View Full Version : New boat (and a bonus question)

03-31-2005, 09:14 PM
I now have enough renown to upgrade my IIA to a VIIB. Do I have to "buy" all the required cremen, or do I get some with the boat?

Also, I killed my first merchant today, but used all five torpedoes to do it. I didn't get to my patrol sector, but when I reported status, they told me to come home... when I did I only got like 42 renown... I guess because while I sunk something, I never got to my patrol zone?

03-31-2005, 09:18 PM
Yeah i think they only told you to come home because you expended all your torps, and no, they dont give you the crew, but no worries if your short on the renown you can always buy the free guys, but they're not as experienced (I Havnt payed for a crewmember yet and my boat runs well)

03-31-2005, 09:26 PM
The crew you already have will go over. It definitely won't be enough to fully man the new boat, as the VIIB can hold more crew, and it may not be enough to meet the minimum. But, as the previous poster stated, in each category there are some guys who cost zero renown you can grab to fill up. It won't really hurt your in the long run; you're still early in the war, so you'll have plenty of time for those guys to gain experience, qualifications, promotions and medals.

04-01-2005, 02:05 AM
Another good thing in the transition from TypeII to TypeVII. You can take on another officer. Now you can have an officer supervise the torpedo rooms, or perhaps a second watch. As with the other ranks, some officers can be recruited for no cost.

A quick tip for those planning to try out a TypeIID. It has a far better range than the A. Now you can afford to save those precious five torps till you find a really choice target...like a C2 or C3 cargo. Didn't find a good prize on the outward journey or the sector patrol? Use the torps on any merchants you find on your way home to base.

Good hunting.

04-01-2005, 07:31 AM
Get a VIIB, you get tons of torpedos, having 14 torps overall and a deck gun is much better than 5, good for 10 to 20 ships sunk per mission instead of 2 to 4.

You keep your crew and get some new guys, there are enogh sailors in port that are free to hire without paying renown to supplement a full crew.

I think you get 2 aditional torp loaders and some more normal crew.

On the officers you can hire one more but the problem is you still have only 2 sleep places for officers. I had serious trouble to keep 5 officers at good fatigue, it is possible but a lot of work. Still the extra officer will help and you can park him off once he is exhausted and useless, but i like to go with 4 officers.

Also the crew sleeping rooms are a bit small i heard some people dont man the boat with all sailors possible but leave it 4 or so short, i dont think that is a good idea.