly to change direction (zero has a slow roll) and looping again.

I'm able to repeat this easily with 8 zeros set to ace (if you want frustration - try it against 109k4s!! rockets in the vertical) Just manage your speed - the corsair also turns well and - at high speed, easily outturns the zero - but don't let yourself get below about 200 mph at any time when you are in range of the zero - it's all about timing.

Fighting eight ai aces in zeros is not as difficult as fighting one good zero pilot online, however, but it will help your timing and tactics.

As you get better increase difficulty - then add more.