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09-29-2011, 05:42 PM
Last week the landlord of the Canadian Air and Space Museum, which is located in Downsview Park, Toronto, Canada handed the museum and several other tenants an eviction notice. The plan of Parc Downsview Park (PDP) is to raze or seriously gut the building to make way for a new four pad hockey rink. The building where CASM is currently sited happens to be the old Dehavilland Aircraft Plant #1 where many of the Mosquitoes were built and repaired. Tiger Moths and the DeHavilland Beaver were also produced here. The landlord, PDP, are also a Crown Corporation run by the government of Canada. The museum houses several artifacts of incredible value including the restoration of Lancaster FM-104 and a full size all metal model of the Avro Arrow.

Efforts are under way to preserve the museum and the building in what little time is left. An online petition has been started and Canadians are urged to contact their MP's about this matter.

The online petition:

http://www.petitiononlinecanada.com/petition/longterm-reprieve-and-protection-of-historical-site-at-65-carl-hall-road/355/f3e1faf112040dbd9bae043650d02858 (http://www.petitiononlinecanada.com/petition/longterm-reprieve-and-protection-of-historical-site-at-65-carl-hall-road/355/f3e1faf112040dbd9bae043650d02858)

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