View Full Version : (PS3) Patch 1.02 / (X360) Title Update 2.

12-22-2011, 05:38 AM
PS3 Patch 1.02 and X360 Title update 2 was released yesterday.

This title update fixes many small bugs and prepares for the next DLC.


FIXED – Assassin’s guild challenge: Counter stays at 11/12 preventing players from earning achievement/trophy

FIXED – Invisible walls surrounding Tarik if fight triggers while Tarik is surrounded by Janissaries

FIXED – Rare crash occurring when player is running from guards in a contested Den District

FIXED – Brotherhood Assistance Maneuver token becomes locked if used just after engaging fast-travel node

FIXED – If a player’s first Brotherhood Assassin is killed before activating “The Little Prince” mission, the player will be stuck in the Mediteranean Defense screen indefinitely

FIXED – After leveling up the Master Assassin to level 12, the mission can’t be completed

FIXED – Missing Inficolor option

FIXED – Den Defense triggers too frequently

FIXED – Den Defense cursor disappears if HUD elements are turned off

FIXED – Armchair General achievement/trophy remains locked even when conditions are met while in replay

FIXED – Players get stuck in domes when landing with a parachute

FIXED – Certain missions appear with 100% synch in DNA after being completed with 50% synch (no more freebies on these!)

FIXED – Fond Memories achievement/trophy not awarded when completing all sequences with 100% synch

FIXED – Rare crash on end-game credits


FIXED – Game may crash while using throwing knives on a VIP while in open conflict

FIXED – Japanese and Korean languages unrecognized on English localization

FIXED – Game may crash when attempting to use smoke bomb on two players at the same time

FIXED – Players can use throw-able abilities without blowing the cooldown

FIXED – Some character-related achievements/trophies remain locked despite fulfilling the criteria

FIXED – Chest Capture stops whenever the player hosting the match is killed

FIXED – SERIAL KILLER challenge not being awarded properly

FIXED – The Vulture and Stopped Dead achievements/trophies not being awarded properly

FIXED – Issues with Multiplayer section of news

FIXED – Players may not respawn if killed under certain circumstances

FIXED – Game crashes when choosing rematch in Artifact Assault on Mont St-Michel

FIXED – Game crashes if leader of four-player group exits game

FIXED – A player joining friends in a Corruption mode match could freeze everyone in the end result screen

FIXED – Player is stuck upon respawn after 2 pursuers try to kill him/her while they are hanging

FIXED – “Honorable Death” audio cue plays numerous times

FIXED – Players sometimes remain stuck in stun animation