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12-05-2006, 04:33 PM
Courtsey of France Simulation:

12-05-2006, 04:33 PM
Courtsey of France Simulation:

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Hey Nice,Thanks...the BURMA map looks fantastic!!!can't wait!!!! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


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All the maps look awesome!<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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WOW!!! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif
Thanks for the link...It looks GREAT! I am looking forward to the surprise in my mailbox, or FedEx, I believe, will be bringing it to me.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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I had to cancel my pre-order. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif I'll get it in early January, be sure, the loan comes through then!<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


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I had to work Saturday and Sunday nights to get the cash toghether for mine. Ain't no way I'm trading my pre-order now for non essential fripperies such as food and shelter http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/51.gif<div class="ev_tpc_signature">



"Intelligent, normally observant and answered all questions freely. He was arrogant and proud to be a pilot. Fellow prisoners in hospital consider him mentally unstable."

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Great new screenshots and I'm loving the maps, especially Burma. I can't wait to fly the Ki-27.

I'm going to love Object 549 even more! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


12-06-2006, 04:21 AM
Cant wait to check out the valleys and the different water elevation levels on Burma that Ian Boys was talking about http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif... In the Ki-27 of course, and the Ki-43 II! They look so good i wish i could fly them both at the same time http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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I really appreciate the effort on the review. The maps look very nice.

I just wish reviewers would use a better machine that could truly show the game the way it should be. All these pics look like they were taken in cartoon mode or something. They also look like they were touched up around the edges of AC, very strange looking.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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For the Francophonically challenged (is that even a word?) here's a rough translation via AltaVista's Babelfish:

After having been 2 add one separate affected of the numbers of version 4.07 & 4.06, here in the final analysis last paying official additions with long series IL2FB/PF. There will be a free add one 4.08 who will be this time (except surprised) the last and which should contain what could not still be integrated and which is finished at 100%. Let us pass on the marketing strategies, the fans of the series in any event even if they grinchent a little on the forums will be the first to acquire the series. Let us not forget that the add ons will leave also separately as had left add one PE2.

This ultimate version of IL2 BFR /PF is supposed being the point of organ, the result of the series. And it is necessary well to acknowledge that Mr. Maddox succeeded in enchanting us with a virtual encyclopaedia of aviation, never as many models were not available. Well on we let us be a certain number to regret cruel lacks for us French they are our national planes. and for the whole of the fans in fact important apparatuses could not be integrated either for reasons of rights (US apparatuses in particular) or simply because nobody never provided a model 3d answering the constraints of IL2FB/PF In IL1946 we have access to various families of apparatuses, some designed before war like Ki27 and others which never exceeded the stage of drawing board like Lerche has vertical takeoff. Between these 2 extremes one will find pêle-mixes with the apparatuses the such N1K2 and J2M3, the A20C (Boston III) with glazed nose, the KI21 Sally and the B6N destroyer successor of the B5N Kate. One also finds there the IL10 Sturmovik which succeeded has the IL2 and is an improved version. These apparatuses were initially envisaged in the addon Mandchourie. On the other hand IL2 1946 brings plethora of new apparatuses either of small series, or prototypes what justifies the name of 1946.. a "what yew". to some extent. The choice will variously be appreciated according to one impassions oneself for the objects leaving the ordinary one, on this ground reassure there is what to make. With this ultimate add one. series IL2 is completed in a fire of artifice. This last complete version of the saga, with his handbook of 450 même pages if it is a pdf (color) extremely successful. it is not as certain could hope for it a handbook paper. This luxury is indeed disappeared. But you will be able to print to you even this handbook. it is worth the turning.



Lerche it is without any oddest doubt and less "historical" of the band. This apparatus was not further than drawing board in the form of a project. This apparatus is that which one will not discuss the model of flight since he was invented of all parts by Maddox and his team. This coleopter before the hour is equipped with 2 engines and 2 contrarotating propellers functioning in an annular wing. The pilot has flat belly in his cabin has 2 gun MK108 of 30 mm and 3 X-4 missiles what gives him an unquestionable punch. But more still than its armament it is its agility and its capacities of vertical takeoff which make a dream of modern times of it. Able to go up 6000m of only one draft has and in vertical station what in known as length on poids/puissance the incredible report/ratio of the machine. Its upward capacity is higher A that of the ME163 Komet.. I remain persuaded that the team Maddox it is well amused and it is given pleasure with this "plane" because one can put the question. This configuration precedes Convair, the French Coleopter. Apparatuses nose in the air which never had of offspring. Useless to say that this Lerche well quickly will undoubtedly be banished waiters dogfights so much it is untouchable. It transfers on the spot or almost, has a rate of roll has to make fade a spinning top. All has each one will undoubtedly be made a small exit on the animal but it will pass much from time before seeing complete campaigns on this plane. With less than...

