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01-30-2005, 12:12 PM
Just discovered the virtual war cinema site with it's 300+ movies. Anybody got any favorites?

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01-30-2005, 06:23 PM
"Kiss my Whip"...........it has a lot of action in it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Hot Space

01-30-2005, 06:40 PM
This place http://www.virtualwarcinema.com The thread about the FW190 movie led me there.

01-30-2005, 07:04 PM
To get you guys going, here are some of my own making :

FORGOTTEN HEROES (2003) (http://www.virtualwarcinema.com/Movies/FORGOTTEN%20HEROES%20BY%20THX-1138.wmv)

THE FEW - TRAILER (2004) (http://www.virtualwarcinema.com/Movies/thx1138BOB.wmv)

PACIFIC FIGHTERS - PROMO (2005) (http://www.virtualwarcinema.com/Movies/Pacific%20Fighters%2011.wmv)

Enjoy them! There are way more great films out there from other great directors. They all hang out in Virtual War Cinema web page.

01-30-2005, 10:31 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by HotSpace:
"Kiss my Whip"...........it has a lot of action in it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif


Deb, really!

01-30-2005, 11:32 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by HotSpace:
"Kiss my Whip"...........it has a lot of action in it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
thats some of the most shameless self-promotion ive seen in a while . . . . . http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif

01-31-2005, 07:16 AM
great movies Tesla

01-31-2005, 07:17 AM
The Importance of Being Earnest (the first one)
The Sound of Music
Fiddler on the Roof

oh, I thought you meant the "feature length" films. Here's my IL2 list:

Red Stars over Berlin
The Long Goodnight
Purple Heart Alley

01-31-2005, 10:54 AM
I made a mistake though, I thought the "IL2 Movie List" were links to downlowds which I guess there not.

01-31-2005, 12:58 PM
If you missed out on my first film. Check it out at www.vfs-22.net/SIX-FIFTIES.zip (http://www.vfs-22.net/SIX-FIFTIES.zip)

it features the p51 but was my first attempt at a movie.

01-31-2005, 01:02 PM
One word:


01-31-2005, 01:21 PM
Here's my IL-2 list:

Rodina by 2GvSAP_Dart (11.2mb 3:09)
Northern Fleet U-boat Strike by 2GvSAP_Dart (20.9mb 2:48)
2GvSAP Strike: Ships On Target by 2GvSAP_Dart (16.8mb 2:11)
Fire Plan Three by 2GvSAP_Dart (17.5mb 2:11)
Linking Up by 2GvSAP_Dart (25.0mb 3:05)
Rocket Strike by 2GvSAP_Dart (20.9mb 1:29)
Fire Plan by 2GvSAP_Dart (6.05mb 0:46)
Looking Out My Back Door by 2GvSAP_Dart (14.2mb 1:22)
Tipperary by 2GvSAP_Dart (22.5mb 2:46)
Dart by 2GvSAP_Dart (40.3mb 1:43)
Flying For The First Time by 2GvSAP_Dart (53.6mb 3:41)
Skip Bomb Training by 2GvSAP_Dart (33.5mb 4:41)
Taking on Big Ships by 2GvSAP_Dart (23.8mb 3:27)
2GvSAP Charlie Takes On The Hun by 2GvSAP_Dart (24.9mb 3:55)
"Clash Of The Titans" Factory Strike by 2GvSAP_Dart (30.0mb 5:29)
Stukas, Focke Wulfs and Other Hazards by 2GvSAP_Dart (45.0mb 5:35)
Closer 2 by 2GvSAP_Dart (12.8mb 4:46)
Killing AA With A 109 by 2GvSAP_Dart (18.9mb 2:24)
Closer by 2GvSAP_Dart (19.9mb 3:12)
Ground Attack by 2GvSAP_Dart (25.9mb 3:20)
Destroying AA Guns by 2GvSAP_Dart (33.2mb 4:40)
How To Land On A Carrier by 2GvSAP_Dart (31.6mb 5:07)
How To Land A Corsair by 2GvSAP_Dart (16.8mb 2:46)
How To Destroy AA Defences by 2GvSAP_Dart (47.7mb 7:35)
Somebody's Bombing With The Dauntless by 2GvSAP_Dart (59.7mb 7:35)
Three Point Takeoff by 2GvSAP_Dart (20.4mb 3:14)
Hurricane Formation by 2GvSAP_Dart (1.90mb 0:17)

