View Full Version : Improvements for later games aimed toward helping Ubisoft improve Assassins Creed

11-17-2010, 06:59 PM
I have been an assassins creed fan since number one and love both the storyline and message. The game is amazing in its way that it makes the player feel totally bad-*** but there are some minor details which could greatly improve the gameplay and then sales. There were to major complaints that i heard and spoke myself about Assassins Creed. One was the lack of multiplayer which thanks to Brotherhood has been deposed. The second on the other hand which i have heard form many friends ( five out of the eight who commented) that the reason they are not getting Assassins creed is because it is too easy. This line has been repeated over and over from many players I've met on X-box Live to IGN game reviews. From the knowledge I've gathered it was the reason of at least 30% of sales and that is not an exaggeration. If you ask me however, the solution is simple, I would suggest that Ubisoft continue making the story mode/ free roam the same as they always have yet with one addition; make a mode with a name such as "Realistic Mode" or perhaps some other more bad-*** title such as "Altair's Flight" or some other Syrian reference. This mode I would suggest to be exactly like regular story or free roam except without a health bar. This would force the player to act more like a real Assassin and couldn't just kill the entire army and then go after the target. By making this an optional mode this would not lose the consumers who like it easy, but would gain a huge market of gamers who like to be challenged. I guarantee Ubisoft that if their next game came out with, Real Mode, Multiplayer, the special effect when someone dies in eagle vision their color is drained out (that is a very small thing but would look cool), and perhaps more difficult assassination contracts that would include more guards and defenses requiring stealth), Ubisoft will have turned the Assassins Creed series which, by all means is already fantastic, into something that seriously rivals Halo and Call of Duty. Please if you are a Ubisoft employee give this some thought and even message me if you consider it and if you are just a fellow gamer, comment on this message if you agree and lets help Ubisoft make Assassins Creed a revolution!