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11-22-2004, 06:41 PM
I was playing a Ki-61 Tony Campaign in 1944 Palua island. I had been shot down numerous times (I play that if I get shot down, and die, I start over from scratch).
I basically believed this campaign was impossible. Numerous times I rose to meet the attackers only to find myself locked in mortal combat €¦sometimes with 5-1 odds against Corsairs.
No matter how much skill I possessed the outcome was the same€¦.......a wet grave.

In this particular campaign (keep in mind that I am playing full real and have gotten killed at least 10 times in the first mission of this campaign) the mission had 6 Tony fighters going out and patrolling for the American attack force. It was the first time I pulled this mission and I was impressed at how much DGEN (the campaign engine) has to offer in variety. I got up in the air, quickly made the plane €œclean€ bringing up flaps and gear. I wanted to gain as much altitude as possible and set forth to the next waypoint.

The tension was great. If I failed here I believe I was going to give up on this campaign forever.

I spotted dots off to my right. I told my wingman to cover me and the other flight to attack €œfighters€€¦not sure what I was facing, I wanted to leave nothing to chance. Corsairs came into view and swarmed the other flight. I quickly turned and blacked out (has anyone noticed that the ki-61 blackout tolerance is worse after the patch? Maybe it is just me as the plane feels a lot better overall). When I came to, I noticed one of the flight members screaming in Japanese and I caught a glimpse of a plume of smoke as it plunged into the ocean to my left. As the adrenalin took over I did not give this a second thought, and saw a Corsair coming in the opposite direction (The American AI is dialed in, these Corsairs, attacked and quickly turned in for the next kill, the AI was as aggressive as ever). I killed throttle, settled in behind the Corsair and I was determined to go down €œswinging€.

I shot up the Corsair as he banked hard left. Numerous cannon strikes could be seen in the wing section. The effects in the game were great, the bright flashes along his wing section made me even more determined. I heard another shout in Japanese (at this point you can probably tell I have the text shut down €¦it spoils the immersion, so I do not know what the heck he is saying€¦I know my wingman is in trouble€¦.well thank goodness it is not me at this point).

I break off at the last second, and while the F-4 Corsair is showing signs of being hurt (fuel is streaming from his wings) he banks completely under control. At this point I feel that it is over, I have played and flown in this mission about as good as I can ever play and fly and I am coming up short. I hammer the throttle down, bank hard right and I change the view to spot the stricken Corsair. I see his wings wobble, I see him bank quickly left and right€¦I see him plunge into the ocean and a great plume of water erupts. WOW (the new effects in the patch are awesome€¦wow) €¦..man I am stoked, I can€t believe he is down. My revelry quickly ends as I simultaneously see the €œEnemy aircraft shot down€ signal on the screen and orange tracers shooting pass my right wing.

A Corsair is sitting at my 6 and firing. I noticed that my other flying mates are still locked in battle and, for once, the outcome is up in the air. I relax, buckle down and try to control my black outs, this game, is not over. The Corsair gets distracted (it could have something to do with me €œspamming my flight command to cover me€¦but who knows?). He banks away; I swoop in a climb at full power. As I gain altitude I spot a flight of TBM Avengers€¦wow (how cool is this game?). The Corsairs are trying to clear the TBM€s flight path. I go over in my mind, everything that has ever gotten me killed as a Japanese flyer. I am determined to not make the same mistakes, target fixation, bleeding off to much energy, low altitude engagements€¦..it is not going to happen now€¦.........€¦.and€¦.........it matters little.
I tuck in behind the first TBM. My focus is directed at the rear gunner. Every nerve in my being, every muscle in my body, is directed at killing him. If my wife triggered the fire alarm at my house it would have made no difference at this point. I hit him, I hit him hard. I see strikes, I chop my throttle as I will over take the target otherwise , I bank left and right and all my bullets strike home, BAM!.....BAM!....BAM!BAM!BAM! those last sounds were not my bullets but his! My screen blacks out with oil , my engine moans€¦it can not possibly end like this!.... I refuse for it to end like this. I bank hard right. I try to scan the horizon and pick up the target I was just fighting€¦.surely he must be mortally wounded€¦.I hit him hard but I can not see a thing€¦..

