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10-11-2010, 09:52 AM
So I was playing tank graveyard tonight, and I was russia and he was germany. It was early game and he brought stuggs, AT,88s,AA, tanks and a few infantry. I brought mediums, veteran infantry a couple of heavies, pushkas, and fighter bombers, and he owned me, WTF! im not used to get beaten like that. I know it seems I got out played but what should I have done in a situation like that. Proto base perhaps with the longer range arty? Please help.!

10-11-2010, 10:24 AM
If your opponent had all of that then it was most definitely not early game.

The key with russia is you need to use your heavy infantry well in the early game. You should be able to control all the cities, including the one closest to the enemy base if your opponent started with anything but light tanks. If they started with light tanks, you still should be able to control all the middle chokepoint cities.

The other biggest problem, and its one that way too many people make, is they focus too much on tanks. As russia you really dont need or want more than 2-3 light tanks in the opening minutes (just for depot harrassment and to control the infantry fight even harder). Afterwards, advanced TD's will serve you way better, especially against tank centric nations like Germany.

After the midpoint when you have lots of heavy inf in strategic points, combined with a few light tanks, recon, and some SU-100's start popping out, then you can reassess. If he is germany and focusing on AT guns, 88's, AA guns etc pump out the arty. You dont need proto, multiple pushka's will do the trick (and maybe some assault guns for good measure so you are not completely vulnerable to counter-arty fire).

At that point you should be winning massively though because you should have nearly full map control and lots of depots compared to the 2-3 that the enemy is locked in with. At that point you just need to overwhelm with arty, and pick out targets of opportunity if they present themselves (and if you see an opening dont be afraid to zerg your infantry from nearby cities with blitz+fanatascism).

TLDR : Pressure hard early game so you don't face a wall of every counter. Dont rely so hard on tanks. Use good infantry micro to win early game/mid game to control map.

10-11-2010, 08:24 PM
Thanks alot Gunners Mate, I will certainly utilize the heavy infantry next time. I guess it was mid game when I came across all that german muck, lol.