PFVid_0002 by FAW_HARLEY (21.3mb 3:40)
Ubi War by FAW_HARLEY (69.3mb 9:40)
GC1.5.com by FAW_HARLEY (78.5mb 6:07)
Le Premier Combat de F. Warnier by FAW_HARLEY (37.6mb 3:08)
110 Destruction by FAW_HARLEY (72.4mb 5:17)
P-47 v V-1 by FAW_HARLEY (40.1mb 5:25)
Interception by FAW_HARLEY (24.1mb 3:11)
Bombardement en B-25 by FAW_HARLEY (119mb 9:01)
bataille d'angleterre episode 1 by FAW_HARLEY(53.6mb 8:26)
Pacifique 2 by FAW_HARLEY (86.9mb 6:36)
B-29 by FAW_HARLEY (32.4mb 2:34)
Doolittle by FAW_HARLEY (42.9mb 3:34)
Flak Ship by FAW_HARLEY (73.9mb 6:01)
Assaut Naval en Corsair by FAW_Harley (32.9mb 3:45)
Apontage 111 by FAW_HARLEY (50.2mb 3:53)
Appontage by FAW_Harley (38.2mb 2:51)
Le Port De Zouyagrobats by FAW_Harley (123mb 9:42)
TB-3 by FAW_Harley (33.2mb 2:41)
Le Grand Froid by FAW_Harley (25.9mb 2:10)
Le Grand Froid v.2 by FAW_Harley (25.6mb 2:10)
Le Village by FAW_Harley (27.0mb 2:46)
The Duel by FAW_Harley (52.6mb 3:45)
BoB France Expansion Showcase by FAW_Harley (26.0mb 5:55)
Attaque en Beaufighter by FAW_Harley (60.3mb 4:34)

SilverTriggers Hot Pair Aerobatics by ST_Pawnee & ST_Butchy (51.4mb 4:40)
Freakin' Hi Rez by ST_Pawnee & ST_Butchy (45.9mb 4:24)
ST_Simpleacrobatics by ST_Pawnee & ST_Butchy (10.7mb 3:00)
Solo-show by ST_Pawnee (32.9mb 3:35)
Bellum by ST_Pawnee (104.0mb 11:11)
Test 3.5 by ST_Pawnee (8.96mb 1:11)
Aerobatic Fun by ST_Pawnee (44.8mb 3:19)
ST Aerobatics 3 by ST_Pawnee (78.4mb 6:17)
The White Rose Of Stalingrad by ST_Pawnee (108.0mb 15:12)
Solo Aerobatic Track Event by ST_Pawnee (47.0mb 4:18)

Raid On Zmievka by Captain Avatar (39.3mb 8:15)
Hit The Road Jack by Captain Avatar (11.4mb 2:05)
Draggin' The Line by Captain Avatar (17.2mb 2:47)
Dukes of Crimea by Captain Avatar (7.80mb 1:07)
Brewster Heroes by Captain Avatar (28.6mb 4:27)
K-Tel Preview by Captain Avatar (2.03mb 0:29)
WW2's Greatest Hits, Vol.1, Side A by Captain Avatar (15.4mb 3:13)
Island Sweep by Captain Avatar (36.0mb 9.00)
KTEL Preview 2 by Captain Avatar (7.14mb 0:50)
KTEL Vol 1 Side B by Captain Avatar (19.7mbmb 3:26)

Seafire by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (25.1mb 5:32)
Kamikaze by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (49.7mb 4:35)
Tokyo Express by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (63.1mb 8:38)
P-47 by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (75.4mb 8:23)
Admiral Hunt by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (64.5mb 6:14)
Japan Defense by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (34.4mb 4:29)
F4U Presentation by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (118mb 9:09)
Black Cats On Dawn Duty by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (81.2mb 5:59)
GC14 by FAW_Spit (Platoon2) (mb 10:08)

