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11-25-2009, 01:22 PM
That all the point. First of all on AC 1 we see that someone else BEFORE Desmond passed by Animus and didn't end well. Or he lost his mind or he saw evil on person. Some phrases on walls suggest this. Anyway this man give to them, who are them ?, the FIRST artifact.

Desmond give them the second.

Lucy was an Assassin spy. So we can think they survived the hunt promoted by them. And she left to Desmond the access code to the conference room and the pen too. He can access something with this pen, what it is ? We don't know after all AC 1 played.

But after we read epilogue we see Altair take the lead of the Creed.

I didn't play yet AC 2 but I supose the puzzle get more complete. But I don't know if they talk about the first artifact get before AC 1.

So for AC 3 we are more possibilities.

1- We can discover who it was the first assassin captured and what artifact it give to them. How Lucy friend died and what happen to him.

2- We can go for a forth artifact by another Assassin who lived some time after Italy and real time (their, not our)

3- We can discover how Desmond escape. If he escape alone or with others... and go after them to make as his ancester.

Anyway, I think they will keep the trama as long they can once she is a success as action/adventure game.

11-25-2009, 01:30 PM
you really need to play the second game it makes most of your questions/points no good.

11-25-2009, 01:52 PM
I'll, not yet because the sells began on 11.30 and is not easy to find who have on stocks...

Anyway I'll wait some days untill the rush ends.

Well, after I finish AC 2 I'll know more but we still have 2 possibilities.

1- Is they keep collecting artifacts to control the mind of the people... and for that they keep using Animus or other equipment

2- They do something on Desmond's time to keep going. His escape and the assassins can make a good game too...