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10-08-2006, 07:34 AM
Wartime Britain; Aerial photographs. RAF historic aerial pictures.

This works a bit like Google Earth. You can search for high detail aerial photo€s of Britain taken by the RAF or the Luftwaffe.

Enter the name of a town, and then click on one of the location results to see if there are any wartime pictures of that area (ignore the fact that the thumbnail picture always shows €˜Tangmere€, the right location is shown if you click on the small arrow to the right of it):


Brighton 1942-54:

http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=GB+Phase...03838&s=5000&sl=0.25 (http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=GB+Phase+1+1942+%2D+1954&x=531300&y=103838&s=5000&sl=0.25)

Brighton, houses:

http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=GB+Phase...102338&s=500&sl=0.25 (http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=GB+Phase+1+1942+%2D+1954&x=511175&y=102338&s=500&sl=0.25)

Liverpool docks:

http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=Liverpoo...3400&y=393800&s=1000 (http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=Liverpool+1942+%2D+1954&x=333400&y=393800&s=1000)


http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?D=R&l=GB+Phase...000&sl=0.5&year=1945 (http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?D=R&l=GB+Phase+3+1942+%2D1954&x=441981&y=112009&s=1000&sl=0.5&year=1945)


http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?D=R&l=GB+Phase...000&sl=0.5&year=1945 (http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?D=R&l=GB+Phase+1+1942+%2D+1954&x=615080&y=157510&s=1000&sl=0.5&year=1945)

10-08-2006, 11:37 AM

Nice find, hopefully it'll get looked at so we don;t see new, year 2000+ construction showin up in BoB.


10-08-2006, 01:15 PM
It would also be good for re-creating docks etc. There are pictures of Southampton and Dover docks there as well as Liverpool (and others).
If you look at the Liverpool docks you can see every building clearly. This would eliminate a lot of guesswork, and add to the realism. You can even see train sidings leading to the docks, not to mention that you can see where the ships were moored.

Dover docks:

http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=GB+Phase...140775&s=2000&sl=0.5 (http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/viewer.asp?d=R&l=GB+Phase+1+1942+%2D+1954&x=631265&y=140775&s=2000&sl=0.5)

10-19-2006, 10:48 AM
Very interesting, thank you