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Yen Lo
04-21-2006, 04:25 PM
whats the verdict on Lockdown and The Regiment?
Did you get Swat 4 exp pack?

04-21-2006, 05:59 PM
Lockdown, from my trip to NC and the demo I knew what I was getting into. It's a fun action/tactical shooter in the spirit of the Delta Force series, probably better than the Delta Force shooters because I still feel the AI is decent. Makes mistakes, but it still tries to move and shoot and find cover.

I haven't seen The Regiment in any stores here or available online for DL purchase.

Also I bought Oblivion which has killed all other games for me. Haven't had time to buy the SWAT4 exp pack yet because when I fire up the computer I play either Oblivion or race in rFactor. I pretty much play those 2 games only these days.

Yen Lo
04-21-2006, 07:50 PM
gogamer.com has(d) the The Regiment.

04-22-2006, 09:56 AM
don't like buying and shipping games. They don't sell them at a lesser price even though they have no storefront to maintain and I have to pay shipping ontop.

I like download distribution better if I'm going to buy online.

But really it's all a moot point anyways since Oblivion is killing any free time.