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02-07-2006, 04:17 PM

So which type would you go for€¦

Sliding skins" could morph a plane from fast, attack configuration (left) to a slower long distance shape (right)

Some believe folding wings are a more efficient way to morph an aircraft

Oh, here€s the entire article€¦ http://www.newscientist.com/channel/mech-tech/aviation/dn4484

02-07-2006, 04:25 PM
piezoelectrics are reality, after all

02-07-2006, 04:35 PM
That really hurt my brain. Thanks, mate.

02-07-2006, 04:55 PM
Originally posted by Low_Flyer_MkVb:
That really hurt my brain. Thanks, mate.

Sorry mate, I was bored... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif

Hmmm... It looks a bit, dare I say it... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif 'Primitive' at the moment, more like a venetian blind €¦ Perhaps they need to make them out of a glass composite to make a more fluidic motion€¦

02-07-2006, 05:12 PM
I want to go with the folding wings option, but the blue planes look nicer. Tell you what - I'm going to sleep on it and get back to everyone when I'm sober.

02-07-2006, 05:32 PM
that's interesting, but tell me this. What would be the ideal wing shape for taking off from a conveyor belt.

02-08-2006, 02:10 PM
Oh no not that stupid freaking conveyor belt question! aaahhh!

no but seriously where there is a willy there is a way!
Ok maybe you can't morph an entire wing! But the controle surfaces can be thus replacing all that pesky hydrolic lines with nice light electric wires! But then what happens if you loose power!

02-08-2006, 03:07 PM
memory alloys?
anyway, theres also this project for inflatable wings, for reusable space vehicles.

Like a mini space shuttle with short chubby wings, that inflates a big huge wing (out of mylar/kevlar) for landing.