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06-29-2006, 05:34 PM
Don't you sometimes have serious doubts about this game ..i do ... this week i started a patrol , time is early march 1944, the idea was to finish this patrol and transfer to Bergen since i had more than enough renown for that ultimate " wet dream" , the type XXI. My patrol grid was somewhere on the african coast not far from freetown . After a long and uneventfull journey i arrived did my patrol and thought , hey why not sneak into freetown and see if there anything worthwhile , it is only +/- 300 kilometers.
When i was about 30 kilometrers out at dusk i was warned about radar and when to periscope depth , wasn't long before a warship was picked up coming straight at me. A fletcher class DD it didn't found me , soon after reports came in from more sound contacts mostly warships so i creeped along direction of the contacts when soon i spotted a whole bunch of DD s Escorts a cruiser and about 6 trooptransports , all heading direction freetown,i couldn't intercept them , they where too far and going too fast and i was pretty sure they where all going straight to freetown. so i followed , thinking this is going to be my lucky day/ night . About six hours later i arrived at freetown and guess what not a single ship in sight ...so WHERE DID THEY GO ??????????i am pretty sure i didn't miss them sailing out again

Anyway after that i sailed back north getting some lone merchants , 5 of them , when i spotted a t3 tanker on its own , the weather was good so i decided to go at it with my deckgun . after a few minutes i had radar warning and 2 planes were spotted , sunderlands . so i ordered my flak guns to open fire , taking control of one of the light flaks myself . everything went wel untill i shot one down .The plane rolled over and dived straight at my boat , killing my crew and destroying the boat ....i know someone complained about british kamikazi pilots before on the forum .But dammit was such a anticlimax ...

by the way this was my fourth careeer , i never seems to be able to survive past march 1944

06-30-2006, 05:14 AM
Now you know why the best thing you can do against airplanes is: DIIIIIIIVE!!!