Stille Nacht in Stalingrad by JRJacobs (78.6mb 9:38)
Iaijutsu by JRJacobs (104.0mb 12:45)
The Kuban by JRJacobs (41.5mb 11.00)
Dies Irae by JRJacobs (31.8mb 13.23)
By The Dawn's Early Light by JRJacobs (69.3mb 8:29)
SOS - Save Our Ships by JRJacobs (85.2mb 19:00)
The Legend Of Y-29 by JRJacobs (99.8mb 11:14)
Sevastopol 1944 by JRJacobs (105mb 12:54)

V1 by Earnhardt (4.43mb 1:02)
Ridealong1 by Earnhardt (4.76mb 0:38)
Dualing Air Racers by Earnhardt (31.2mb 2:25)
Afternoon Fun by Earnhardt (70.0mb 4:35)
airrace_full by Earnhardt (71.7mb 3:32)
born2race by Earnhardt (77.8mb 5:52)
Damaged by Earnhardt (4.31mb 0:25)
SBR by Earnhardt (43.3mb 3:00)

edsp06-052 by Jambock_33"Costa" (17.4mb 3:58)
Matheus by Jambock_33"Costa" (19.1mb 2:35)
homenagembraga by Jambock_33"Costa" (21.9mb 3:23)
edspredgriffins by Jambock_33"Costa" (25.7mb 2:27)
4anosgavca by Jambock_33"Costa" (30.5mb 3:53)
18-09high by Jambock_33"Costa" (30.3mb 5:21)
merdaedsp by Jambock_33"Costa" (26.8mb 3:17)
edsplabnovo by Jambock_33"Costa" (55.1mb 5:14)

Secret Weapon Over Stalingrad pt.1 by Neil Pugh "Mysticpuma2003" (48.7mb 7:32)
Secret Weapon Over Stalingrad pt.2 by Neil Pugh "Mysticpuma2003" (41.7mb 7:14)
Against All Odds (aaofull) by Neil Pugh "Mysticpuma2003" (42.7mb 9:56)
47-Heaven trailer by Mysticpuma2004 (4.72mb 0:39)
47-heaven trailer2 by Mysticpuma2003 (3.72mb 1:03)
47-Heaven Part 1 by Mysticpuma2004 (46.2mb 10:20)
47-Heaven Part 2 by Mysticpuma2004 (47.6mb 9:22)
Battle of Britain Night - Mysticpuma2003 vs Themouss by Mysticpuma2003 (46.2mb 5:28)

Prophecy by UCLANUPE (112mb 12:17)
The Light And The Shadow by UCLANUPE (31.2mb 5:44)
Ode To J.B. by UCLANUPE (57.2mb 9:09)
Red Tailed Angels by UCLANUPE (63.3mb 13:17)
Red Tailed Ace by UCLANUPE (63.1mb 6:36)
Red Sturmovik Rising by UCLANUPE (53.1mb 8:56)
Red Winter Skies by UCLANUPE (50.2mb 7:18)

Kamikaze by Ubi Soft (3.96mb 0:14)
F4U Corsair, P-47 Thunderbolt by Ubi Soft (3.95mb 0.14)
P-38 Lightning by Ubi Soft (3.95mb 0.14)
Grumman by Ubi Soft (3.96mb 0.14)
Pacific Fighters Trailer by Ubi Soft (57.7mb 2:18)
PacTech Full by Ubi Soft (18.8mb 2.00)
FB_Review by Ubi Soft (138mb 6:49)

Spitfire Dawn by SmokeyBlack Productions (RAF_Blackace & RAF_SmokeyDaBear) (13.0mb 5:22)
Vengeance Thunder by RAF_Blackace (14.0mb 4:13)
Con Te Patiro by RAF_Blackace (132mb 6:20)
Winton's Speech by RAF_Blackace (10.5mb 3:20)
The Long Goodnight (excerpt) by RAF_Blackace (1.89mb 0:28)
The Long Goodnight by RAF_Blackace (132mb 13:05)
Carrier Training by RAF_Blackace (4.84mb 1:19)
ES3 by RAF_Blackace (2.08mb 0:32)

