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01-25-2011, 08:25 AM
I purchased Assassin's Creed 2 when it was originally released for computer through Steam. I was incapable of playing the game at the time due to my outdated computer. Recently I got a new computer and decided to re-download the game to check it out.

I logged in with my Ubisoft account name that I registered the game with and it asked me for the cd key. I entered the cd key and it told me that it was already used. I entered a support ticket for Ubisoft claiming that I purchased the game through Steam and have since reinstalled the game on my new computer but was incapable of logging in because of it insisting that I hadn't entered a cd key on the account which I originally added it to.

The Ubisoft support representative told me that cd keys can only be redeemed once and I'd have to login on the account that I registered the game with. I replied, telling him that I did. He replied telling me that I'd have to call their support line. I refused to do this since I legitimately purchased the game through Steam and I'm not going to waste my time on the phone getting treated like a pirate when I legitimately own the game.

I noticed that there was a new Steamplay edition on the Store Page which allowed you to upgrade your game and get some bonus content. I paid 5 dollars to upgrade and was given a second cd key. I applied this new cd key to the original account that I applied the Assassin's Creed cd key with. Everything was fine, I played probably 8 hours or so of the game.

When I attempted to login to Assassin's Creed 2 today through Steam the Ubisoft launcher asked me for a key again. I thought, "Odd." and entered the upgrade key again. It's now telling me that the key has been revoked.

tl;dr: Don't purchase Ubisoft games ever again. Their DRM is archaic and awful. If you do purchase an Ubisoft game do so for console because for PC it's absolutely horrific. I paid approximately 55 USD to learn the lesson of never buy an Ubisoft product. I suppose I got off easy.

01-25-2011, 09:28 AM
Hi there,

With your first problem, you should have been able to sign in with the same account you used when you first registered.

It should not ask for the CD key - if your using the same Ubi Account.

If you try and sign up with a new account, it will report the CD Key has already been used, since it has on your first account.

The 'CD Key revoked' - sounds like an error with Steam - so you should contact either them or Ubisoft support about that issue.

If you are unable to sign in with the account you used to first register the game, then you need to contact support who should be able to help you further.

I would contact Ubisoft Support and ask them the question again, and make sure to answer all communications within 48hours..

Details of how to contact support are in the game's manual or you can use the direct weblink in my signature.