View Full Version : Theory for AC3

12-08-2010, 01:21 AM
Now here is the thing Cesare Borgia tells Ezio over and over that no man can kill him. Why would he say this? It could be because he is crazy, which is obvious, and is merely trying put on a tough front. Or it could be that he can't be killed by man.

Where has he been going off to during the course of the game? Why did he survive the poison from Rodrigo and only said he was ill?

My theory is that from the beginning of the Templar founding they found a temple from Those Who Came Before. This is what set them out on their grand quest to take over the world. Maybe they found Pluto and seeing as he was lord of the Underworld he rebelled against the others and wants to rule the creations. He tricked the Templar into following him and now they are following his plans despite them believing that they are their own. This satellite launch will then give Pluto a chance to return.

Now where does Cesare fall in all this? Pluto gave him something or used a PoE on him that made him immortal, or at least as close to immortal as possible. It could even be that Cesare is an off shoot from either Adam's or Eve's bloodline the same way that Cain left and started his own family.

This is just a theory and I know it has lots of holes. If you read it all thanks for bearing with my ramblings.