FW Ta 183 quite as hypothetical as Lerche this TA183 proceeds of a genesis and a more traditional formula. It is a jet with sweptback wing. Who was thought by the office of Kurt Tank has who we owe the generation of the 190 and of the 152 apparatuses which proved reliable and which is regarded as technical successes. This MT 183 somewhat precedes the apparatuses of the class of Mig15 or F86 with a good package of years of advance. It is afflicted with a power limits once charged with the 4 X-4 Missiles which it can carry under the wings. It would have been interesting to be able to carry only 2 missiles, so much the rate of assembled is crippling.

Me 262 HG IIC' is one of the developments which could have intervened for the already modern and effective 262. An aerofoil has more pronounced arrow, an empennage butterfly a flattened cabin make of it a kind of racer of combat. It is an evolution of an existing apparatus and the feeling of piloting is rather similar to that felt with the 262

Do 335 V13 this monstrous twin-engine on line, never reached the operational stage just like the others representing of its family. V13 differs simply by its armament. With the addition of 2 MK103 of 30mm what added to its classic armament in fact an apparatus with the incredible punch.

HE162 C &D: Evolution of the 162 with configurations of aerofoil and empennage various in fact also evolutions could have intervened if the conflict had lasted longer.

Arado 234 Here an apparatus which knew the operational service to him in a nonmarginal way. It was used it at the time of the unloading for reconnaissance missions which were not detected a priori by the allied ones. This fast bomber is an excellent addition and will make it possible to develop interesting missions, of reco, bombardment. The various systems of aiming of which it is equipped, sight for the bombardment on level, sight adapted to the particularly precise dive bombing so much so that it will undoubtedly be used the most and to finish the periscopic sight which makes it possible to use the fixed guns of 20mm drawing backwards to protect the plane. Able to carry important loads this fast bomber will make the happiness of many originators of mission. I take the bet that quickly we will see missions concerning the attacks on the bridge of Remagen which were precisely conducted by of Arado 234

FW TA152C This time we are into full in the apparatuses having had an operational career, makes the 152C of it is hardly different from the 190D9, one can even say that isl is almost similar since name TA152C is a change of denomination within firm FW MT for Tank. It is able to carry 1 pair of X-4 missiles

Ruhrstahl/Kramer X-4 This missile is really the precursor of the missiles modernes(it uses the same system as Bullpups which were operational), two wire-guided models or has radio operator guidance equipped with a load of 20kg clashing with the impact or by rocket proximity is, equipped a rocket motor BMW 109-548 using R-Stoff and T-Stoff giving him 1600kg with pushed and a speed of 1152 km/h. Directed by the pilot by means of a mini-handle, helped by a luminous marker the back of the missiles has. Ca carried from 3,5 to 5,5 km enabled him to tackle the bombers apart from their circle of defense. The tests carried out seemed promising, it was drawn from FW190, JU88 of the flight tests took place with ME262 but none was drawn at the time of the tests. It forms part of the weapons which could have had an influence if they could have been put of been useful earlier. The other side of the coin was the vulnerability of the plane launcher which was to adopt line of a stable and rectilinear flight time that the missile reaches its target putting it at the thank you of the hunting of protection

Soviet side

BI-6: This hunter with rocket motor, was not built which reason of 7 prototypes the model included in 1946 has is as for him that which was equipped with ramjets Merkulov DM-4 in end of aerofoil. But of the problems of vibration reflect fine A the experiment. It with the same tare that Bi1. Exceed speed max and one has the droti has a control reversal which propels you towards the ground.

