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09-24-2006, 01:11 PM
does it put more ships into the harbors. and what other things does it add to the game. how do you get Grey Wolves and all those other patches for Silent Hunter 3 thank you http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

09-25-2006, 12:54 AM
About SH3 Patches

SH3 was released at version level 1.0. As of this writing, the latest SH3 update patch upgrades the game to version 1.4.

When UbiSoft releases an SH3 update patch, it comes in 4 renditions, depending on which 1 of 4 editions of SH3 you've purchased:

* The US DVD edition.
* The US downloaded edition.
* The EMEA DVD edition.
* The EMEA downloaded edition.

(US = United States, EMEA = Europe, Middle East and Asia).

If you try installing the wrong patch rendition for the SH3 edition you have installed, you will get an "'unknown version'" error message when executing the wrong patch. You might also receive this message if you're upgrading a modified version of SH3. You should always restore SH3's original files prior to running an update patch.

Patches are cummulative. That is, you can patch straight up to the latest SH3 version without having to install prior patches.

If you're planning on playing SH3 multiplayer games, you must ensure that you only play against people who have the same version of game as you, as this will stop any problems or getting the message "'Wrong game version'" when attempting to play online.

ı bought downloaded US version of sh3 and clean install but patches exe is given the same error "because the unknown version of the file "sh3\data\menu\de.menu.txt pls re download sh3 v.1.0"
Return to base Before Updating

If you're installing SH3 for the first time or reinstalling it from scratch, this does not apply to you.

If you've already started playing SH3 and you've started a campaign career and are in the middle of a career patrol, before installing any update patch, you should run SH3, load your last saved career patrol, surface and end the patrol and return to base. This needs to be done to assure the integrity of your saved career files whenever you're upgrading SH3. After the upgrade, you can always revert back to an earlier save point.
Conflicts with Unoffical Modifications

If you've installed any unofficial SH3 modifications, SH3 update patches will most likely fail to install when they detect unknowm SH3 file versions. Otherwise, at best, SH3 update patches may overwrite such mod's files. At minimum, this will lead to the loss of the mod's functioning. However, this could lead to unpredictable errors and cause SH3 to function improperly or to not function at all. So make it your business to always backup SH3's original files and folders before installing a mod and to remove mods completely and restore SH3's original files prior to running an update patch.

In addition, once you've upgraded SH3 to a new version level, the mods you had previously installed may no longer be compatible with SH3's new version. Always check with the mod's authors whether their mod is compatible with your version of SH3.

If you've previously installed the Display Resolution Override DLL, read here.
Patching After Reinstalling SH3

See these reinstallation instructions first, before reinstalling and updating SH3.
About Update Patch 1.4b

When you execute Update Patch 1.4b, you'll see a message telling you that the patch is updating SH3 to version 1.3. Ignore the wrong version number in the message and continue installing the patch. After running the patch and starting SH3, you'll see the correct version number appear on SH3's main menu.
Compared to an Unpatched SH3 version, Patch 1.4b has the following changes or additions:

Taken from the ReadMe:



This new patch modifies game data and in this cases the saves that are made while in missions will not work properly. We highly recommend before installing this patch that "all the Captains should returned to bases" or to load a previous in base save (after install) in order to avoid eventual problems.


1. Campaign radio messages improved so that a message can have "from" and "to" fields
2. Multiplayer version changed to 1.4.
3. Fixed the bug concerning sonar ping for clients
4. Added new buildings in German bases (harbors)
5. UZO view by night was improved;
6. Navigator tells when the last waypoint was reached;
7. Customizable values for storm parameters for each U-Boat (see StormConditions entry for each uboat.cfg file);
8. Depth report only when diving (from 10 to 10 meters); Time compression will drop to 1 (if greater) when critical depth was reached;
9. Sonar new contacts are identified as merchants or warships (not as unknown contacts as in the previous patch);
10. Sonar indicator will move faster when the player is at sonar station (and clicks on the sonar dial); and now it can be dragged with the mouse;
11. Some shortcut keys will toggle between current view and the next view: radio messages (M), captain's log (K), hydrophone station (H) and radio station (R);
12. A new option was added on "Merchant/Warship/... spotted" popup window. By checking this check box (called "Set as default action") the selected action will be always performed when the situation occurs. This default action will be saved from a game to other and can be reset, during the game (when press ESC) by choosing "Options/Reset default action" from Game options;
13. Corrected several torpedo descriptions errors within the game
14. Added the P38 fighter bomber to the inventory of American forces and the campaign
15. Added the Wellington bomber to the inventory of British forces and the campaign
16. Corrected the damage model for the German Armed Merchant Cruiser
17. Increased the detonation range of star shells to 1800m
18. Changed Torpedo Momber aircraft type designation to Bomber http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
19. Improved the rough waters behavior of Small and Coastal Merchants
20. Sonar man - Fixed a bug where "Report on nearest contact" was not function properly
21. Sonar man - Fixed a bug where "Follow nearest contact" was not function properly
22. Dynamic campaign - Add new harbor ships and traffic, including merchants, minefields and patrols
23. Dynamic campaign - Corrected some data in the naval rooster"

09-25-2006, 07:29 PM
The only thing added for 39/40 In Wilmshaven are fast speed boats and added buildings. Aircraft are present inside the patrol zones so watch you detection indictor if you are on the surface.

Bergen in 1943 has no shipping other than you present.

Not sure about the other bases.