I can not see anything trough my windshield. It is black with oil €¦€¦.and smoke is pouring from the engine. I catch a glimpse of Palua Island , I reason that with one kill and one helluva of a good showing , this would be a major and respectable victory. I can angle in and with a little luck,I can be on land in about 8 minutes. I hear a flight member scream in victory! I search the sky and catch a glimpse of an avenger plunging to his demise! WOW! We are doing it this time, we are really doing it!

My mind is made up, I search and search and spot my Avenger, low in the water, streaming fuel and smoke€¦ I bank towards him but risk crashing into the water as I can not see a thing. €¦€¦€¦suddenly€¦I spot the €œenemy aircraft destroyed signal€€¦I see a great plume of water off to my left. The TBM fought well, but I am still up in the air and in semi control, he is down and possibly dead as I see no chutes€¦..

As all of you know landing is hard enough under normal conditions at full real , Imagine it with oil on your windshield and smoke€¦..15 minutes later, amid the sounds of screams, check sixes, victories, spectacular crashes(in Japanese of course) , 3 Tonies come back€¦..we won this one as we scored 6 kills€¦.2 of them attributed to me€¦....the best and most exciting mission €¦I ever remember€¦.


11-22-2004, 07:03 PM
Great story! Reminds me of my conflict last night against 3 Zeros and 2 Corsair near a Japanese fleet!

11-22-2004, 07:45 PM
Great story!

Thanks for sharing. One experience like this makes all the other gaming that I have done pale in comparison. Man, I love it!!!!!


11-23-2004, 01:45 AM
This is my experience last week, my personal best since 1993 / SWOTL !


it was 18 June 1944, I was a 2nd Lietenent of the 352FS, 357FG. We have just been transftered to the airbase B1, which was a forward base just behind the line, and just been re-equiped with the brand new P051D-20-NA.

This morning we were out for a free hunting on the Le Harve airspace, which heavy enmey activity had been reported recently. 8 Mustangs, I was number 6. We saw action even before taking off, there were two BF109G6s coming in. They went after our flight leader, but he claimly bait them into a trap, which our number 2 and 3 made no mistake in getting the job done.

Our morale are sky-high when we were climbing to 12000ft and headed to the target area. 5 minutes before arrival the flight leader spotted a group of 8 Fw190F8s at 12 o'clock low, at about 5000ft. He ordered the attack, and we dove down one after one.

Just before my turn I spotted a huge cloud of bandits coming in dead ahead. Their big red noses told me they were BF109G6s form the infamous JG2, and there were at least 12, may be more. I immediately reported it to my leader, but seem it is too late.... they were already TnBing with those F8, which, as it turned out, was costing them dearly.

At this moment only number 8 were flying with me. Together we were going to buy as much time as we could for our squadmates, before they could climb back to our altitute and save our a$$.

Our enmeies seem to have other idea. As it turned out, it was a very well-organized set-piece. Those 109s dove down toward our squadmates immediately, while those 190 followed our spuadmates' climb. Trapped in this sandwitch, my friends would have nowhere to go...

Spotted this trap from above, and obviously unseen by both groups of bandits, we were the only ones who have a chance to prevent the worst from happening. With number 8 covering me, we moved silencely into the six of the tailing 109s pair. I holded my fire until 200ft, scored good hits around the cockpit of the wingman's plane. It igiled immediately, rolled to the starboard and dove striaght down to the sea.

