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02-16-2006, 06:26 PM
Hey, I'm about the buy the Gold Pack probably on Saturday and also I am going to be buying a new joystick. Right now I got a Logitech Cordless Freedom that i've had for about 2 years now. It wobbles alot now and i'm looking to replace it.

I don't have very much money to spend at the moment, nothing over $50 for me. I like a twist handle rudder so that I won't be needing to buy rudder pedals.

I'm looking at buying the Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro right now. Would this be a good choice?

02-16-2006, 06:54 PM
I researched the Fox 2 Pro myself as a replacement stick and while the general reviews out there seem decent enough I talked to a bunch of people who owned them and they said the Fox 2 Pro was **** in every sense of the word. Not worth the money.

So what I did is saved my multicoloured plasic coated dollars and bought an X-52. I suspect one of the Saitek Cyborg Evo's would fit your price range better and probably be a very good stick. Lots of people like the Cyborg Evo from what I understand. Never owned one myself.

02-16-2006, 08:07 PM
My preference would be for a Saitek rather than the Thrustmaster, I found the Saiteks seem to last longer. I've had a Thrustmaster Topgun Afterburner II (HOTAS equivalent of the Fox 2 Pro, the sticks are the same) and I've had 4 Saiteks, the Cyborg 3D, X-45, X-52 and Cyborg Evo (along with a few others). I've also used (but not owned) a couple of Logitechs. Of the sticks currently available in that price range I'd suggest the Saiteks. If you can spend (a lot) more, try out some CH Products gear.

02-16-2006, 08:25 PM
Try here (http://store.yahoo.com/saitekusa/recprod.html) first. You might consider the X-52.. the 45 is nice too but it has a rudder rocker.

02-17-2006, 05:36 AM
But I LOVE the rocker......the twisty stick thing is so unnatural to use.....

TgD Thunderbolt56
02-17-2006, 06:19 AM
Originally posted by Tully__:
... Of the sticks currently available in that price range I'd suggest the Saiteks. If you can spend (a lot) more, try out some CH Products gear.


02-17-2006, 06:19 AM
I used an X36 for many years and liked it alot....untill I got myself a TM HOTAS Cougar and a set of CH Pro/Pedals (gameport) to go with it. Saitek's stuff is presently the best "budget" HOTAS gear out, and CH makes some nice stuff, but I really like my Cougar. I'll like it alot better if I ever get around to refitting it with HAL sensors, tho.

02-17-2006, 10:37 AM
I used the Top Gun Fox Pro 2 as my very first IL2 original joystick almost 5 years ago. I really really liked it back then, though I recall that the stick forces where incredibly light.

Good stick and for approximately 30 dollars US (or whatever they go for now) I think it would be difficult to find a better low end stick.