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03-22-2007, 02:12 PM
...and I do mean FIRST impressions I haven't even cracked the manual on this one.

Uh... intro movie is just bizarre.

TDC stuff looks really good! Looks like they did some good things with tools at the periscope that will allow you to interact properly with the TDC.

Water effects are stunning... 3D wake, green floaties in the water, ocean bottom, murkiness, it all looks great!

I haven't quite found the sweet spot yet with my nVidia graphics cards. Noticing some green spots scattered bout the screen. Will have to experiment with what things I need to turn on/off over the next few days.

Just loaded up the training nav mission and it's like a solute to everything I sank in SH3. A C2 and T3 come cruising by right off the bat. I cruise over with the camera... and not only are there sailors milling about on deck... they're actually strolling around! wow... some have different uniforms... amazing.

Well, gotta go back to work for another hour, then I'll be able to tinker more later.

OH... at a glance, manual looks decent but not particularly large. I see some stuff in there on the TDC ops, target acquisition, various methods for range determination and so forth. Looks like you can send TDC inputs from multiple observation points. From the scope or from sonar for instance.

03-23-2007, 04:27 PM
My first impressions..

Not impressed with the intro sequence, a Japanese philisophy lecture is dull.

The tutorial missions are a waste of time, they don't actually teach you anything. What's the point of a tutorial where you're basically left to figure things out for yourself? My torpedos are firing off at 45 degree angles and completely missing the target, I don't really know why. SH3's tutorials were far better and walked you through things in a nice, logical way.

Still, I had problems with SH3 and grew to love it. Maybe the same will happen with SH4 after some practice.

Oh yeah is there a way to turn off the 'water running down the lense' effect on the 3rd person camera? It annoys me.

03-23-2007, 04:46 PM
Yeah, the intro movie is a bit out there! It reminds me of "The Ring" movie those people watched where they had "7 Days" to live after seeing it.


03-23-2007, 04:52 PM
Intro movie is just...bleh.
Too psychedelic for my tastes and I never liked that poem. :P

Originally posted by BigDaz:
My torpedos are firing off at 45 degree angles and completely missing the target, I don't really know why.

Your calculations are probably off and the position keeper changes accordingly.