Legend by Gutted (39.0mb 4:58)
Superbeast by Gutted (30.5mb 3:54)
The Butcherbird teaser by Gutted (4.53mb 1:08)
Butcherbird Teaser 2 by Gutted (1.18mb 0:12)
Butcherbird Teaser 3 by Gutted (2.68mb 0:27)
The Nose High/Low Head On Merge by Gutted (16.3mb 2:42)

PF5 by Merlin (FZG_Immel) (12.6mb 3:36)
PF8 by Merlin (FZG_Immel) (9.62mb 2:39)
Wildcat by Merlin (FZG_Immel) (3.35mb 0:56)
Trilogy by Merlin (FZG_Immel) (24.8mb 7:08)
AC Speeds by Merlin (FZG_Immel) (2.33mb 0:38)
USAF3 by Merlin (FZG_Immel) (7.55mb 2:17)

Cronus by TRACKPAD a.k.a. ICK (26.1mb 6:04)
The Messenger by ick_352nd (5.73mb 3:35)
The Messenger pt.2 by ick_352nd (5.16mb 3:16)
The Messenger 3 teaser (mess3tease) by Simjock (ick) (3.6mb 1:07)
Ace's High_0001 teaser by Simjock (14.6mb 1:41)
Ace's High by Simjock (55.6mb 5:36)

Operation World Peace by The Pro (105mb 24:23)
Flight Academy by The Pro (19.6mb 4:18)
Unexpected Visitor by The Pro (56.6mb 8:29)
Spaceship by The Pro (8.75mb 1:55)
It Is The Skill Not The Plane by The Pro (14.8mb 1:49)
Battle Of Britain by The Pro (61.8mb 7:35)

Server Affairs by Lapinot (7:18mb 2:01)
Disasters as Usual by Lapinot (7.18mb 2:14)
A Day At The Races by Lapinot (9.61mb 2:30)
Yelow Subturbine by Lapinot (14.8mb 4:15)
Goldania by Lapinot (8.76mb 2:18)

Snow and Fire by I/JG54_SerpentBlade & I/JG54_XPC (4.41mb 2:43)
Requiem by I/JG54_SerpentBlade & I/JG54_XPC (24.4mb 4:55)
Spiral Climb by I/JG54_SerpentBlade (65.2mb 7:01)
Barrel Roll by I/JG54_SerpentBlade (39.9mb 3:29)
Scissors by I/JG54_SerpentBlade (39.0mb 3:17)

Power by THX-1138, a.k.a. NTESLA (26.7mb 1:51)
Fear by THX-1138, a.k.a. NTESLA (57.9mb 3:57)
Forgotten Heroes by THX-1138, a.k.a. NTESLA (61.9mb 5:09)
The Few trailer (thx1138BOB) by THX-1138, a.k.a. NTESLA (5.34mb 1:43)
Pacific Fighters by THX-1138, a.k.a. NTESLA (55.6mb 2:42)

Sacrifice by Scragbat (31.9mb 5:26)
Retribution by Scragbat (44.1mb 10:11)
Sabotage (sabxvid) by Scragbat (27.9mb 5:20)
A Tribute To The Fine Pilots Of FB by Scragbat (15.2mb 1:54)
Play Your Ace by Scragbat (24.1mb 3:18)

Part 1 by RAF_Kichu (45.5mb 1:48)
Folow Me by RAF_Kichu (23.9mb 1:40)
fmavx by RAF_Kichu (85.6mb 2:54)
318 by RAF_Kichu (34.8mb 3:18)
Who Am I by RAF_Kichu (21.1mb 0:54)

Cherry Blossoms by Lizking (12.0mb 3:29)
film by Lizking (13.0mb 2:35)
B-25 Attack by Lizking (10.9mb 3:19)
Louie by Lizking (1.47mb 1:25)

Infamy by ShadowSix (48.1mb 7:49)
Red Stars Over Berlin by ShadowSix (59.7mb 8:45)
Last Man Standing Trailer (SQ_CKN_trailer) by Viper & ShadowSix (8.36mb 1:09)
Last Man Standing by Viper & ShadowSix (110.0mb 15:09)

