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10-15-2004, 11:46 AM
Hello all,

First fo all I want to congratulate the developers for a this great flight sim collection. I have them all and I'm waiting for Pacific Fighters with great anticipation.

One of the things that make this sim so great is your commitement to constantly improve it with new patches and planes, don´t ever let that go.

Having said that let's move to the reason of my post: unfortunately I do not have that much time to spend playing video games and when I start a new campaign I rarely have the time to advance to the next battle. Would it be possible to have the OPTION of having the grand campaign in 40-90 missions? This way I and others like me could have the feeling of going through the entire war with plane updates and all that stuff and thaqt is something I cannot experience in the current state of things.
It was wonderfull several years ago with Dinamix's Red Baron to go through the entire war, receive new and better planes, etc.

Once again keep up the good work even if my sugestion cannot be implemented.

10-15-2004, 02:48 PM
Version 1.1b
see CampaignLength

2. New parameters in conf.ini:
RandomFlights=n sets number of flight groups not related to mission. Maximum is 5, minimum 0, default 2. New random groups - friendly bombers and returning allied planes.
NoBadWeather eliminates storms, rain, snow, blind weather. All weather is possible by default
NoAirfieldHighlight - Not used airfields won't have AAAs anymore, which also removes their highlighting with a color on a map. They have AAA and are highlighted by default
CampaignAI=Easy (Hard), default is Normal - increases or decreases friendly and hostile AI level.
CampaignMissions=Easy (Hard), default is Normal - switches to different scripts for operations, affecting number of planes and groups. Even on Hard, the scripts are less challenging than in the previous version - for all nations and years. CampaignDifficulty now sets both AI and Missions.
CampaignLength=VeryLong (Long,Medium,Short,VeryShort), default is VeryLong. Sets number of missions in campaign. Long is about 2 times shorter than VeryLong. VeryShort is about 10 times shorter.

The lines can be placed anywhere in conf.ini, but recommended way to do it is to create in the end of the files a new [DGen] section and add everything after that. An example:


10-15-2004, 03:47 PM
Thank you for your reply.
There's so much info about the game... I'm not keeping up with it.