To our amazement, his wingmate was unaware of his friend's demise. Good for us, and I duly shot at him at 300ft. His engines caught fire, and quit a moment later. He tried to escape by barrel-roll and then spit-s. I know he was not gonna make it back home anyway, so I let it go. I must conserve my energy, because I know I gonna need every drop of them.

At that time I heard tons of swears coming in through my radio. Surely my friends are not in good shape, we better help them now. Swears became cries as we closed in, and we saw two Mustangs falling down with flaming tails. In quick succession I shot two bandits from my frends' six. The first one dove into the sea, I thought I hit the pilot. The another one lost his rudder, and number 8
finished it off.

Knowing the numerical advantage our enemies have, and the danger it presented, I zoomed up immediately afterward, consevred my energy and regained my SA at about 8000ft. At this time only 4 Mustangs are still alive, number 2, 3, 8 and me. Meanwhile there is at least 10 bandits around. I dove toward number 2, who was running for his life at about 2000ft, and has 2 109s on his six, with all guns blasting. At the same time number 8 headed toward number 3, who is TnBing with 2 190s at 5000ft.

Sadly, when I arrived the scene, number 2 had already lost his engine. He tried to crash-land, but those 109s finished him off before he has a chance to do so. My mind was overloaded with anger and sadness, and I gave the tailing 109 a good 3-seconds shot. He exploded in mid-air.

Now I was in point-blank range of another 109. He was aware of my presence, and responsed by turning sharply to the right. This worked well for him, as it spoiled my firing solution. Instead of bleeding off my energy advantage, I did a high yo-yo, and came down again. This time there was no escape, and I got his engine, and proably his control, as I saw him corkscrewing down in a very steep
angle. I let him go, he couldn't make it anyway.

Immediately afterward I saw tracers shooting pass me. They were from 2 190s at my 8 o'clock low. It was a lucky escape, and obviously they won't let me go easily next time. I had the upper hand, however, because I was faster and higher than they were. I gambled it all-out by zooming straight up, and at the same time called in number 8 for help.

They tried to catch me, but they struggled when doing so. We came down together, and zoom up again. This time my advantage became very obvious. Low in energy and in a dangerous position, they tried to escape by diving toward the deck. But it is too late, number 8 arrived at this perfect monment. He got one of them and crippled another one. I finished the job as I came down at 300 MPH with all guns blasting.

At this atage I didn't have much ammo left, I thought it is the best time to bug out. Despite having a overheating engine, I redlined it for a little bit more time, and dove in a slight angle toward our home. I updated my SA, and found that only number 8 and I made it back home in one piece. After a long tounery, our sweet home was within my sight, I took a breath of relief as I lined up for the landing, full flaps. gear down......Oh wait, tracers!

The tracers is from the AAA of my base, I thought they must have misidentified me? But it is not possible (in this virtual world). I looked back, and found 2 109s at my six. Obviously they were so determined to have their revenge. I retracted everything, redlined my engine, and called number 8 for help. My friend back hime did me a great favor, with dozens of AAA blasting, those 109s broke their attack and turned back for home, but not before my now-trustly number 8 came in and claim one of them.

I triple-checked the airspace before I lined up again. And I kept looking at my six before I touched down, this nearly spoiled my landing fatally. I made it nonetheless, and together with my number 8, we reported to our CO. Final score 15 vs 6, I got 6, he got 4. Number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 each got one before being shot down. Only Number 5 make it alive as a POW, he hit the silk.

11-23-2004, 11:09 AM
Thank you so much

I have never read something as moving as the 1st post. It has rejuvinated my love for this game. I have to confess i found my palms sweating anticipating your next sentence - the tension was great. The fallen victims to our social surroundings are deprived from these rare breath taking moments we all share as dedicated online pilots. Never will they understand. I have found the strength again to stand tall and be proud of my love. My life has meaning again. Never again shall I let my mom convince me that being 45, single and living at home is a handicap. Moments like you describe - i imagine - are as significant as being at the birth of your 1st born child. All for one and one for all!

Thank you