Patch Fiction by Pdog (12.4mb 2:20)
Patch Outta Sight by Pdog (6.16mb 1:12)
Batwing by Pdog (13.7mb 2:30)
Pdog's Rodeo by Pdog (12.4mb 2:19)

Brother/Brat'ya by MrVH (109.0mb 12:47)
Promise TrailerA by MrVH (9.79mb 1:27)
Promise TrailerB by MrVH (8.33mb 1.04)
I Promise by MrVH (207mb 20:02)

Down Olga Bridge Trailer by MontyDan (11.1mb 4:08)
Down Olga Bridge by MontyDan (78.7mb 18:55)
Dock Of The Bay by Monty_Dan (11.1mb 3:35)
V1 by MontyDan (207mb 22:03)

Beyond Words by Cne@bus (34.9mb 4:44)
Heldorado by Cne@bus (68.7mb 9:25)
Skycraft by Cne@bus (14.2mb 1:55)

ASA Airshow by ASA_Alex & ASARJIP (30.9mb 3:49)
ASA Airshow II by ASA_Alex & ASARJIP (29.0mb 3:00)
ASA Airshow IV by ASA_Alex (18.0mb 2:22)

How Bitter A Victory by Benjamin Pond (39.1mb 3:14)
Into The Maelstrom by Benjamin Pond (33.8mb 3:07)
Warriors Of The Sky by Benjamin Pond (23.3mb 2:30)

Luck Favours The Bold by JavDog (72.0mb 13:00)
Paradox by JavDog (76.5mb 8:17)
Rising Sword by JavDog (31.1mb 5:13)

The Beginning Of The End - Stalingrad by Tore ***erheim (25.1mb 6:59)
Tragedy by Tore ***erheim (66.4mb 7:52)
Fighter Sweep by Tore ***erheim (101mb 5:53)

Fortune's Fool (FFF) by Maxwell Smart (161mb 19.55)
Purple Heart Alley Trailer (PHATRFINAL) by Mawxwell Smart (9.63mb 1:13)
Purple Heart Alley by Maxwell Smart (141mb 21:12)

Departure and Spin Recovery ver.1.2 by Fly4Luv (50.5mb 5:23)
LUV's Airshow #2 (Top Gun) by Fly4Luv (46.7mb 4:53)

Megile's Dream (Top Gun) by Megile (29.6mb 4:40)
Megile's Dream (same as above without Top Gun dialogue) by Megile (34.6mb 4:40)

Comrade In Arms Mission part 1 by Dadman1 (26.4mb 3:13)
Comrade In Arms Mission part 2 by Dadman1 (22.3mb 2:37)

Failed To Return by EAF602_Joe90 (21.8mb 3:45)
Firth of Forth Bombing by EAF602_Joe90 (11.7mb 2:14)
B-25 Training Video by EAF602_Joe90 (14.2mb 3:21)

Guncam High by I/JG54_Melody (16.8mb 3:10)
Modified Red Melody by I/JG54_Melody (1.70mb 2:22)

JG109 by ZF_Malteser (23.8mb 10:37)
Bad Seed (ubi il2 vid contest) by ZF_Malteser (52.4mb 3:59)

A-Team by fherathras (4.01mb 1:38)
Untitled by fherathras (5.53mb 2:22)

Nakajima Winds by mkatchmark (Mak6) (50.5mb 11:31)
Obstruction21 by mkatchmark (Mak6) (37.3mb 8:42)

The Mighty B-17 Part 1 by Gnavpot (109mb 14:41)
The Mighty B-17 Part 2 by Gnavpot (162mb 22:14)

Six Fifties by GoodKnight (84.9mb 7:47)
Butchered by GoodKnight (83.8mb 3:42)

IL-2 Assaut by SangFroid (57.8mb 6:47)
Jean Piquenot by SangFroid (59.1mb 17:19)

Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle (PubPSV01) by Fredo (2.81mb 0:42)
Display Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle (displayPSVhr) by Fredo (27.3mb 3:55)

Bf-110 Bomber Fighter Tutorial (bf1102) by DEY_THOR_USA (10.9mb 1:06)
Kuban by DEY_THOR_USA (25.0mb 2:31)

Viceman Flies BF-109 by Viceman (9.43mb 2:56)
Viceman Flies Spitfire by Viceman (7.86mb 2:56)

