View Full Version : My ACB disappointments!

12-03-2010, 04:53 AM
1) Rosa wasn't even in the game.
2) Desmond's story was barely continued.
3) Ubisoft once again left us with to many unanswered questions.
4) Way to many glitches. Especially the one after you finish 16's clusters Desmond is vibrating in the chair.
5) No signs or even hints that Ezio has or with who he will conceive a child with.
6) Juno was a *****. lol.
7) Mario actually dies so chances are so did Lucy at the end.
8) Cesare turned out to be a spoiled little ***** toward the end instead of a straight badass like in the beginning.
9) Vidic wasn't in this game.
And last but not least...
10) Lucy's constant disappearances weren't even hinted at. Shaun & Rebecca, hell even Desmond didn't even seem to notice.

Things I loved about ACB: (There's only one thing)
Except the tank mission. Cannot get 100% again. I did get it the first playthrough but then the Desmond vibrating glitch ruined my save and had to start all freaking over. lol.