I-250 /Mig13: It is an apparatus of the category of the mixed propulsions, equipped with a traditional engine and an engine these apparatuses had a considerable auxiliary power which improved their performances and of share the duality of the propulsion gave a safety to the pilot. 15 units were brought into service in the fleet of the north been driven by Klimov VK-107R 1650cv and a rocket motor Khalshchevnikov VRDK with 300kg with push. 3 X B-20 of 20mm (100 obus/arme). Maximum speed (2nd I-250) 825km/h they took off in 400m with the withdrawn VRDK of the service in 1950. These apparatuses suffered from the unreliability of the VRDK what obliterated construction in great series. Hybrid apparatuses, they were not bad but too prone has failures to ensure a mass production. and the whole engine was done already day.

Mig 9: Pure jet. It precedes the future productions of Mikoyan. MiG9 is in fact a plane of interim which will fill the hole between the last propeller apparatuses and the modern jets like MiG15. It is a twin-engine propelled at the beginning by RD20 of 800kg of thorough these engines copies of the BMW-03 it is handicapped by this propulsion which makes it rather soft and under motorized. But it is the batch of many the first jets.

Yak 15 Feather: Using the aerofoil, the fuselage and the train of Yak 3U any metal Yak 15 is a hunter of interim. Propelled by a RD10 copies of Jumo 004B. It is a hunter featherweight which re-uses the maximum of element of model 3. It makes impression with the procession of May 1 in 1947

The 5 R: A classical device with an auxiliary power provided by a rocket motor

Yak 3R: Still a mixed apparatus using an engine fused in supplement

Yak3 VK107A: One of the ultimate version of Yak3 having engine VK107 A one of most powerful installed on the family of Yak 3 a hundred only as of the these apparatuses were used in 1945. Most powerful remaining the proto Yak 3 VK108 which reached 745km/h have 6000m at the time of its first flight in December 1944

Lagg 3 PVRD: LaGG 3, equipped with an engine as Yak 15 configuration without a future the cell of Yak seemed more) even to support conversion.

IL10 Sturmovik: Version improved of the famous IL2 which is the base of this simulator. More powerful more armoured with the detriment of the payload and the operating range it is the ultimate development of this plane of attack which will be still used during the war of Korea. It was deployed has the end of the second war to replace the IL2 in certain units in particular at the time of the engagements against Japan.

Japanese Side

Ki27 Nate: This small Japanese light hunter answers the standard of construction in force in Japan. Handy Leger with the detriment of the protection and the fire power. It was opposed to the Russian hunters I153 and I16 on which it took the ascending one rather easily. The Otsu version has lance bombs and of a true collimator This version was used in the Philippines against the allied apparatuses.

Ki 43 II: Version improved of the Ki43 precedents, improved shielding, capacity of carrying of bomb as well as the power engine re-examined with the rise, a shortened scale it is an attempt to improve the performances of the apparatus

J2M5 "Raiden": Second version of this hunter closer to the Western design in the field of the combat apparatuses the J2M will be in butts has failures of its group motor bike engine. It was a robust apparatus good armed an adversary for the hunters and a wound for the bombers. Excel interceptor it could have made devastations if it had been more largely produced.

N1K2: Atypical apparatus, terrestrial hunter resulting from the development of a seaplane of hunting. The N1K2 is the second terrestrial version characterized by a modification of the aerofoil which is moved median position with the low position. Powerful armed with 4 guns of 20mm it is certainly one of the most powerful Nipponese hunters. Handy rapid, protected well it is an adversary has the measurement of the F6F or US F4U, one even can thinks that it is higher than those Ci.

B6N: noncontrollable Successor of the B5N Kate as destroyer embarked the B6N is larger more powerful, it was especially used from base terrestrial.

Ki21: Standard twin-engine bomber it was used throughout the war, equipped with an impressive operating range like much of Japanese apparatuses. It missed shielding and its defensive armament made of it a prey accessible to the majority from the allied planes if it were taken without escort.