Fortuna by Tim Kronberger (38.3mb 2:41)
The Deep Past by Tim Kronberger (63.2mb 7:37)

Heart Of Texas by MOH_HEATER (15.0mb 1:51)
Not One Step Back by MOH_HEATER (25.5mb 2:23)

Dubai_BV (A Virtual Airshow) by Boris (34.9mb 5:22)
ferte allais 2004 by Boris (B.F.Savonov) (23.0mb 5:22)

Stille Impressionen by Boandlgramer (16.0mb 3:11)
Nightfighters by Boandlgramer (22.3mb 4:27)

Flight Of The Gigants by BBloke (52.6mb 6:30)
Break Out Trailer by BBloke (4.67mb 1:23)

IL2 Combat Footage by Blackhawk (5.40mb 1:18)
IL2 Air Supremacy by Blackhawk (8.53mb 2:04)

Another Day by Davinci (102mb 11:26)
Stranger1 by Davinci (46.8mb 5:14)

Desert War Episoide 3 by DEC_Leader (45.6mb 6:39)
Afternoon Fun 2 by DEC_Leader (41.0mb 4:06)

Freyincet's Carrier Operations Tutorial by Freyincet (21.0mb 3:55)
IL-2 Destroys a Me-323 in Mid-Air With A Torpedo!! by Freyincet (17.1mb 3:21)

Flight of IAR 81c by D13_Draco aka Mytzu (51.5mb 5:10)
Freelook-hq by D13-th_Mytzu (57.6mb 5:34)

HV_display2 by Cro (37.6mb 5:31)
HVnofear2 by Cro (50.5mb 4:50)

Aerial Flying by Flagada (45.9mb 3:04)
Revelation by Flagada (40.3mb 4:52)

Pacific-Fighters.org by VC81 BOLTER CAG (11.3mb 1:13)

Dog One by =69.GIAP=AKULA (12.6mb 2:15)

Rise and Fall by Rob Roberson (18.9mb 3:23)

PSV Check by Jeje (59.6mb 9:16)

Online Movie by Chanel505 (75.4mb 4:55)

Il-2 Sturmovik - Track IR Enhanced by Wayne (mb 3:43)

Jet Race in the Fog by Mr.Mudd (17.4mb 7:33)

Zuki Kills by Super Dave (1.84mb 0:48)

Pacific Fighters Track IR Trailer by Natural Point (24.3mb 3:11)

25th Video by Exup (30.6mb 4:18)

Blaze of Glory by VMF-214_Pappy (26.8mb 4:26)

The Few by Arms1 (56.2mb 3:36)

Ace Hatin' by VMF-214_Remus (22.6mb 3:37)

Pacific Fighters by MG_CID (16.9mb 3:24)

patmovie01 by Noe (61.4mb 3:49)

Der Eiserne Gustav auf der Krim by Schlachtgeschwader 2 (24.2mb 4:28)

Stukaeinsatz bei Lenningrad by SG2/Andy (20.1mb 3:50)

Wartime by SG2/Xeus a.k.a. Xeus1985 (40.9mb 9:58)

Salvation by @6 (CHN ACES OF CHINA) (213.0mb 13:36)

Freedom and Peace (609thWR.wmv) by [WR]Otton (26.0mb 4:14)

Safonov's Last Flight by 2GvSAP_Wingnut (29.7mb 10:16)

5GvIAP Vivaldi Winter 1 by 5GvIAP (16.9mb 3:22)

Sturmovik! by BlitzPig_Zip (51.3mb 7:53)

Blue_Eagle_1 by Blue Eagle (33.3mb 5:22)

newvideo1 by Bloodfist_9th (31.4mb 1:55)

Smolensk 1941 by 61 Film Studios (8.69mb 3:28)

Navy Acrobatics by 96th_NAVY (54.2mb 3:55)

new (#2p-39) by AAA_Redfish (24.7mb 4:10)

ADR-1 by AusDerReihe (50.6mb 6:58)

The Grozney Disaster by Avatar (28.0mb 6:54)

A Day At The Races by BlitzPig_Raven214 (27.2mb 4:27)

