View Full Version : What happened to the languages selection ?

11-15-2011, 02:18 AM
Hello I am new but I have been looking at the forum for quite some time now, well my question is this I am from Australia and I got my Animus Edition PS3 today at EB GAMES, when I went home today I was checking the languages for the voices and there’s only 2 English and Russian, what happen to the others like Spanish, Italian ETC like in assasin creed, assasin creed 2 and assasin creed brotherhood you could choose from many languages’ which was nice I am currently learning Spanish and I was looking forward to playing the game in Spanish to further improve my listening skills, I am really disappointed in this move by Ubisoft is this because I got the Animus Edition and my games has the BLES number 01466 has Australia receive different BLES numbers. I would appreciate if the Australian version got more than one BLES number and also if they do, do they have Spanish and the other languages’ included thanks for your time