View Full Version : Here are some areas which I hope it can be improved on or something.

11-20-2010, 06:34 AM
Hello, I am Xkorpio_769, and I am a fan of AC. I do not know how to explain that well, so hope you understand what I am saying. lol

Here is some feedback, and perhaps the creators could improve on it. The stun thingy, is quite funny, as sometimes the enemy have a counter stun, like what the hell? Sometimes, when I press B, when there's a little B icon above my pursuer's head, I punch them, but they grab my arm, and stab me. This one's the most EPIC counter stun - one day, I was on the rooftops, used TEMPLAR VISION, knew that the guy approaching me was my pursuer, and threw a SMOKE BOMB. He was coughing. Then I went behind him. And pressed B. When both my hands were about the smash the BLACKSMITH's tempest, the smoke cleared, he grabbed me, and did a somersault of some kind. It was some type of Karate move. And there was once, 2 guys were on me, and this guy, the EXECUTIONER, approached me, and I pressed B, and he dodged, and I pressed B, and he dodged again, and the process kept repeating itself, without me pressing B, giving ample time for the other pursuer to kill me. Oh and once, the game was left 1:30 minutes, and the target thingy finder, was like at question mark, for like 1:30 minutes straight until the game ended! As well as there were no pursuers on me. And that happened before I after I killed someone. I was about to kill him, then froze in mid air, and then I killed him. It happened to a few other guys in the same match. Here's another thing that the creators might have forgot to add in. Sometimes, when I spawned, and there was no pursuer on me, then suddenly, ''new pursuer on you'' , and I was like , okay, and 4 seconds later, I was stabbed to hell by someone. Another incident - I was in a huge crowd, with duplicates of me. Suddenly, new pursuer on you, then, the pursuer killed the wrong me! At the same time! And this is the pretty much all I can tell you about the areas you guys can improve on in AC3 or something. Oh and when a player goes to RANKED MATCHES, they should always be put in a new match, and not one which is in progress. Like sometimes, for me, I was put in a game. And I was disconnected. Then I searched for another RANKED MATCH, then I was put in the same game again, and was disconnected again. It happened 3 times, disconnected 3 times, wasting my time to have searched for RANKED MATCHES. I could have just did a PLAYER MATCH. But really, we should not be put in the middle of a game, as our score is at 0, and there are players ahead of us, and the time limit may be lower than it is, or for worse cases, I've been put in a game left with 30 seconds. Another thing - When the 'ANIMUS' is searching for games, it should have like a smart system, like for me, there were 6/6 players. Then it waited for 5 minutes, then 7/7. Then 10 minutes passed, then 6/6. Then 5 minutes later, 7/7. And the game haven't started yet. So yeah, these are pretty much the areas which could be improved on, and I hope you take all which I have said and improve on it, as I may not be the only one going through this. There's bound to be someone else who have had the same problem.