12 Seconds by C.W. Noetzli (10.1mb 4:00)

Zeros Attack by Cess-Patrol (14.6mb 1:22)

IL2FB_NEW by CHN ACES OF CHINA (137.0mb 12:20)

Angels Deserve To Die by AcE (23.4mb 3:30)

Dogfight by Tiiffi (41.0mb 6:07)

P-38 vs German Steel by Kon69 (12.9mb 3:09)

Experten99 by Erax (16.1mb 1:33)

P47 vs Dora Short by 310thCopperhead (7.97mb 3:20)

Operation Torch by Classic Dog (17.8mb 4:24)

Operation Theseus Trailer by AG03_Abaddon (14.2mb 1:39)

Kyushu Air Races by WTE_Dukayn (59.5mb 3:46)

F4U Carrier Landing by VMF-312_530hawk (10.4mb 2:31)

There and Back Trailer by Snuffly (1.05mb 0:29)

Nihonkaigun by 203ku_Tsunami (38.8mb 11:13)

TOPGUN by Madcat (33.9mb 3:31)

Movehh by Nero (56.6mb 11:27)

Blast2 by ST_Flushgarden (3.99mb 0:20)

PF BSS Inc. by Nicoleon (19.6mb 1:14)

Four Horsemen by VF2_Tim (99.9mb 8:40)

Okinawa Onslaught by 112th_Rossi (24.8mb 4:00)

Tetsuo by C6_PoPoff (41.9mb 7:24)

Fallen From The Sky by C6_ASAP (42.0mb 4:49)

Open Your Eyes by HS_YOKOSUKA (23.4mb 3:44)

All My Friends by :FI:Willie (18.4mb 4:59)

Spit109 by XperiAnce (41.3mb 6:48)

Desert Warriors by Spit (53.5mb 5:27)

Barracuda by No457_Spit (35.4mb 5:49)

Scramble by Oberst Wiley Coyote (16.9mb 7:10)

Bombers Over Leningrad by WhiteKnight77 (54.0mb 5:19)

FB AEP by Murphis (129mb 12:59)

No Fear Trailer (HV-Trailer) by High Voltage (30.9mb 1:38)

RAAF 75th Sqn in the South Pacific (755Sqn) by Peterr (72.3mb 8:55)

303 by Eks-el (46.1mb 3:00)

il2 by RogueRunner (41.9mb 2:56)

Pacific Attack by RAF_Loke (44.0mb 12:17)

And They Flew by PlaneEater (40.6mb 4:39)

La Campange Francophone (cf2) by *pegase_benj (35.9mb 9:31)

Cmon (Tiger Squadron Intro Movie) by TS-Quixote (27.5mb 2:03)

Gladiators Of The Sky by Droz (18.0mb 1:09)

Heinkel by Sable (73.6mb 7:52)

Operation Barbarossa by Koniygn (161.0mb 5:23)

VHVT Video by Stefano Caporelli (20.7mb 3:40)

Get It On by IV/JG51_Hazmat (25.8mb 4:24)

J8A - F19 VS teaser by F19_Orheim (6.8mb 1:13)

Roads To Moscow by NJG26_CO_Capricorn (52.1mb 8:22)

Fight Over Normandy by Falco (30.2mb 5:18)

The Protectors by Kjuice (10.0mb 6:52)

Triumph and Tragedy by Phantom 99 (27.4mb 5:41)

Ein Wintermorgen by Heini von Seppel (42.3mb 7:14)

IL2FB Guncam by Raspball (15.5mb 4:08)

Brave by Kinki (33.8mb 4:00)

Aces High by Zak33 (27.2mb 4:27)

Wingless by Tom Scarborough (4.13mb 0:49)

Mistel-01 by Mistel Aerobatic Team (9.57mb 1:26)

Movie02 by Jabo_Moutton (9.92mb 1:26)

Gunplay by Stream14 (44.3mb 3:16)

Persuits by Nova (14.5mb 2:15)

Dual Aerobatic by Travis (67.2mb 4:27)

P-51 vs Bf-109 by JF (15.5mb 0:54)

Band Of Brothers (BOBfinal) by Tomaz01 (17.4mb 2:24)

