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03-18-2005, 04:57 PM

03-18-2005, 04:57 PM
Salute all

This is the 2nd of a series of non-political polls, to occupy our time while we wait for the patch.

These are polls to sample the opinion of EXPERIENCED online pilots on exactly which in game flyable aircraft they feel are the best online for a particular era.

Please do not vote if you haven't flown the aircraft choices, or if you haven't flown as part of a team online using voice comms.

I have divided the Second World War up into six month periods, and listed the aircraft which were actively being flown IN SUFFICIENT NUMBERS, during that time period. I have not included aircraft which were produced in very small numbers, and I do not list aircraft by the first date that the prototype rolled off the assembly line, but rather by the time period when they were numerous and in service use. I do not include aircraft from an earlier time period in a later period if they were in service in small numbers. If there is no correct model type for a time period, I will not include a later aircraft.

Players should rate the aircraft based on their worth in a 2 vs 2 matchup, with each of the two player teams assumed to be using Voice comms. For example. Two 109E4's vs two Hurricane I's, etc. Air combat during WWII was not a one on one affair, it was a battle of teams of aircraft. In fact, I should probably say 4 on 4, but most of the time in the game people operate in groups of two when online.

These polls are limited to aircraft which flew in the European Theater of Operations, I am excluding the Japanese for the simple reason that the IJA and IJN were not matched up against the Soviets and cannot really be compared to the Germans. I only include the Italians for the 1940 polls.

I list aircraft choices as flown by National groups. I take the liberty of listing the single best aircraft of a nationality for the time period. (in my opinion) I will also sometimes include a second aircraft in brackets to indicate what was 2nd choice in that nationality if it was a close race. In certain cases when I feel another aircraft of the same nationality should be included in the choices, I also include it as the 5th choice.

I do not include aircraft which were not being used by a country which was not at war.

When rating aircraft, players should use the following criteria:

Give each aircraft a PERFORMANCE SCORE, based on:

1) Speed
2) Climb
3) Dive
4) Turnrate

Using the above performance parameters, do a performance rating for each of the three following altitude ranges:

1) Sea Level to 3,000 meters

2) 3,000 meters to 6000 meters

3) 6000 meters and above

For each altitude range, rate the aircraft on three choice scale.


a) Poor: 1 point
b) Good. 2 points
c) Excellent 3 points

So for example, if I personally was rating the La-5FN, I would award it the following scores for the period July -Dec. '43:

1) Sea Level to 3000 meters: Excellent: 3 points
2) 3000 meters to 6000 meters: Good: 2 points
3) Over 6000 meters: Poor. 1 point

That would give it a Performance score of 6.

Give each aircraft a ARMAMENT SCORE, based on an evalution of the aircraft's weapons and ammuntion:

1) Excellent: 3 points
2) Good: 2 points
3) Poor: 1 point

For example, I personally would rate the La-5FN as having 'Good' Armament, for a score of 2.

Give each aircraft a DURABILITY SCORE, based on an evaluation of the aircraft's ability to withstand enemy attacks and survive.

1) Good: 2 points
2) Poor 1 point

For example, I would rate the La-5FN as having 'Good' durability for a score of 2.

So my total score for the La-5FN would be 10 points out of a possible 14 for the period July-Dec. '43
As mentioned players should not participate in the poll if they haven't flown the aircraft, or if they haven't flown as part of a team online using voice comms. Let the experienced members of the community share their knowledge with us.

Those who do vote, please total your scores for each of the aircraft and indicate your pick on the poll. After you have picked your choice for the poll, if you have the time, please post and indicate why you chose a particular aircraft.

This poll is intended to get a realistic sense of what the experienced members of the community think of the choice of aircraft, and why.


Here is the 2nd Poll, for Aircraft of the period July to Dec. 1940

03-19-2005, 10:50 AM
Definitely the 109E-4.