A5M Claude: Still noncontrollable it is small regret..Tant this small hunter with a good head. these are a personal opinion. but which must be divided. I think by a certain number. Typical of the design of the hunter in vogue towards the end of the Thirties in Japan. It is once again a light acrobat, the handiness is the stone of angle of this design. The armament, the shielding are not with return. However the apparatus is modern east outclassed the Russian apparatuses rather easily

US/GB Aircraft

A20 C: We had already the version G and this "basic" version of Boston was missing to us. More still with French for whom the sqdr 342 Lorraine was a great figure of the FAFL.. Here thus this gap filled with this three-seater twin-engine from bombardment, handy rapid strongly armed except in defense or single the 303 is a little light. Useless to say that we will see also some skins DB3 B Frenchwomen of before the armistice because the apparatus was used by the Air Force

Behaviour in flight You to go to amuse you with the apparatuses like completely whimsical Lerche in its behavior. it hold more spinning top than of the plane. Celà says a combat between Lerche should be amusing. The jets are as it should be rather soft, without fulgurating accelerations. On the other hand I appreciated the mixed apparatuses much. Mig13 for example is pleasant and the additional power. is really sensitive. It will not badly take time for really assimilating all the differences between the modéles.. but a thing is certain, it is IL2 and it is pleasant in devil has to control totu this small world. The iL10 is really pleasant also. I find it a hair sharper than the IL2.. We will detail you different the behavior from these apparatuses in others "review"

Skins News Approximately 1000 Skins are integrated in this add it. Naturellemetn have the temsp to look at totu what was implemented in the final version. They is in any case better than the skins by defect than we had.

New charts

Kiev Large chart which covers an important surface of the Ukraine, which was the theatre many combat of the second world war. It comes to add another possibility and roof a part of the lacks for the fans of the face of the East

Khalgin Ghol This chart will allow rejouer the Russo combat japonnais the Thirties, but it is treated to be an ON-line chart rather punt and desert, it is not its aspect which will be the principal asset.

Burma Splendid chart creates by Ian Boys, it proposes, innovation of the water levels to another latitude that altitude 0. that with obliged the authors has some sacrifices with regard to the bridges. A really interesting chart which will make it possible to create many interesting missions.

Mandchourie An interesting chart which makes it possible to carry out many naval missions, because the ports are held by Japanese and are targets of choice for the Russian apparatuses. A chart which will undoubtedly be the support of some beautiful campaigns let us not doubt it. A équilbrée chart which will be able to be also substituted takes place other because the creators of missions are twisted

New Objects

This new version included a great number of new objects and especially of the objects allowing to populate even more your decorations of bases (cases and other containers) and of objectives. In particular elements of trenches, barges and bridge of boats. With also of new armoured tanks, a recasting of certain vehicles and now detailed quality and piece of artillery very beautiful. It is obvious that the increasing number of objects and their diversification are more for all the creators of mission who sometimes are forced to juggle with what exists to represent in a credible way, a base, an objective, a port. With of not doubting the objects to add are can be one of the largest contribution of IL2 1946

Missions & Campaigns

It will take time to test this part, but it seems that the campaigns are rather interesting. News skins.. 1000 skins are available in this add one. the majority are coded RRG.. thus coming from the studios of prod. Now if quality is better than than we had by defect. I did not see a skins signal level. but I did not see the 1000.. (those Japanese the A5M are particuliérmeent joiles nevertheless) We will explore totu celà and nosu will still arons heaps of things has to say to you.

In short. Besides some problémes with new Securom protection (arrange RTS.dll..) and some softwares installed on my machine. the installation is without surprise. Some small plantings also. freeze and non-response of the software. It is liked or one does not like the side a little SF of certain apparatuses, less objection of much resides in the choice of certain apparatuses that one could consider it as minors with the detriment of strongly awaited apparatuses which will not be with return. With less than the 4.08 makes full with happy but let us not dream too much. New grinding brings much things, new apparatuses of new charts, new objects in fact of the potential hours of play. This ultimate commercial version of saga IL2 puts a term has several years of pleasure and of last time has to await the next versions. Because it is a trademark at Maddox.. hundred times on the trade give your work. this large catch of simulation. this Russian on whom nobody bet Kopec.. became synonymous with SIMULATION WWII.. And the commercial term is not the end of the use of IL2. I do not believe that we will leave it also easily. Let us await the exit of SoW - BoB.. if it holds all its promises. we will rock gradually towards this new simulator but only with the wire of the improvements of our machines. because it promises to be very greedy. As was greedy IL2 at the beginning of its career too quickly forgot it to us. This simulator obliged us well with upgrader our hardware to profit from all the possibilities. To finish I would say only one thing if the fine one approaches, when leaves BoB we can say. the king died. Live the king.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


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Behold my mighty apparatus http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

Many strange words - but kind of interesting - I wish they posted the readme file.

On another note, look at the Vladivostock map slider on the right, it's tall.