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12-26-2005, 03:30 PM
"Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer Night fighter ace"
Victories: 121

Board radio operator flying officer Rumpelhardt and board gunner staff
sergeant G√¬§nsler were granted with the Knight's Cross because of their
big share of Schnaufer's successes.
This way the staff became one of h highest decorated of Luftwaffe.
Before G√¬§nsler was transferred to Schnaufer's staff he has been
flying together with.
The successful night fighter Ludwig Becker (bearer of Oak Foliage,
died February 1^943) and should take part in 115 air victories all
in all until end of war. Accordingly Rumpelhardt had at the end of
war over 100 air victories on his account as well.

After the investiture of Brilliants, Schnaufer had disregarded an
enemy flight prohibition several times. This is why supreme command
of Luftwaffe withdrew this order.

On 1st December 1944 was promoted major with barely 22 years (!)
the youngest squadron commodore of Luftwaffe.
He took over night fight squadron 4 based in Northern Germany.
The group- and squadron commanders were mostly older than their
commodore was.
In spring 1945 Schnaufer flew again at the head of his men against he
British night bomber units getting stronger and stronger.
Parts of the squadron flew additionally far distance sorties over
England in order to hit the bombers again before landing.
In the fight against the 4-engine night bombers the young commodore
stayed still successful although RAF night escort fighters became
superior all the time.

On 01.02.1945 Schnaufer could set up a new personal record with
9 air victories over heavy Lancaster bombers.
http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gifStill in March Schnaufer tested the new Dornier Do-335
under combat conditions, hope for big successes were put in this
machine. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gifShort before end of war the squadron was drawn to night
battle sorties at Weser River.

When major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer led his squadron into British
captivity on 8h May 1945 the glide path of his Me-110G, which was
exhibited in Hyde Park in London later, showed unbelievable 121 shot
down beams which he achieved in only 164 combat sorties!
Schnaufer stayed only a few months in captivity of war. He was given
open admiration from his former enemies. Because of his unbelievable
successes he was examined and questioned by British doctors several
times regarding stimulating drugs (Laktal-B). The victory forces simply
could not explain the to such an extent successful accomplishment of
such exhausting night sorties!

Here is the link:http://www.pilotenbunker.de/

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This was WNr 240113, an A-1, and he crashed the a/c at Gutersloh during the test flight. Dornier flight test staff were not happy. This a/c was later captured in a damaged condition at Bindlach near Nurnberg.

He flew the 335 when he was commander of NJG4 when based at G√ľtersloh (23.11.44 - 3.45).

12-26-2005, 05:18 PM
after WW2 a german formation display team was formed using Do-335's

this model apparantly replicates their paintscheme