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01-07-2010, 05:51 PM
Firstly, the game is great, much better than the first Assassins Creed which was extremely repitive and annoying.

I need to vent on how annoyingly stupid the camera angle me off and how the character himself has absolutely no common sense...

I will add; I mean the character has no common sense as in, there can be a block right beside him, instead of jumping to that block he goes straight up, or you try to get him to jump at an angle and he will always just go straight, making him fall, usually to his death.

I wish the camera angle would allow you to always do a 360 view and move it at all times, even if a wall is blocking him. It's extremely annoying trying to chase someone or do a tomb when you cant even move the direction because of the camera.

I also think that there should be something as when your running on the roof tops or well really anywhere, when you have something 1 ft in front of you which you want to jump on such as a line from building to building, you instead aim way ahead of you or jump completely in the wrong direction hence making you fall again. Or if your running straight, you hit an edge he will just chose to jump and fly where ever he feels like.

I am sorry, I feel that there is no common sense to where the player is going to go and he just goes wherever he feels like most of the time. It's frustrating me and it's making me not want to play a game which I find really fun when I do have control of where I move.

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01-08-2010, 04:52 AM
Ive had no problems with the camera in this game, also AC1 rocked you infidel http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

01-08-2010, 11:08 AM
The locked camera angles (especially in tombs) can be annoying to some. I don't find them to be much of an issue, especially that they're often more of a complex action pointer (wall jump, backward jump) than anything else.

As to Ezio doing whatever he wants - could it be that you are simply not as familiar with AC2 controls as you think you are? What you described can commonly be accomplished by holding the left stick in the wrong direction, or by panning the camera at the wrong moment instead of directing Ezio to move. When free running, directionality is crucial since Ezio will automatically grasp\jump wherever you point him to as long as there's something actionable in that particular direction.

I have had Ezio jump in the wrong direction and\or fall off a ledge. That was, however, due to me not paying attention to my controller inputs and not due to Ezio developing his own free running mind all of sudden.

vI Demon Iv
01-08-2010, 12:39 PM
I'm a huge complainer about cameras in non-first person games.
This game I had no problem with the camera though.

The common sense thing... I can see that at times, but all-in-all, very minor thing.

01-09-2010, 02:21 AM
i agree with the common sense thing, like if i trying to climb a view point from a building near the bottom there is clearly a hole or something to grab onto but no he decides to go for the big wide open space to the left. its always the left its fricken annoying.