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11-18-2007, 08:02 PM
on AC i beat the first 3 assassins missions and now i go to to whatever 3 cities i like i went to damascus or whatever to the assassins bureau and got the mission and then collected all the view points and still dont know where to go it doesnt show a icon on the map but i think i only got 10/11 view points and i dont see another one on the map someone help please

11-18-2007, 08:13 PM
You have to go to another part of the city and go to the view points.

example if you are at the rich distric you have to go to the poor or middle distric

11-18-2007, 08:16 PM
how do i do that it says the memory block or somethin like that there is like ablue wall and i cant go past it

11-18-2007, 09:40 PM
there is usually an unmarked view point that you have to access in order to unlock diff parts of the map.
climb view points that are close to the locked memory wall. when you get to the top it should say syncronize just like the other ones.(note: the view point wont be marked)
i had the same problem also.
hope this helps you out.