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12-08-2010, 01:06 PM
It's probably just my double digit IQ, but why is the combat system in ACB so full of pauses, slow animations and non-abortable commands like carry / grab? I can semi appreciate the complicated command and timing idea, but when it's so difficult to keep things flowing I think the purpose is defeated.

I've played a few games in similar genres with excellent and intuitive combat systems: with this game combat is frustrating and full of control traps that punish you for missing very tight timing or choosing the incorrect button combination out of many confusing options.

I hate to compare, especially to such a silly game, but the fighting in the bizarre Bayonetta title is actually fun as opposed to this, which is more or less an annoying side note to an otherwise really nicely done game.

I don't know who moderates this, but please advise the system designers that they should destroy combat build 0.8 entirely and recompile with less silly animations, less slowdowns, less targeted attacks which leave you locked with your back undefended against the 5 people behind you, less wrangling of your direction control, less confusing commands and greater motion control / movement flow / killing / death / destruction of enemy limbs and hope for victorious after party. That, or place an automatic battle control button into the wonderfully confusing command listing layout.

I've generally avoided Ubisoft games for years because of small issues like this. This game is more like a story, much like this outrageously long post, and I will finish it because the story is interesting. It will take a demo displaying an excellent combat system to lure me into authoring a positive review or actually buying my own copy of any further Ubisoft adventure offering. I do appreciate your work on this excellent title, however, so this is not a ferocious flaming attack on anything other that my own combat confusion and rage. Thank you and goodbye sirs.

12-08-2010, 01:15 PM
Mod - please relocate this to feedback thread which I rudely skipped over earlier. I will copy and post, please delete duplicate if you can move.

12-08-2010, 02:32 PM
Reason it's like that: you're doing it wrong.

Seriously. I thought it was like that at first; now I know different. I come from just playing the game five minutes ago, and I finished on a high, having dispatched seven guards in about 10 seconds. Here's my method (probably not the best, but it works):

1) Taunt a guard to make him attack, or just wait for one to attack. Counter the attack. You are now in an execution streak!
2) During the kill animation, point the stick towards your next target. Do one of the following options here:
a) Dodge if a "special" weapon (spear, axe)attacks you or someone throws dust
b) Counter if someone normal attacks you
c) Tap the attack button to execute your target
d) Hold the attack button to execute two people (with gun or dagger only)
3) Return to step 2 and repeat. If you get hit, return to step 1.

There's nothing special about me and I can still dispatch 4 guards in combat in the same number of seconds. That's pretty fluid, surely? As for the stuttering and such, that's probably an issue with your console.

12-08-2010, 03:33 PM
What the guy above me said. This games combat is very fun and easy, i've killed 31 guards in the short kill streak virtual training mode, which i'm not sure what the timer is on that but it's short. So yeah, you're doing it wrong. Just start the streak, and dodge if a spear, axe, or dust is thrown at you, and dodge or counter if a normal weapon is coming at you.