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11-20-2004, 05:45 AM
First of all want to say this game rules!! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif, 3.01 adds nice water effect even for my elder GF2 Mx400.

Well, the point is in Dogfight the only carrier usable are the big ones and u must use them with no bombloads. When i put a Small escort Carrier as homebase with FM-2 u can only take off with 25% Fuel. Same for the Ilustrious with Corsairs MK.III simply not usable with bombloads. The thing is why not to have movin ships (and aircrafts) in dogfight servers. Maybe it consume too much memory?, i dont know but is really frustrating to have like 6 class of carriers which dont work. Maybe add wind over the decks?.

11-20-2004, 05:51 AM
Just put two or thre CV in a row to lengthen the runway

11-20-2004, 06:06 AM
It has to do with the way object updates are transferred over networks in this game. In DF's no moving AI objects will work. I suspect it has something to do with the amount of data that would need to be transferred when a new player enters the server.

11-20-2004, 07:15 AM
Keep in mind that Escort Carriers were just that...they were small, stopgap, ships that were designed to bring a greater presence of carriers to the front as quickly as possible.

I'm not sure what aircraft were allowed and which were restricted but I know I've read that only certain types of aircraft were allowed to operate from escort carriers. One of these was the FM-2. I suspect the Corsair and other types were not...

11-20-2004, 08:42 AM
The first Marine fighter and bomber squadrons were delivered to Guadacanal on August 20, 1942.
19 brand new F4F's (VMF-223) and 12 SBD-3's (VMSB-232). All were successfully launched 190 miles south of the "Canal" via catapult on the converted CVE USS Long Island and arrived at Henderson.
Unfortunately we don't have steam catapults, so don't try to launch your SBD off an escort carrier. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/34.gif