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05-29-2005, 09:31 PM
I would appreciate any insight into the 4.0 spit v's we are getting. I have some sources but they are pretty vague on the evolution,if any, of the remaining v's in 44 and 45.

I am guessing there may be a hot low altitude fighter in there, didn't they continue to hop up the motors for low alt throughout the service history? Maybe higher boost in 44?

05-29-2005, 10:06 PM
Its a Spitfire Vc, which is basically a strengthened and refined Mk II/V airframe with the 'universal wing' hardpoints for bombs, changes to the alierons and rudder and provision for larger engines like the Merlin 61

The Vc is actually a 1942 type, not a '44 or '45 type. The first Spitfire IXs were simply Spitfire Vcs converted to the Merlin 60 serise.

The Vc could carry 4 Hispanos instead of the standard 2 Hispanos and 4 Brownings, same as all Spitfires with the later universal wing. Quite often though the Vc had one pair of Hispanos removed, usually as a weight saving measure though reliability and spare parts were an issue early on.

05-29-2005, 11:06 PM
Sorry a little confusion. I know my spit history quite well and am aware of all you say. What it is... we are getting a 44 spit V (or two?) and since they used the spit V to the end of the war, what is this spit we are getting? Did they hop up the engines progressively over time? They were used to the end of the war for sure, and I think I remember reading that the last ones in service were special low alt clipped versions... just wondering about the horsepower and so on....

05-30-2005, 12:15 AM
I seem to rember that Spitfire Vs were phased out around the beginning of Overlord as more and more VII, VIII and IX (as well as the first XIV ) squadrons came on line or transitioned over. The Spitfire Vc in the leaked readme states that it is a 1941 model, not a 43 model.

The late model Spitfires were pretty effective at low altitude. The pilots referred to the 1942-43 LF versions of the Spitfire as 'clipped, cropped and clapped'. The wings were clipped for better roll and a small boost in low alt speed, the supercharegers were cropped to product max power at much lower altitude and they were generaly built around 'clapped out' airframes that were re-engined and modified.

Most were modified with a Merlin 45m 50m or 55m. The Merlin 50 and 55 were cleared for +18lbs boost in early to mid 1943, pushing their HP rating well above 1600 hp. They producted their top speed about 5500-6500 feet and the Merlin 50 variants .

I remember reading a RAF testing document that had fowarded a serise of recommendation for modifications to improve Spitfire performance. Nothing serious like engine replacement, just stuff like adding whip type antennas, removing the de-icing vent on low alt Spits, cutting the ejector chutes flush and polishing the wing leading edge. Overall they got a Spitfire V up to around 380 Mph on the deck, which is pretty impressive.

I doubt that we would be getting another low alt version of the Spitfire, thye didn't really push Spitfire V development beyond mid 43. Besides, at the moment the 43 L.F. is pretty much at the top end of the scale as far as low level performance in a Spit V goes. Still, a clipped wing Vc with a Melin 55M would be a monster in low alt combat. It would also be a great bopmb carrier for Noball ops against V1 sights.

05-30-2005, 12:24 AM
Thanks for the reply. My mistake in a way as I incorrectly thought I heard about a 44 V....