View Full Version : Assassin's creed 1 art book and game guide question

02-12-2010, 02:55 PM
Hello everyone,
I have a question. I am planning to purchase the Assassin's creed Limited Edition Art book on eBay since stores do not carry them anymore. I was wondering if there was an edition of the book that contained BOTH the art book + game guide. I checked a few bookstore websites, the Limited Edition Art book has 160 pages, and the game guide has 176 pages. Upon browsing through eBay, I notice that there were some Assassin's Creed Official Game Guide that had 334-336 pages claiming that it also has the Art Book inside as well. Can anyone who has any of these 3 books fill me in on what the difference is between the 3 editions? and if you can confirm for me that the Official game guide actually does come in 334-336 pages WITH the art book inside, that we would be great. and if you have the actual book, can you upload the a vid flipping through the pages and page numbers indicating 334-336 pages? Thanks a lot.