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The Most interesting part of The Assassins Creed Universe is the Existence of an Ancient Civilization that dwelled on our Planet almost a 1000000 Years ago we, as the players, do not have a specified Date of when they actually Existed but it is Spectulated that they lived since Adam and Eve`s Time, But Exactly when is Unbeknownst to Us.
This Civilization doesnt seem of a different race than Humans Infact they are also humans but more Advanced Intellectually and Superior to Us in every way, and we, Humans, were made to be Inferior to them so that the humans may be eligable to be Controlled by the effects of the Various Pieces of Eden While also benefiting from the Chemical found in Our brains which makes it easier for the Pieces of Eden to take Control.
The Ancient Civilization is first introduced as the Creators of the Pieces of Eden, At that Point nothing Concrete is known about them Except This, Later we find out the Purpose of creating the Pieces of Eden and how it all Ended the way it is.
The Ancient People Created Us as a slave race, Self Expression was not a Nessecity for Us, But Somehow two Humans Rebelled and stole a Piece of Eden, The Apple, Furious at the Betrayal the Ancient People waged War against the Humans as Retribution, Craving war the Ancient People fell Apart due to the Humans` vast Number Superiority Though the Ancients had Unrivaled Advancements in Weaponry and art of War Yet this was not the case as Neither came out Victorious, a Solar Flare ate Everything, Both Civilizations Succumbed But we Overcame the Disaster as we were built to Survive and we tended to our Wounds and Loses so did the Ancients but they Eventually died out as We Prospered, My theory is that the Ones who Came Before are Actually the Mythical Gods of the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks Etc ... as when Inside the Vault when Minerva Explains the Tragedy that befell her People we see an Image of a Supposed Horus holding a Piece of Eden to Control the People and we find out that every Roman God was Actually One of the Ancients and Ironiclly Our Protagonist <SPOILERS> Ezio <End of SPOILER> (LOL Couldnt resist) is Italian and Inside the Vault, which is one of the temples Minerva spoke of, was Minerva a Roman Goddess also she Mentioned other Gods Ie: Jupiter.
My Point is that the vault is a temple in Roma the capital of the Romans contains a Message from a Roman Goddess then Perhaps the Other Temples are in Their Respective Countries Such as: A Temple in Egypt where a Message by An Egyptian God is Concieved.
Now to the Part of how they came to be thought of as Gods, The Ancients Built Statues Depicting themselves and these statues survived over time while Every Knowledge about the Ancients Began to Dwindle the humans found no one to call "God" But these Statues as over the many years Humans actually Worshipped Statues Since the time of Jesus Possibly Before, and a more Current Example is Buddihsm ( No Discrimination Intended )

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I don't like walls of text, so I only read a few random lines.

One point, Minerva wasn't just a Roman god, she says she had other names, which are references to other races, religions and beliefs.

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