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09-14-2011, 10:52 AM
Can anyone supply information as to these questions:

1. Is there any real difference between the exterior view (F2) and Chase View (F8) in terms of its use or function?

2. How do Toggle Autopilot (A) and Toggle Level Autopilot (Shift+A) differ?

3. What does Toggle Gunpods accomplish?

4. What is Toggle Sight Mode (Auto)?


09-14-2011, 12:50 PM
1. Using exterior view via F2 will give you a free range of viewing over all axis, using the mouse. F8 will always keep the direction the aircraft's fuselage is pointing at in the same angle in the view. (Does that make sense? I hope so...)

2. "Toggle Autopilot" simply switches the Autopilot on or off. For Pilot or Gunner positions.
"Toggle Level Autopilot" is a bit more complex.
It switches between two different behaviors when changing positions:
-A. Switches the Autopilot of a gunners station to off when you enter the position, and back on when you leave it. (Does not do this for the Pilot position!)
-B. Does not change the current 'autopilot' setting for a gunners position when you enter that position. It will be at the setting you left it at, the last time you visited that position.

3. Toggle gunpods: (not too sure) switches the gun pods on or off. So when off and you press the button assigned to Cannon (Weapons 2) they do not fire. When on they do.

4. Toggle Sight Mode (Auto) has something to do with the more advanced gunsights in the later versions fighter aircraft. From the PFReadme.txt:

"Using the K-14 gunsight

Use the ‘Toggle Sight Mode (Auto)’ button to switch gunsight mode. Use the ‘Adjust Sight Control to Right’ and ‘Adjust Sight Control to Left’ buttons to select the target aircraft type. Use the ‘Increase Sight Distance’ and ‘Decrease Sight Distance’ buttons to adjust the sight circle for the target aircraft to fit in it. Track the target aircraft for at least 2 seconds to maintain correct lead.[/b]"

Hope this helps!

09-14-2011, 12:55 PM
1) F2 allows you to pan all the way around an aircraft. F8 locks the camera in such a way that it can only pan vertically around the aircraft.

On some servers the missions will include un-flyable AI planes in the plane-list (such as the Blenheim). You can actually fly these planes on servers that allow outside views, once you're selected and spawned a regular plane first (such as the Hurricane). Since it can only be flown from the outside, unless you have mods, it's much easier to use F-8 to guide the plane or aim ordinance.

2) "Level autopilot" is a bit of a misnomer. Basically, if it's toggled, you can fly two positions in the plane at once. For instance, you can shoot with the gunner while doing evasive maneuvers. "Autopilot" effectively turn your aircraft into AI. I've actually remapped those controls to "Level Stabilizer" which acts more like a real autopilot, keeping the plane straight and level. This is useful while doing bomb runs from the bombardier's chair.

3) Toggle gunpods should allow you to turn off the gunpods when firing. I've used this a couple times to extend my ammo supply as much as possible: Toggle the gunpods off, fire the main guns until empty, and then toggle the gunpods back on.

4) Toggle Sight Mode turns on the automatic tracking device in some bombsights such as the Lotfe or Norden. Input the plane's true airspeed, altitude, and swivel the viewer forward. Engage level stabilizer, adjust bearing with rudder trim, engage the bombsight tracking once the target is under the cross-hairs, and you'll see the bombsight track the target. The bombs will release automatically at the computed angle based on speed and altitude.

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09-14-2011, 05:22 PM
4. Both FoolTrottel and Luno are correct. It was originally introduced as part of the heavy bomber bombsight controls to allow (historically correct) automatic release of the bombs when the bombsight computes that the correct drop point is reached. When the lead computing gunsights in the P51-D20 (and other aircraft?) were added to the sim, this control and some of the other bombsight controls were roped in to do double duty setting up the lead computing sights.

09-15-2011, 05:43 AM
Thanks all. This was helpful.

By the way, other than the manual, is there a tutorial somewhere that describes the mechanics of using bombsights and bombing?

09-15-2011, 10:56 AM
There are guides out there ( on sites like Mission 4 Today ) on the use of various aircraft's bombsights, but a good way to get an idea would be to watch the in-game training tracks available from the main menu using the "Training" radio button. Scroll down till you find these 2 tracks: Both the Pe-2 manual bombing sight and the He-111 automatic sight were and are very interesting to watch. They are "narrated" with large font text at the top of the screen and also show the various controls being manipulated.