A Day In The Life by RNR (16.3mb 2:02)

Campanges Francophones Promo by SV_Tompcat (66.2mb 10:43)

La Campagne Francophone 2 by SV_Falgor (51.2mb 6:25)

Final Cut by Kevin (1.62mb 1:01)

Spread Your Love by Wilburnator (69.7mb 9:10)

Flying Machines by Paul Clift (12.5mb 2:02)


The Avengers by ??? (25.4mb 2:28)
190 on B17s FW pers by ??? (368kb 0:06)
Fly By 190 On B17s by ???(450kb 0:10)
Comp2 by ??? (818kb 1:05)
Comparison Scramble by ??? (2.09mb 0:49)
P40 Ju52 paradrop by ??? (1.49mb 0:40)
P47 belly glenn by ??? (675kb 0:26)
P51 Escort B17 Final by ??? (582kb 0:15)
Hurricane Gunnery by ??? (10.3mb 0:24)
Funky Ishak by ??? (2.95mb 1:11)
Moul Frit Landing by ??? (24.8mb 1:44)

01-31-2005, 02:06 PM
You have a comprehensive list, TOOZ...I saw it at Virtual War Cinema. The problem is it's not of as much use as it might be when folks can't find the movies, themselves. If you have links to them, please pass those along if you can...there are a LOT there that I've not heard of and would enjoy seeing.....

Also, I'm sure some of those on your list are True Greats/Classics, while others most certainly fall much lower on the scale...perhaps you could rate them in some way??

For newbies to the FB/PF movies, I have 50 of them, including All the best ones(IMHO), at my Site....I should point out that, generally speaking, I tend to host/showcase only movies directly related to WWII, as opposed to air-racing or aerobatic movies, some of which are quite fantastic; I also generally do not host movies with icons or Game-Text/HUD/etc in them.

See my sigblock below for link to the Site. On the homepage, follow the link to "Simulation Movies" in the navigation menu on the left side. Note that in the main "Movies" Page/Index there, the newer movies are at the bottom...most of the best ones(the longer 'epics') are the newer ones, but NOT all. Some of the early ones from Two Years ago are still classics!

Consider a visit to the Site as going to a Cinema Festival, and be prepared for many hours of viewing pleasure....4+Gb of FB/PF movie files, just over Eight hours in total duration(including about 30 minutes of real documentary films, as well)...bring your popcorn! Ohh...and while there take a look at the Guncam footage, as well..the guncam filmclips(real and simulated) are over and above the 8 hours of "movies" mentioned above.

01-31-2005, 03:38 PM
Fliegeroffizier - Thanx, great site, plenty of stuff to browse there. I had downloaded "Reqiuem" some time ago but only recently got a high speed connection which prompted my search for IL2 movies.

01-31-2005, 03:51 PM
Well, yeah, it would be good if I had remembered to keep a record of the links where I found these, but I didn't, and it was daft, but there you go.

And the vast majority of these are not the jaw dropping epics that most people fawn over, but there are some right gems in that lot.

In total, at the moment, I have 381 movies, trailers, clips, shorts, and whatever else on CD and HD.

As far as "rating" them, well, in total the running time of them all is probably around 3 days or something!! So it would take me quite a while to sort it out, but I do plan on categorising them at some point.

For the most part, the better movies can be found at your site, at netwings, on the VWC server, and a select few other locations which I can't recall at this precise moment. The rest I obtained from obscure links while browsing the net, and from links posted by the creators at the time of release, many of which go dead after a while.

02-01-2005, 06:19 AM
There are so many new movies out now. I still think UCLANUPE'S "Prophecy" was a visual tutorial for many of the movies that followed. S~

02-01-2005, 07:20 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by NTESLA:
To get you guys going, here are some of my own making : http://www.virtualwarcinema.com/Movies/FORGOTTEN%20HEROES%20BY%20THX-1138.wmv <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Very good movies Tes,
Forgotton Heros brought a tear to my eye...lol
I think the music did it for me http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/cry.gif Very good tho!

02-01-2005, 08:19 AM
I prefer Stranger by DaVinci. Very fluid, and a a very good opening sequence.